6 Super Kinky Ways To Tease A Woman In The Bedroom So She Begs You To Bang Her


Drive her freakin WILD!

Foreplay is important.

Like super important.

And it’s actually REALLY easy/fun once you 1) understand what foreplay tips work best and 2) like the girl you’re using your ninja foreplay skills on (as in she’s great in bed).

When it comes to foreplay there are a ton of things you can do and multiple areas you can delve into… for example:

  • If your girl likes to be dominated you can focus on more sex toys and props that will appeal to her naughty side
  • You might find a girl that likes to listen to your voice whilst you whisper what you’re going to do to her.
  • There are even some girls who get a kick out of just pleasing their men and not wanting anything else in return (we’re all trying to find one of those right??).

So as you can see there are layers to foreplay that you must explore if you want to truly excite a woman in the bedroom.

Today I’m going to touch on one of the my favourite foreplay techniques which works like a charm… every time and guarantees that she’ll have multiple orgasms, because the sexual tension is so high.

It’s the art of teasing women in bed and it drives them WILD!

The aim is to get her to the point where, she’s jumping on top of you BEGGING you to bang her brains out.

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So let’s get into it…

6 super kinky ways to tease a woman

1. Bite her lip

When both of your clothes are still on and you’re kissing in the bedroom, bite her bottom lip slowly and hold on to it for a couple of seconds. Be VERY gentle, the softer you can do this the more passionate it will feel and the more turned on she will become.

2. Kiss her neck (and earlobes)

Move from her lips on her cheek and then onto her neck and earlobes. Both licking and kissing at the same time. The earlobes are very sensitive so, spend a minute on those before going back to the next.

3. Tickle her back

Whilst you’re kissing her, use both hands to tickle her back (over her clothes) then put your hands directly under her top. Lightly scratch her back whilst still kissing her… this will make her shiver a little.

With either hand, gently and slowly unclasp her bra (if you can do it with one hand it looks much better) but two are fine. If you can’t undo a bra, then start practicing son!

4. Be firm

Every now and again you need to mix the teasing up with being both firm AND gentle, so she doesn’t know what’s coming next (this will spice things up in no time).

Grab her hands, lay her down on the bed and put her arms above her head… if she struggles then hold her arms.. and slowly run your hands down her arms… kissing her all the way down to her belly button.

5. Don’t be predictable

Stop going straight for the boobs and pussy straight away, that’s not teasing… it’s just being predictable. Only go for the boobs when her top is off and you’ve kiss her neck, chest and stomach.

When you start kissing her boobs, always kiss around the nipples first on either side, then look up at her as you FINALLY lick her nipples. She’ll let out a groan and arch her back, which is great sign she’s enjoying it.

You can also gently bite one nipple with the lightest of bites and twiddle the other one, giving her double the pleasure, heck throw in a pinch if you want… and gauge her reaction to everything so you can see what’s best.

6. Bottom to top

With her top and bra removed, the only things left are her panties (and jeans or whatever she’s wearing). Go back up to her head and kiss her again, working your way down past the boobs and stomach, then hover over her pussy.

Slowly remove her jeans or whatever she has on (and also her knickers), then begin kissing from her left (or right) foot all the way up her leg.

Take a good 2 to 3 minutes per leg, because she’ll be getting so turned on by this point, she’ll be ready to eat you up.

Once you’ve done the first leg and you’re back near the pussy, brush your lips over her little lady garden… making sure you breathe heavily on her along the way.

Start again on the other foot and work your way up.

Once you’ve reach her pussy again… she’ll be more than ready to fuck!

You should also learn how to eat pussy like a pro so you can go down on her for 10 minutes and get her nice and wet before smashing.

What next? Should I tease her anymore?

Now at this stage you can do one of two things:

Move onto advanced foreplay with the aim of making her squirt.


Go straight to sex and just pound away.

Either way she will orgasm in no time. One more point to add on the teasing… make sure you tease women for around 20 to 30 minutes to get her MASSIVELY turned on.

So that’s how you tease women in the bedroom my dear boy!

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Do you have any other foreplay tips you’d like to share? Comment below, I’d love to hear them…

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  1. I love tonguing my wife’s asshole. I makes me so hard.

  2. Kissing her allover turns her on

  3. A number of the things you listed do excite my girl,but it changes all the time. I have made her orgasm by biting and kissing her ear lobes and also her breasts and nipples. She has gotten off with my fingers on her or in her. She can g spot orgasm. She’s orgasmed through bum play. She’s even orgasmed by anticipating my touch. The point for us is we love each other and she feels safe and supported in and out of the sexual arena. If the girl trusts you and is into you she’ll respond to your touch. When in doubt ask. Like one poster said, the tips wouldn’t work for her, she likes it rough. How would anyone know that unless she tells you. Sometimes my girl loves it hard and rough other times gentle. It changes. I need it hard and fast for 4-5 minutes to get off. If she needs it slow and deep I can go forever. It’s about needs. Communicate. She can’t read your mind and you can’t read hers.

  4. This wouldn’t work for me. I like it way more rough. Long foreplay is definitely a very important thing anyway.

  5. This is most definitely a woman writing this. And if by any chance (any), you are male, when can we meet!

    • i LOVE to kiss. i REALLY am good at it. i like to gentley bite the back of a womans neck. just hard enough to start getting things hard. i WILL do things one at a time. thats a good way to get started. YOU can get ME started later. :) not my first time. –mark

  6. Reading this post makes me wanna seduce a woman and try all of these things on her! With my man watching so he can take notes!

  7. Atam Dekermendjian says

    its the only way guys.

  8. Atam Dekermendjian says

    your talking as if u r me:P i use your tecnique + i prefere if we had some drinks, becouse some girls could be shie. sure u forgot to say that the most important thing is to make her feel confortable in the bedroom, the area must make her think just in you and her commng plessure and nothing else. thanks for your golden advices, and thanks for sharing your golden idias.

  9. Big Pimpin says

    I noticed you didn’t mention anything to do with her bum,I like bums.Only thing is I’ve only ever tried on my girlfriend,like lightly biting her cheek or licking around her…hmm,if I name it it won’t be the same but you know what I mean!Oh,it’s worth pointing out that it’s usually something she only likes when she’s had a few drinks.Like she’d be a bit too self-concious otherwise but I think I should be able to make her and other women lose their inhibitions without being drunk.I don’t know,you’re the expert! =]

    • I love love love having my big ass carressed and kissed and licked! If you just go for it and tell her how much you love her ass while you’re showing her with your passion for it, she’ll want you to love on her ass all the time, without alcohol. At least it works that way for me.

  10. Couldn’t disagree, gently biting her lips and caressing her tigh close to her pussy will want her begging.

  11. Oh my god… That is just golden!

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