How To Make A Girl Cum Fast… With These 3 Killer Sex Positions

This guide is going to show you how to make a girl cum so fast that she will be shaking with orgasms.

Regardless of if you’ve never been able to make a girl climax before, these sex positions and tips will turn you into a legend and her into a quivering wreck.

How To Make Girls Cum Fast

Learn exactly how to make a girl cum with these proven sex positions.

Ok, let’s be serious for a minute, I want you to answer the following questions…

1. Are you amazing in the sack?

2. Can you give any woman mind blowing… pillow biting… toe curling orgasms on demand?

If you said yes to both of those questions, then you can leave dude because it’s obvious that you’re a boss.

But if you said no and bowed your head in shame like a lost little puppy who fumbles his way through the bedroom during nookie, then you’re going to LOVE what I’m about to teach you.

After you’ve finished reading this entire post, you’re going to know EXACTLY how to make a woman orgasm faster than you ever thought humanly possible.

You’re going to understand why sex positions are crucial for nailing the G-Spot and why you must get her relaxed before sex to guarantee sensational orgasms that will leave her body numb with pleasure.

Also what you MUST do straight after having sex.

Are you ready? Because this isn’t some flimsy throw away bunch of hyped up tips… these are hard hitting, proven ways to make any girl scream with ecstasy… again and again.

I got them from my pals over at Orgasm Arts, plus I’ve used them myself and they totally work.

Warning: The techniques in this post are VERY effective. So you need to know how to last longer in bed and not cum quickly to perform all the methods properly.

Ok awesome, let’s get started.

How to make a girl orgasm super fast… on command

First things first… get her completely relaxed.

Now it’s a known fact that women find it much harder to “get off” and orgasm without any foreplay, so you should always try and introduce foreplay before sex, let those tricky fingers hang loose bro.

But even before foreplay (yes, understanding how to eat a girls pussy is important also), you have to get her totally relaxed so she’s comfortable in your company. If she’s not relaxed, it’s game over… she’ll be faking like a pro.

Take your time dude, just make her feel at ease so she’s practically begging you to have sex with her… this is when you take it to the next stage and bring out the “BIG GUNS”.

Did you know? There are 9 types of female orgasms. If you can make your girl have them all, she’ll be addicted to you for life.

Use these 3 killer sex positions

Right then, once you’ve made her feel relaxed, clothes are off and you’re humping her like a jack rabbit, remember to use these 3 cheeky G-Spot moves:

Position 1: Advanced Doggy

Advanced doggy

Perfect for pounding her ass.

Assume the normal “Doggystyle” position, then guide her head down so it’s on the bed, make sure her ass is still in the air.

Now place a pillow underneath her stomach and tell her to rest on it. So she’s relaxed and just ready to be pounded.

Lastly, just go for it. Thrust downwards, hard and with a steady pace so that it’s consistent. Try and maintain the thrusting for 5 minutes, if you can do that she’ll have a squirting orgasm (that will make her cum) in no time.

QUICK TIP: If you want to speed up the time it takes her to orgasm. Whilst you’re banging her, use either hand to reach around her pelvis and rub her clit at the same time. It’s better if your fingers are wet, but if you can keep up a consistent speed, clitoral stimulation will make her cum VERY quickly.

Position 2: G-Spot Missionary

G-spot missionary

Hits her g-pot every damn time

Assume the normal missionary position, then take both her legs and place them over both of your shoulders. Place a pillow under her lower back and slightly lift her legs so her ass is just off the bed.

Now all you need to do is thrust hard and with a consistent pace. Mix things up by moving towards her face and whispering naughty things to her, also taking just the one leg and pumping her just like that.

Position 3: Girl On Top

Girl on top

Awkward to pull off, but works like a charm.

Yeeeehaa cowboy. Grab a chair and ask your partner to sit on top, make sure she leans back and holds onto the edge of the chair, arching her back as she does this.

Now it’s up to her to do the work, but it’s important to tell her to ride you hard. Talk her through it by saying naughty things so she gets turned on and keeps going.

Make it a point to throw all of these positions in at some point and spend 5 to 10 minutes on each.

NOTE: This position is the hardest to perform if you are lacking inches. I’d recommend you use these sex positions if you have a smaller penis.

How to make a girl cum conclusion (the aftermath)

So let’s imagine you’ve just finished having sex and you’re both exhausted, give her a kiss and a cuddle then say that you really need to be somewhere… this will leave her wanting more.

That’s how you make a girl cum faster than she ever has before!

Oh if you’d like any more advanced sex tips like these I’d strongly recommend you check out Orgasm Arts, these guys are the real deal when it comes to teaching guys how to perform between the sheets.

Ladies: What’s the best way to make you cum? Comments below…

Guys: What moves have you tried that really get girls off? Comments below…

Illustration of a guy having sex with a girl in the doggy position.

