How To Make A Girl Horny And Turn Any Girl Into A Ravenous Beast In The Bedroom


She will be a FREAK when you’re done.

Just quickly: If you want more advanced tips on pleasuring your lady and giving her mind blowing orgasms I recommend you watch this video.

I’ve had a few questions recently from guys saying things like…

“My girl has a low sex drive and never wants to have sex… how can I boost her sex drive, so I can get laid more?”


“Dude, I think I have a higher sex drive than my girlfriend, is there any tips you have to make her more horny?”

To which I answer… Yes. you’re not stimulating her enough mentally. That’s why she’s not horny all the time like you.

Why some women have a low sex drive

The female libido isn’t as complex as some guys make it out to be and believe it or not, women are far less likely to have a lower sex drive than men.

So there’s only one other explanation as to why she might be more inclined to avoid a fumble in the bedroom with you.

Can you guess why?

It’s because you suck in the sack dude! You’re not hitting the g-spot (any spot) or stimulating her mentally so she gets all turned on before she even gets in the bedroom.

Basically you’re not doing your job as the MAN!

On average your woman should be eager to have sex between 4 and 6 times per week and if she isn’t then it’s not her libido my friend, it’s… ahem… you.

You see, It’s REALLY simple to work out when you understand how a woman’s mind works.

So today I’m going to teach you.

Yep, I’m gonna show you exactly how to increase her sex drive so that she turns into a ravenous sex crazed beast, so you’d better be ready big boy!

Ready? Cool.

I like to call it the FOREPLAY FORMULA and it can be summed up in just 3 simple steps. Once you do all 3 of these things the next time you have sex with a girl or your girlfriend, she will be wanting more, a lot more!

1. Stimulate her mentally

Men are turned on visually and women are turned on mentally, you know this… you’ve heard me talk about it before. So why aren’t you feeding her what she wants?

  • Use sexual innuendos – When you’re having a normal conversation with her, drop in a few sexual innuendos. Not only do women love them, they will always lead her to think about you sexually all day long.
  • Whisper dirty words – Be open with your lady, tell her what you want to do to her later on and how much she’s turning you on right now. Go up behind her, put your arms around her waist and whisper some naughty words and dirty text messages, nothing too vulgar, but enough to turn her on.
  • Show her who the daddy is – When you’re aroused, take her hand and place it on your cock. Then say “See what you do to me?”. She should start to fantasise about you sleeping with her.

2. Always start with foreplay

You already know that foreplay is essential before you go full whammy and penetrate her. So learn some foreplay tips and use them EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU BANG. Here’s a few to get you started.

  • Take it slow – Women are like a dimmer switch, you warm them up before they get all hot and ready for action. So take her clothes off slowly, caress her body and kiss her all over for around 15 minutes before moving down to her pussy (here’s the best way to eat pussy by the way).
  • Rub the magic bobble – Take about 5 minutes and just rub her clit, in an up and down motion with lube on your finger. Nice and slow, nothing too fast.
  • Licky licky – Then move onto licking her clit and changing up the movements and the speed, based on what she is telling you through body language and groaning.

3. Hit the G-spot… every freakin time

After she’s all warmed up, you now need to go for the big time and use various sexual positions to hit the g-spot. Now there are 9 types of female orgasms that she can have so try and hit at least 2 of them during the next session.

Another quick tip to remember… when she’s orgasming, don’t stop! Keep going, harder and faster until she’s out of juice… don’t worry she’ll tell you when.

So there you have it dude, that’s how to increase her sex drive and sexual desire. This will have her begging you to take her into the bedroom, providing you follow everything above.

Good luck!

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  1. as a female. I have to admit… when I had a bf I didn’t like as much as he like me, I was less interested, and gave excuses. when I dated somebody that I liked equally, I wanted him ALL THE TIME. now some women have had bad experiences like rape or incest, which I think could be a major damper on her sex life. know these things about her before comitting, and decide if you love her enough to have a sexless life. ask these questions before commitment!
    if there is no health issue. no mental health issue… than possibly she mad as fuck at you and won’t say.

