Best Sex Dolls For Men: These Real Life Love Dolls Are Going To Blow Your Socks Off

We’ve researched the best sex dolls for men on that market right now, that are designed to make your fantasies as real as possible.

Best Sex Dolls For Men

You’ve not seen anything like this yet.

Oh… and you don’t need to spend tens of thousands to get one either.

Remember when you used to walk past a fancy dress or joke shop as a kid and you’d see these ridiculous looking deflated blow up dolls, hanging in the window with their mouth wide open?

Well, those days a loooooong gone and the game has changed, drastically.

Right now, you can f**k a custom sex doll that is made to your exact specifications and feels so real that you might not even bother firing up Tinder again. Seriously.

  • Like big breasts with a puffy areola? No problem.
  • Only like red heads, with big blow job lips that you can face f**k? No problem.
  • Maybe you like big fat asses that will swallow up your dong when you penetrate? Dude, that’s easy.

Whatever your ideal woman is in your mind, it’s now possible to bring that fantasy into the real world in the form of a realistic sex doll.

You can even bang a pornstar now. Crazy right?

Before we get into the specifics of this booming industry. Let’s first get the important stuff out of the way…

The best sex dolls right now in 2018

Due to the influx of companies offering life like sex dolls these days, the market does feel a little saturated.

But we’ve done the research and read the reviews on countless forums.

There are two companies that are by far the most prolific in their field when it comes to manufacturing high quality adult sex dolls.

#1 – Crafty Fantasy (Prices start at $500)

Crafty Fantasy

Our top pick right now based on affordability and support.

These guys are the go to sellers of every type of full size sex doll imaginable. Big tits, blonde, Asian, silicone, TPE… you name it, they have it,

The founder and CEO of Crafty Fantasy said:

“My idea is that these dolls can help guys who are single, broken relationship, broken marriages and as a tool to help them with their present situation.

Along the time these guys are also using your training material to get back into the game, in the meantime these dolls can take their frustration off of going home alone until they get the game right.”

You really can craft your own fantasy too. Just take a look at everything they allow you to customise:

  • Head
  • Hairstyle
  • Eyes
  • Breast size
  • Hips
  • Pubic hair
  • Manicure
  • Skin colour
  • Toenails
  • Foot style

When dealing with Crafty Fantasy, you get a real feeling that they actually care about you. Like they want to create you the ultimate sex toy, without making you feel ashamed that you actually own a life size sex doll.

#2 – Real Doll (Prices start at $3,999)

Real Doll

The best out there by far in terms of quality. Very expensive though.

Featured in some of the biggest media outlets out there, Real Doll are the pioneers of real life sex dolls and are known for pushing the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence. Making your doll actually come to life.

The amount of work that goes into each one of their dolls is truly staggering. Now they are more on the pricey side, but if you can create your very own fantasy woman and bang her every night… it’s worth the investment right?

What sets them apart from everyone else in the same market is the level of detail you can ask for.

Forget eye colour or body type…

These guys allow you to choose a vaginal insert! So you can make sweet love to the perfect vagina based on your creation. How cool is that?

Read through our full and in-depth real doll review.

Watch the video to learn more…


What are the different types of sex dolls?

Over the years, manufactures of these sensational creations have come to realise that there are some picky men out there.

So naturally, as the demand increased… so did the options. Let’s run through the most popular types out there.

  • Custom dolls – Clue is in the name. You can customise almost anything, from head to toe.
  • Realistic dolls – 99% of the time these are silicone based, to give you the most realistic feel possible. The idea is to match skin texture and sometimes you REALLY can’t tell.
  • Material focused (PVC, TPE, Silicone, fabric) – Aside from the most popular material (silicone) you can also get your doll in fabric, PVC or even TPE.
  • Race/Ethnicity – Race is a big factor for a lot of guys, so choose your colour.
  • Kinks and fetish based – Like your girls hairy? Want to suck on extra long nipples? Whatever your freaky imagination demands, you can have.
  • Blow-up (had to mention it) – Old school, but needs to be mentioned. You can still get old dolls that are of the blow-up variety. Utterly useless though.
  • Specific body parts (not technically dolls) – You can just go for the butt, the face or even the entire torso, minus limbs. Not realistic, but still classed as a “doll”.

