9 Things You Need In The Bedroom To Make Sex 10x Better… Keep It Spicy

Get kinky son!

Get kinky son!

Hanky panky a little… samey these days?

Yeah I know how ya feel bro.

There’s only so many times you can plough away missionary style… or doggy style before you start getting a bit… well bored really.

This is why I decided to create a list of things that I’ve been trying recently to spice things up in the bedroom.

You know, make the sex better… the experience more exciting and look forward to trying something new.

Although these are basic sex tips and simple things you can find in sex shops, they will make sex 10x better… trust me.

So here’s the rundown of things that will give you the boost you want… in no particular order.

HOLD ON: Before we get into the good bits… if you’re serious about becoming a master in the bedroom, then you should watch this.

1. Blindfold

Not too kinky, but very sexy.

Yeah I know… I tad predictable right? Even so, it’s still an awesome thing to have in the bedside draw which you can surprise your lady friend with.

The reason blindfolds are so good, is because you can take turns in being in total control. The person wearing the blindfold needs to be submissive whilst the other person, does what they like to you.

Not to mention, your senses are heightened because you are blind!

2. Lube

Stock up playa… this is some good sh*t!

This is probably my most used item in the bedroom. If you don’t use lube during sex, you’re one crazy mofo… it makes everything more slippery, tingly and way more enjoyable.

I use water based lube, which can be used with condoms and without, but there are also oil based lubes that are a lot tougher to wash off, but equally as pleasurable.

If you’re a fan of the old “death star” route, then lube will certainly make the job a lot easier if she’s tight.

3. Hand ties

Bring out her inner freak…

Yeahhhh boy, no we’re getting kinky!

Fuzzy little handcuffs or soft rope are perfect for tying up her hands and treating her like your slave. Women get a real kick out of being tied up (…ahem, 50 Shades of Grey) and won’t ever suggest it but will let you do it if you ask.

Basically women like to do more freaky deaky things than men do, they just don’t want to be the ones that introduce it because it may make them look like sluts. So you should always introduce the sex toys etc.

Anyway… hand ties are great for all types of positions and it turns women on when they have to struggle.

4. Love pillow (sex wedge)

Hit that G-spot with ease…

Awesome way to try sex positions that hit the G-spot and really give her intense orgasms… again and again.

The sex wedge is perfect for the lazy man and really helps you get up in those sensitive areas, that normal positions just wouldn’t allow.

You can even buy ones which have ropes and blindfolds attached, so it’s like an all in one toy.

5. Funky condoms

Willy wonka of condoms…

Do you always buy plain condoms? Boring!

Get some different ones and try them out, I’m talking fruity ones… nobbly ones… special sensitive ones that make you last longer and her orgasm quicker.

Just experiment and find what you like best.

6. Sex positions book

Show her who the daddy is!

Ok so this is a little left field… but by getting a sex positions book and leaving it on your bedside table, one sure thing will happen; She will be curious to try new positions!

Make it a plan to try a new sex position EVERY time you get into bed with a woman, this will not only broaden your mindset for what works best but you’ll also be more adventurous as a partner than she’s probably ever had.

There’s hundreds of sex positions to choose from and some really good ones that make her orgasm quickly so you won’t get bored any time soon.

7. Massage oil

Ooooo… yep, that’s the spot!

Massaging each other is both relaxing and very erotic. If you are any good at it, she will be super turned on in no time… practically begging you to f*ck her.

Grapeseed oil or lavender oil are both perfect for massaging. I think Casanova used to use Grapeseed oil before sex too as a way of intense foreplay.

I’d recommend about 15 minutes for any type of massage, obviously naked and then working your way around her really sensitive areas.

8. Fantasy sheet

..Is someone feeling sick?

So I made this one up, but I’ve been using it more and more with solid sex buddies.

All you do is both take 5 minutes to write down your wildest fantasies that you can do in the bedroom. Then you act them out on a weekly basis.

Taking turns each week. This is a great way to keep things exciting in the bedroom.

9. Finger vibrator

Flick… buff and shine that little nugget!

A finger vibrator is another way to stimulate the clitoris whilst you’re going down on her. I’ve found that some girls like it and others don’t, so you should ask first.

If you alternate between your tongue and the vibrator, she should orgasm REALLY quickly.

Boom! That’s how to go crazy in the bedroom and take your sex life up a notch.

Wanna become a sexual ninja in the bedroom and make every woman orgasm like crazy? Click here to learn how.

What things do you have in the bedroom that makes sex that much better for you?

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  1. Well I think my husband is bored with having sex with me,the only time he wants to fuck me is when he feels like it,what can I do to have him want me,I try to touch him,do different position and all sorts of crazy things,but he doesn’t seem to be interested,his a faithful man,but I think his a little lazy in bed,when we do make love he prefers to go with the spoon cause he says it doesn’t get him tired,I end up playing with my self and I’m thinking of getting a dildo to sort myself out cause I also am a faithful woman and won’t go looking for sex from other men,I love my husband but I wish he would fuck me more,I’d appreciate more than 1 round on a daily basis….. Sexually frustrated!!!!!!

    • Yes, B, get a vibrator and then use it in front of him. If this does not get him excited, he may need to see a doctor, there could be something else interfering with his libido. I recommend you speak very honestly with him, Great sex is such an important part of your relationship. Hope this helps! M

  2. YES! The Sex Wedge! I want to get a liberator myself….But think it would only be acceptable if I had a long time girlfriend. You can’t bring some chick home and be like oh um hey i just had this lying around waiting to use it for the first time while it wouldn’t pass a room raiders black light test.

    Anyway, Keeping pimpin playas

  3. Now these ideas are great and all, especially the one about the fantasy sheet, very affectionate. But what if your girlfriend is not open to doing these kinds of things and she won’t even explain why beyond “I just don’t want to and that’s it.” Is that something to let go of or approach from a different angle?

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