  2. Dude not to be rude but i really don’t think you are correct in your advice.I have done all that you said for quite a while now and nothing and i mean NOTHING has changed. I have been with other women before my wife and never had any problems getting laid. I have even been aproched by ex girlfriends wanting more. The problem can’t be so one sided. So any insites ?

    • Have you asked her what turns her on? Every female has something she likes to have done to her (sometimes its way before the bedroom). A guy can take me on a hike on a natural trail, then I am ready to have sex with him right then and there after we’ve been a little way. Being outside and active, is the quickest way to get me turned out, because I can watch him at all kinds of angels. Your wife has something that turns her to a sex goddess, you just have to ask her to find it. (Don’t be shy!)

  3. And what about a girl who doesn’t like to be the vagina licked or even touched? I am driving crazy. She never wants. Once twice a week maximum. I am always telling her that I want her a lot, but she gets annoyed by this, that for her it’s normal to have sex twice once a week. I do not really know what to do. She’s always tired from work but for me it doesn’t explain that she doesn’t wants me. Some advices?

  4. My girlfriend and I have had a problem the last couple times we go to have sex. She normally has certain buttons that must be pushed during foreplay to make her go crazy to move on to actual sex. But lately she wants to get to that spot where she goes crazy and she is really horny. I am not doing anything wrong or different and she said this has never happened but she wants to get to that point in her mind but for some reason that we can’t figure out she can’t get to that crazy mood. Any advice why?

  5. Hey married for 6 years, and now we don’t have sex like before plus have 2 kids, they are taking all her time, I work 10 hours a day, when I go home I don’t see that she need sex the same way before we have kids. And after he put them to sleep, she look so tired and then all I see her eyes close, and went into deep sleep, what should I do to make her want sex like before? Thanks.

    • i lov my wife says

      Dude its not that she dont want to its hard to be in the same place as change everything try helping her out .you cooking and putting kids to sleep helping more around the house.telling her shes beautiful and doing a great job.i bet if you helped more she would have the energy for more sex.

  6. What about a three some??? I am a girl, craving to be with another girl…I have a boyfriend, been together 2 years. He would love this, I know because we”ve talked about it…Just I am too scared to do it…

    • Easy, find a female you would be comfortable with. It’s not something you have to rush into, you may want to experiment without your bf around (but let him know) before you are ready to go to the next step of a 3some. Never rush, find the girl you’re attractive to.

  7. My husband and i had sex and i had more than one orgasms and it was great we took our time.but he was joking around and said you better not be horny again and i said well its not my problem if i am again.
    Is that normal if im horny again if i just done having sex? Just curious lol

    • I have an extremely sex high drive and it’s natural for me. I tend to be more aroused than mostt the males I date and they can’t keep up. You may just have a higher sex drive than some other females.

  8. sucking the clit actually work. i tried it wit my ex- girlfriend and it was perfect. u could masturbate her first and start carressing her body, lick her nipple and slowing take your mouth down to the main zone where d clit is. she will definitely cum. she has another boyfriend but she would stop seeing me.

  9. Winkywillard says

    I married my wife 5 years ago, sex was regular and great. Six months into the marriage she found on my search history a three minute vid of a girl giving a blowjob. We had three teenage boys in the house and I’m alway leave my laptop open laying around and watching some guys cock getting sucked isn’t my thing. I’ve told her all this but of course I’m a lier. Our sex in the last four years has gone from hardly to never. She let me have one very quick shag 3mins max in the last twelve month. I tried everything but she says she’s just isn’t interested. I get no intimacy from her in any form. I get no feeling of love but when she know I’m feeling rejected she just say “you know i love you don’t you?” I always say yes even though I don’t. I feel like a prisoner forced into a life of celibacy against my will. I’ve told her all this, I’ve poured my heart out to her and she’s says it’s not me, it’s her problem and she’ll try to get help because she’s got issues then nothing ever happens. We’ve been going around in circles like this for years. I used to be a very loving attentive and affectionate guy but now I’m feeling increasingly alone, sometimes bitter and my self confidence is gone due to this.