Cheap sex dolls vs high end silicone dolls

Some guys think that opting for a cheaper made silicone sex doll is a good option, because they may not have enough money or they feel as though companies are simply charging more because they can, but that’s simply false.

When you’re talking about high end sex dolls vs the cheaper variety, you need to take the following into consideration:

  • Fixed/removable inserts – The top sex dolls give you the option to remove the vagina, allowing you to clean that insert without moving the entire body. Which is an obvious but very welcomed idea.
  • Fine details (hair, nails, teeth, features in general) – Cheap sex dolls really don’t focus on the features you want to live out your fantasy, so they create a “universal” doll that looks fake.
  • Very close to the real thing – The idea of owning the most realistic sex doll possible means that, you’re trying to mimic the real thing right? So a more expensive doll will have features and qualities that the cheaper ones just simply won’t.

As you can see, we are greatly in favour of higher priced models. But it depends on how much you can actually afford.

If you want the “best” then you need to pay for it. You won’t regret paying more for the highest quality, it’s a no brainer.

How to look after and clean your doll

Ok, so let’s say you’ve invested in one of the best love dolls out there and you’ve pounded the hell out of it for several hours.

Now what?

Well, you need to clean it dude. Otherwise that heap of silicone is going to be a magnet for filth and bacteria, not to mention stink.

You need a few things before getting started:

  1. Corn starch
  2. Damp cloth
  3. Water based lube

When you are done with your lady, take a damp cloth begin wiping inside the vagina, cleaning off the cloth every few wipes. If you have a removable insert, simply remove it and wash the entire unit out in the sink allowing it to air dry overnight.

Next, take the same washed out damp cloth and give the entire body a quick once over. Don’t soak the silicone, just quickly wipe.

After the body wipe, take some corn starch and sprinkle it over the entire body. This will help to absorb excess water from the cloth, remove any funky smells and prevent bacteria build up.

The most important part to clean is obviously any area that you ejaculate. The the mouth, butt hole and or vagina. You need to clean these areas every single time you use them.

But you can give the body a complete clean every week, just once is fine.

Common questions

Guys seem to have tons of questions regarding realistic silicone sex dolls, so we decided to answer the most common ones. If you can’t seen an answer to your question below, then simply add a comment and someone will answer it

What’s the point in dolls? Why not just use VR?

Well you can use VR goggles and they work amazingly well with something like a handheld masturbater. But there’s something unique about smashing real looking sex dolls. It’s something you NEED to try before making a decision.

Aren’t they for weirdos and creeps?

Nope. Well, of course there are going to be some weirdos and creeps that by them, but who cares? Do you want to take a girl out you’re not even that attracted to, spend $400 on dinner and then not even get a tug? Or do you want to bang your fantasy doll for hours? No brainer dude.

What lubricants should you use?

Always use water based lubes. They feel great and are easiest to clean, plus they are a perfect partner for silicone. Oil based lubes will ruin the silicone and be almost impossible to clean.

Why do men buy dolls?

For many reasons. They may have a failed marriage, they could be virgins so want to practice, they might not be attracted to a lot of women. Sometimes their kinks are too “out there” for normal people. Some guys just have a huge sex drive or actually cum too quickly, so need to practice sex positions. There are endless reasons.

Plus it beats watching porn or cam girls for hours on end right?

What are the downsides of using one?

Probably cleaning them, but that’s it.

Conclusion: Now it’s your turn…

You’ve seen some of the finest sex dolls for sale and you’re still on the fence. Why? Because there’s a voice in your head saying…

“Dude, this is weird. Why would I spend $3k on a fake woman when I can get one from a bar this weekend?”.

Yeah ok, you keep listening to that voice bro.

Let’s see how you feel in another 12 months.

Or just buy a doll, smash it when you feel horny and focus on being happy, rather than listening to a “fake” voice in your head that is never going to get you laid.

One more thing… dolls are great. But they aren’t REAL women at the end of the day. If you want to learn how to get laid regularly, then you should take a look at our pick up artist training guides.

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