24 Sex Tips For Mind-Blowing Nooky With Your Partner

Sometimes we need a little nudge in the bedroom to spice things up again. Here are some sex tips that have been proven to help jumpstart a stale sex life and bring that passion back.

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Need a little help in the bedroom? Try these sex tips.

Whether you’ve been in a long term relationship for 10+ years or have just started seeing someone new, everyone deserves to have mind-blowing sex with their partner. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut that you don’t know how to fix, are too anxious to relax during the act, or want to better your already abundant sex life.

Wanting to improve in the bedroom is a great way to ensure things don’t stagnate down the line. No matter the case, follow this list of the best sex tips to guarantee you have the most satisfying sex possible.

1. Discuss What you Like

Talking to your partner about your preferences and boundaries can sound very un-sexy, but it’s not! Knowing precisely what your partner likes and dislikes is one of the essential factors in having a good sex life.

If you know there’s something your partner does not enjoy, you can be sure to avoid it, making their experience more enjoyable. Having open and honest communication can help better your sex life in beautiful ways.

2. Add Toys

Adding toys such as vibrators, butt-plugs, handcuffs, or rope can reinvigorate your sex life. Sometimes sex becomes lackluster when your only tools are your hands or mouth. Adding extra stimuli can ensure that both you and your partner are getting the most pleasure possible.

Toys are also helpful for “quickies” if you’re short on time. Spending time together by researching which toys are the right fit for you can help you create anticipation and excitement around sex again.

Important: Make sure you always clean your sex toys after using them to avoid any unwanted infections from germs that can harvest on them. Most toys are made from silicone which is easily cleanable with some kind of alcohol run or liquid.

3. Watch Porn Together

Watch Porn Together

If you feel that you ever get stuck in a rut of the same few positions, then watching porn together can give you some new ideas to try out while helping you get in the mood. Often, when having consistent sex with one person, you revert to your tried and true tactics, which results in sex becoming repetitive. By watching porn together, you and your partner can discuss your preferences and what you’re willing to try.

4. Focus on Foreplay

Focusing on foreplay can help improve and lengthen sex with your partner and ensure that you’re both satisfied in the end. If you find that your intimate moments often end quickly, leaving one party unhappy, more extended foreplay can help immensely.

Foreplay, such as oral sex and heavy petting, provides a warm-up for sex and gets everyone in the mood. It’s especially crucial for women who often have a more challenging time jumping right into sex than men. By spending more time getting ready for penetration, you create suspense for the main act.

5. Add a Third Person

If both you and your partner are willing, try adding another person to help get things moving again. Bringing a new person into the bedroom can create more excitement around sex and help break up the monotony. A third person can also introduce you to new techniques and positions.

6. Try a New Position

If you often find yourself relying on the same few positions, give something new a try. Find a position you’ve wanted to try and give it a go. You often stick to your favorites while neglecting anything new, but getting out of your routine can help freshen things up. Talking to your partner and finding out if they have any positions they want to try can help liven things up, too.

Quick tip: I recommend trying one the best sex positions for quick orgasms, so that you can hit the g-spot and make her squirm with pleasure.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Laugh

Being too uptight during sex can lead to awkward situations if things don’t go as planned. Sex is made up of funny sounds and smells, so learning to laugh through it instead of trying to ignore it can help you perform better. Letting loose and remembering not to take yourselves so seriously will allow you both to relax, resulting in better sex.

8. Change up the Location

Having sex in the same location each time (such as your bedroom) makes sense but can get repetitive. Try having sex in a different area in (or even out of) your house to spice things up. Introducing new locations can help keep things feeling fresh, improving your sex life in the long run.

9. Switch Roles

If you often find yourself taking charge while your partner is more submissive, try switching roles. Changing the dynamic can bring your sex life to a whole new level. If you’re used to playing a specific part, it can be easy to fall into certain patterns. By changing up your routine, you can find new roles you didn’t know you enjoyed, allowing you more options each time you have sex.

10. Build up Anticipation

A lot of times, sex starts feeling dull because it feels planned and rehearsed. If you usually have sex at the same time of day, in the same way, try building the anticipation up throughout the day.

By brushing your partner’s shoulder as you pass by or whispering in their ear what you want to do with them later, you’re getting them excited. The anticipation will result in a mind-blowing explosion once you’re able to release the built-up tension. An erotic massage is perfect for this.

11. Discuss your Fantasies

You should always discuss sexual fantasies with your partner to help make each other’s dreams a reality. If either of you has achievable fantasies, try making them happen. Fulfilling a long-held sexual fantasy can be extraordinarily sexy and satisfying. You’re sure to have amazing sex if you carry out one of your ultimate fantasies.

12. Sext (Dirty Texting)

Sexting while away from your partner can help create tension until you’re reunited again. Sending a dirty picture or text can help get your partner thinking of you while they’re away. By showing your partner what they’re missing, they’re sure to start feeling frisky. You can then transfer that tension to the bedroom as soon as you’re together.