    • Sandy R. says

      I’ll be blunt and say/type assumptions but I think it may be that she lost interest in you physically/emotionally which can be a bit of a turn off. The spark isn’t there anymore. I don’t know the full situation, but possibly it can be that you don’t take care of your appearance, don’t take her out at least 4-6 times a month (make time), maybe you don’t help around the house, which makes her feel she’s running the show alone. You guys need to compromise and communicate, etc… Ask her what does she like/want without demanding and vice versa. Ijs. Be confident, it’s sexy! ; ) Good luck!

  10. My partner isn’t in to sex as much as me,she won’t tell me what I can do to make her orgazam.she just tells me she’s broken and doesn’t care anymore.ive tried a lot of things but she just won’t get there.she won’t use toys anymore eaither.we’ve bin together for 8 years and have a child.she won’t tell me how,or what to do to get her it just me or is it just she is shy about sex she hates talking dirty and won’t do it.she acts like an old lady but she is only 26 years old.i have no idea what to do.can I get a drug to get her in the mood and help get her off.we get married soon and I would love to rock her world before that.i just feel like a dud what can I do?.

    • Sandy R. says

      Ask her without making her feel pressured, if you 2 can try something new. That you hope not to lose the spark because you love her and want to turn her on and make love not have sex. Talking dirty, role playing can be fun and a plus, etc. Ask her want does she like or not like that you’re doing. But don’t beg/constantly ask, because she will get turned off.
      If she recently had a child, that may be the reason. So give her time, and ask her if she can at least give you head or jerk you off. Sorry, I’m blunt like that, at times. Lol. Good luck!

    • The Meat Man says

      Give her a molly mdma. She will such that dick until you melt. You should also take one but have some type of sex drugs around for you jusy in case you’re dick does not want to act right. But it will work trust me. But don’t let her know you have her one put it in her liquor.

    • Get out now or you will regret it later. You can not change her it will never get better.

  11. My girl is 41 she has not gone through metapause and the problem is that everytime i get to the point of sliding in she is not wet and u can tell she wants it but anpther problem is that even when she finaly does get wet wen i slide my member into her it hurts her no matter what position we r in like doggy is her fav. but when i go in it hurts her its not the length or depth i go i have tried holding back someone please gelp

    • Try licking it first then go in slowly

    • Sandy R. says

      Kiss her gently, and pull away (making her miss it/teasing her) while holding her face and looking at her, then kiss her some more. Role play, etc, etc. You can buy lubrication at the pharmacy. Put some on, play with her clit softly, then when you’re ready rub your package(lol) up and down on kitty(lol) and slowly enjoy the ride. You should definitely eat her out first and vice versa. I did put etc above. ; )

    • The Meat Man says

      Buy some lube a good one is wet platinum. Cvs had it. Also wallgreens

  12. CAn any one help me?

    MY girl was little low on it.. we started it very slowly initially.. we had intercourse twice a week.. it increased to 5times a week. one week moment and she got pregnant. With lot of struggle she took some medicines and she got away with it. its been 4 months and she is not ready.. we got married…each time we are in to it she doesn’t cum.. her thing never gets wet. what should I do to improve her condition.

    • Jason, what did you mean by “one week moment and she got pregnant. With lot of struggle she took some medicines and she got away with it.” Are you trying to relay that your wife took the morning after pill?

      If you really want to know what you should do, start by using the correct names for nouns in your descriptions, and also perhaps with your partner. “Her thing never gets wet?” Come on! I haven’t heard it called a “thing” since elementary school! I thought you were ten until I read that you were married! And, if you are married, it’s time to refer to her as your wife, Calling her “my girl” would again lead someone to believe you are a child.

    • The Meat Man says

      Get lube try one called wet in s black bottle. its called wet platinum. Until she starts back working on here on.

  13. I really love this article. it describes me perfectly. my husband has always only lasted about 45 secs to 1 min. it use to bother me but now I don’t even have a desire for it since I have not gotten anything out of it inyears. he knows how I feel because I have told him several times. he continues his 1 minute sessions and gets something out of it every time. he also has never even inquired about what I want or like. its like he really doesn’t care. im completely turned off by him at this point and don’t know what to do.

    • Col. Angus says

      Set a date night or whatever for sex and have him masturbate early in the day. Or have him use a rubber until you climax. It helps dull the sensation….and then take off if you like.

    • Don’t let him inside you till he makes you cum and if he can’t do that you need another man. Some people place more importance on sex than others but if you are one that enjoys sex then it is an.important part of your life so don’t waste your life with someone that has no interest in making you happy.

  14. If your having trouble lasting with her, get some numbing lube. Or the Trojan extended pleasures, they work wonders. Though I have no issues it’ll help

  15. I have a problem with lasting long enough for my wife I try really hard not to cum but I can’t last but maybe 3 minutes I always be sure to use foreplay to at least let her get an orgasm but most the time she can’t cum unless I’m inside her but sometimes I can’t last long enough to give her an orgasm any professional idea’s I love to please her an I want to please her more than I do myself sometimes any professional help would be appreciated….

    • thatonegirl says

      theres nothing wrong with using a dildo for her if u want to do that! if she can only get off by penetration, it wud be a great substitute for ur stiff member to finish the job after uve already had an orgasm! just have it near u so when u get off then u can insert it to get her off without killing the mood by havin to go get it.

    • Have 2 Eggs 6 Bannanas and blend them in 1 Liter Milk and drink for just one month daily
      Red Meat or Preferably Fish (1 pond) or Green Beans (4 p) if you are A veg in a week
      Eat almonds or any other nuts which you like to eat a few ones/day

      And for the 1 month, DONT TOUCH YOURSELF. If she ‘needs’ you, just give her satisfaction by otherways, (do I need to mention them? Ofcorz not)

      Make arrangement and fetch out time for gym. Trust me, just 1 month work out, would just boostup your sex power like a beast. Stop being lazy go for it.

      One thing more, while having sex, never think about her body. Just think something else, like a Math problem or some work or anything to divert your mind.

      P.S. If you still do masturbate, please stop it. Its the time to stop.

    • Speaking from the female perspective here, sometimes lasting too long isnt all that fun. But if your trying to get her to orgasm and she cant without you then you could always try masterbation before having sex with her. You should be able to last a lot longer that way. You could try the lube and condoms that reduce sensitivity as well. During the downtime you could try oral or vibrators or dildos, i generally bring an array of toys to the bedroom but i always prefer my partner over them all. The female orgasm is alot different to the male. Generally speaking most guys can just cum if they get enough stimulation. For a woman, most of it is mental, yeah we need the right stimulation but we have to think our way there. We have to be relaxed and calm and able to focus which is why its such a pain in the ass when your trying to concentrate and the guy is all over you. If you want to pleasure her, go slow, encourage her to orgasm and help her concentrate by not doing too many different things at once. Experimentation is brilliant but dont overwhelm her.

    • Sandy R. says

      It’s a good thing that you do care to satisfy her and you do foreplay. After all that, once you start making passionate love after a few slow strokes and some hard/fast ones, pull out completely or stop til just the head. Wait a few seconds and ram it in her or you can go slow. Listen out for her moans or watch her facial expressions, to see what she loved (lol) ; ) Repeat that, and also switch positions, which gives you time to take a breather(so to speak) and give it to her good and vice versa. : )-

  16. Will this advice work on a virgin

    • To be fair, reading some of those comments. Some of it i’d agree with yeah, if think if my partner did some of that i’d get fairly wound up. Unfortunately he’s a little shy though so its taken me a while to train him up.
      The only problem i’d say with these information sites is that they are too general. Do this one specific thing and the girl is gunna go wild!!!! Tweek her nipples and she’ll love it. Personally i cant stand my nipples being touched, it itches and tickles and is the most irritating thing ever.
      What if the girl doesnt like the said thing thats supposed to work wonders. Rub her clit in forward and backward motions. What if she likes it in circles. Your missing the big picture here men!! ASK HER!! They are females not aliens. Ask your women what they like and then do it! thats the best way to get her to feel good. As for the tips about mental stimulation, those are pretty spot on there.