13. Masturbate Together

Being in tune with your own body is just as, if not more than, important than being in tune with your partner’s. Watching each other masturbate can help you become comfortable with exploring each other’s bodies. Being open is such an easy yet critical part of making your sex life even better.

Masturbate Together

14. Try Anal Sex

If both parties are willing, try having instead of vaginal. Some anal sex tips include making sure that you and your partner prepare appropriately with lube when trying anal for the first time and making sure you relax to calm your nerves. The sensation of anal sex can be tighter and more pleasurable than vaginal, which can entice some. Adding a new way to have sex can help enliven things in the bedroom.

15. Try Having Sex While Under the Influence

Having a drink or two before you and your partner have sex can help you loosen up. You’re more likely to relax and enjoy yourself with a little buzz, resulting in more care-free and natural sex. Taking the edge off will allow you to get out of your head slightly and feel less anxious. You’re sure to perform better if you aren’t worried about every little thing that could go wrong.

16. Wear a New Outfit

Finding a new outfit that you know your partner will love can help make sure that your sex life will improve. Breaking out a sexy outfit instead of your typical attire can get your partner appreciating you in a new way. Showing that you put the extra effort to please your partner can add some fireworks in the bedroom.

17. Join Your Partner in the Shower

Joining your partner while in the shower can keep things exciting. Being in close quarters with no clothes on is a sure-fire way to get things rolling. Not to mention, being in the shower gives you the excuse to touch your partner to help them “clean off.” Surprising each other is a great way to keep things exciting. Continue your fun in the bedroom afterward for mind-blowing nooky.

18. Lubricate

If it starts getting dry down there, things will not be fun for long. Make sure to use lube during sex to help things flow smoothly. Lube can help things glide more effortlessly while preventing chafing and itching. In general, lube is an easy way to make things more pleasurable. Picking out the right lube for you is also vital – try testing a few different brands until you find one that works well with your body.

19. Find Contraception that Works for You

Find Contraception

Depending on what contraceptives you favor, finding one that works well for your body can instantly improve your sex life. For instance, finding the perfect condom in the correct size for your body can make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. Wearing the wrong size condom or taking the wrong contraceptive for you can affect your sex life negatively.

A condom that’s too tight can make sex painful and unappealing, while one that’s too loose can fall off during sex. Changing this simple thing can help you feel more confident and sure of yourself in bed.

20. Take Care of your Partner Emotionally

Taking care of your partner’s emotions is just as important as taking care of them physically. Letting them know that you care about all sides of them will result in a more loving sex life. Most people need to feel wanted, so letting your partner know you want them, emotionally and physically, can go a long way.

This is one of the best sex tips that most people overlook. Sex is more satisfying and fulfilling when you and your partner care for each other on a deeper level.

21. Set the Scene

Try having a nice dinner, then lighting a candle and setting the scene to rejuvenate your sex life. Having a romantic evening can help keep things moving and add flare to your time together.

Showing your partner you care about them for more than just their body can help you two connect on a deeper level. The mood in the room can determine how your session will turn out. Having sex by candlelight while your favorite music plays can turn a mundane Tuesday night into a romantic weekend getaway.

22. Spend More Time on Oral Sex

Frequently, penetrative sex is the end-all-be-all, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Many women have trouble orgasming from penetrative sex alone, making oral stimulation a worthy endeavor. Try focusing on oral instead to help you and your partner achieve orgasm in new ways.

Some oral sex tips include communicating with your partner to find out their preferences and practicing on each other to get more comfortable. Sometimes, taking penetrative sex out of the equation allows you to focus on other areas you might’ve neglected.

Fun fact: Oral sex has been linked to both relationship quality and well-being. Which basically means, the more you go down on each other the more happy you’ll be in your relationship and life. Pretty cool huh?

23. Add Food

Including certain foods into your sex life can be quite alluring. Things like whipped cream are perfect for licking off each other’s bodies and building anticipation. The different textures from certain foods can help add another stimulus to the mix. Try experimenting with different foods to find out what works best for you.

24. Record Yourselves

Setting up a camera and capturing yourselves on video can do wonders for your sex life. Knowing that you’re recording yourself makes you want to perform your best. Having a digital record of your sexual activities allows you to look back on it and find ways to improve in the future. Watching your sex video with your partner can also help get you in the mood later.

Conclusion: It’s your turn to try these sex tips

Sex is a critical and integral part of any healthy relationship. Keeping your sex life exciting and on its toes is a sure-fire way to ensure you always have fulfilling sex. Switching things up, trying new things, and being honest with your partner can quickly improve things in the bedroom.

Having a more enjoyable sex life can also better your life as a whole, helping you feel complete and content in your day-to-day life. Taking care of yourself and your partner, both emotionally and physically, proves beneficial. By implementing even a few of the best sex tips into your life, you can guarantee a more well-rounded, satisfying sex life.

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