  17. Randy bee says

    @modern. Dude your going to ruin your relationship. My advice to get a life or your own
    If your lady friend wants to be a part of it fantastic
    Your putting a ton of pressure on her by being needy and expecting sex twice a day.
    Branch out and experience life. Pick up isn’t just about getting girls. It’s about enjoying life and being social

  18. ModernShaman says

    I have this problem, the weird thing is she’s my first serious girlfriend but my sex drive is so high, I want to do get it on 2 times a day minimum , If we have sex I almost always make her orgasm and you can see she likes it, but lately where in this negative spiral where she says she doesn’t want any (still do it around 4 times a week), on a moment when I can almost not believe she’s really not in the mood.

    Now I admit i’ve been a bit clingy but where living together and verbally we say we are really committed to eachother.

    She says she sees me differently since I flipped during a fight and beat my fist at the wall. Could it be that she doesn’t feel safe with me anymore, she says she’s afraid when I ” flip ” like that , According to me she pushes me into it by sometimes not giving in a single inch when i want to have a romantic night and she goes to bed because she has to get up early. And I said it everytime, I would never touch her with one finger if I feel that pumped up. Cause she’s my little angel.

    But yeah I know she’s just playing hard to get al of the sudden, and I think that’s not really cool considering we are in a serious relationship.

    Does someone have some advice for me?

    • You are sounding needy. Instead of telling her that she’s pushing you into flipping out, you should have backed off and agreed with her. Better yet, you shouldn’t have flipped at all, that just screams desperate. If she’s not giving you an inch, then break rapport with her also. Don’t hover. Maybe tell her that you’ll spend some time with a friend instead. Spark her curiosity and jealousy. Or find a way to hook her and bring her to you, instead of you to her.

    • pussyman says

      ok dude your gf is totally cock blocking you and you know why coz everytime you have sex you repeat the same moves over and aver again, crank up explore knew moves that can give her a deep tissue sensation and while having s*x dont just do it like a robot you know caress her body from her lower stomach to the upper chest towards her throat also there are some moves that let you be positioned behind her and while ramming her you can tease her bite passionately on her earlobe and many more…..if you dont act quickly bro your girl will be finding another guy who can give her more :) no hard feelings
      hey if you want i could mail you some pretty awesome pdfs

    • You could just try having a conversation with her and saying your feeling kinda neglected here and you miss her. Sounds like the punching thing scared her a bit but some of this seems like she may generally be tired. If she works full time and is living with you she could just be physically exhausted. Sometimes i go days/weeks without being interested in sex at all then others i want it every hour till it makes me physically ill. She could be having a hell of a time at work or something. Try talking to her. If she loves you as much as you seem to love her then she’ll want to sort this out with you not push you away.
      Best of luck with it xx

    • Sandy R. says

      She’s a bit turned off and angry, maybe scared at times. Which can lose spark in a relationship quickly. She wants love, affection and to be able to trust you, not fear you.
      Having too much intercourse doesn’t leave space to desire each other. You should make love about 3 maybe 4 times a week, and just masturbate if you have to. Ask her what does she like and not like…..communicate…..

      • Totally agree! Have a romantic night together. Have dinner, go take a walk on the beach. Brush back her hair and caress her cheek. Be interested in her. Show her your interest in her. Go somewhere to buy her lingerie and tell her what make you hot and ask her if something there makes her hot. But when you get back home, don’t stop romancing her. ROCK her world! Tender kisses, soft caresses, touch her lightly but sensually.
        Let her know there’s no one else needed for this moment but her and you. Women love muscles! Let her hands squeeze some muscles in your arms when you hold her. If you don’t have muscle, hit the gym or at least do about 5 sets of 15 reps with a 20 lb weight for about 6 months. TRUST ME!! IF you pay attention to her and listen to her, your world with her will be dynamite! BOOM! Peace, C.

  19. Clark, it’s imposible.

    • Why is it impossible? there must be a way to apply it during the day time!Not everybody goes out at night to clubs etc.

  20. How do I apply stealth attraction to day game?

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