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  1. I love to sex girl

  2. So dam cool reading all this. Thanks To you guys

  3. LoverboyMike says

    Some pretty good advice on here, I love to watch and make women cum, really gets me going, theres only one thing hotter and quite frakly thats two women cumming (Still only a fantasy) The best technique ive found is by licking a woman while she has her head hanging over the edge of the bed on her back and stopping just before shes about cum and slowly (and I mean slowly guys) work your way up with your lips kissing every inch of her body but just slightyly missing the nipples the ariola is more sensitive (little tease wont hurt either) when you finally get up to her neck slowly thrust yourself inside her (make love to her dont fuck her, shes not a rag doll) I personally have made two women cry, the orgasm was so intense (not at the same time lol)

  4. Ok, I agree with most of this except for the last part… Leave her after a quick kiss and cuddle so she wants more?! Doing that is more likely to make her feel used, hurt, and angry. Don’t play head games with women, it only creates trust issues, which in turn will negatively impact your sex life. These positions are awesome but if you do things right there are many more ways to do it. Make her feel like she is a goddess, like you cannot get enough of her body. Tell her she is beautiful, sexy, hot. She want to hear this from you!! Also, great sex doesn’t start when the clothes come off. How you treat her when you aren’t having sex can make a huge difference… when you wake up in the morning tell her she is beautiful.. Smack her on the ass when she walks past you. Send her a text during the day that says something like “I cannot stop thinking about getting you in bed tonight!” or even what you can’t wait to do to her/have her do to you. Make her feel wanted and special, like no other woman could possibly satisfy you the way she does. Then when you get her in bed she is going to be more relaxed, turned on, and usually very generous in what she does to you! Foreplay is really important! Spend some time to “warm her up,” don’t just rush in for main prize. Oral can be an awesome way to bring her to the brink and over it. Also don’t be afraid to use toys together. For guys that worry about cumming too fast, get a dildo and use it on her before giving her the real thing. That way she gets all the thrusting/pounding she is craving and it’s not “over” before she gets there. If one or both of you are a little shy/nervous about things, have a glass or two of wine to help you relax. NO, don’t get her drunk and take advantage! Also do not get yourself plastered… it’s not sexy and you won’t have any hope of even making her wet let alone cum! Basically, if you make her feel sexy and beautiful, she will be more turned on and much more likely to reach that big O you are working so hard to give her.

    • I agree with what your saying about other things. I can tell your coming at this in a feminists type of mentality, perhaps you fuck your man, I don’t know but some women aren’t feminists or don’t take a feminist mentality into the bedroom. Maybe I’m completely wrong about my assessment but it’s certainly not an attack just an observation.
      My take on this is that if you’ve been dating someone for quite awhile or even married to them I think it’s ok to do what the writer suggested. If your with someone and they trust you already and they already know your not a jerk it’s ok to walk away afterwards. Now if you’ve been on 3 dates and it’s the first time banging then no, I wouldn’t do this or suggest to do that.
      One time my wife was studying and I was in a different room and I had found myself to have a major hard-on (which happens) so I walked into the room and quietly asked if she needed anything like water or a snack she said no. Then I asked if she wanted anything and I accidentally bumped my rock hard member against her arm so she would take notice and she smiled and unzipped my pants and then took me into her wet warm mouth and started blowing the hell outta me and I stopped her way sooner than I normally would have only letting her suck me for a couple of minutes as she tends to usually want to blow me for a good lo – l5 mins then we fuck for another good l5 mins at least sometimes more depending on what’s going on. I was already fondling her tits real well and rubbing her pussy in circular motions and up and down and gently slapping her clit when I pulled out of her mouth it made a popping sound from the intense sucking force her mouth and lips had around my thick dick. I softly, gently removed her shorts and panties slowly pulling down one side from the next and repeated this motion as my gripped her hips with my hands until l found her black lacy thong in my hands. So after thinking about what I should do next I decided I should slide my engorged dick that was now soaking wet from her saliva into her by now dripping wet tight little pussy and it was incredible as I first entered her, it’s a feeling I’ll never grow tired of, ever! Sticking to my plan – after about 5 minutes of me non-stop slamming my manhood into her as fast as I possibly could not stopping to even catch my breath on purpose I released my love potion way quicker than I normally do as I was trying hard to keep my plan in tact. As she moaned loudly I knew she was having an orgasm all over my furiously pumping cock because she kept screaming “keep fucking me daddy, don’t stop fucking me daddy” (no, we’re not related in any way shape or form) and my dick basically convulsed and vibrated while I kept thrusting balls deep into her kegal tightened love box while releasing every last drop of my ejack, I personally don’t stop fucking just because I’ve came, I keep going until she does as well. I then passionately kissed her on the lips for a couple seconds and then I slowly got up out of the position we were in together and in a not too fast motion pulled up my pants without making eye contact and not saying a single word to her and turned around and left the room. I had never done this or anything like that (leaving right away, not saying a single word) with her or anyone before and I went back to what I was doing before our lovely encounter and it was about lo minutes later she came up to me falling into my arms desperately wanting a hug and the first words were “that was amazing! My pussy is still wetter than it ever has been before, I fucking love you and your dick!” So naturally I just smiled and kissed her again and then said “please get me a beer now” as I walked towards the couch she briskly walked over to the fridge and got me a damn beer.
      So by my estimation……. she fucking loved it!?!
      We’re humans and trying to change that doesn’t work, we can fool ourselves all we want but changing thousands of years of evolution won’t work or happen. I’m not saying I mistreat her or I’m the patriarch, misogyny and islamaphobic shit we keep constantly hearing today. Hell, she has a better job than I do and makes more money than I do. Men don’t even go to college anymore from always being shit on. I’m a man and I’m supposed to fuck my woman the best I can possibly do while treating her better than I treat my own self. Please don’t misinterpret my words or put words into my mouth. This is just my story, it’s nothing personal against you, since you shared your feeling I thought I would share mine.

    • Jennifer says

      Great advice!!

  5. Priscilla says

    Size doesn’t always matter if she’s not relaxed it will always hurt after I got pregnant with our son my ex-fiance decided he no longer had to care how I felt not even after I’d healed from giving birth did sex feel good with him again it was always painful even if I was horny(he was only 4 inches long and 2 around) its been 3 months since we separated and just this past weekend I got laid by the biggest cock I have ever met in person (15. Inches long 3&1/2 around) I thought I would have trouble with something that large but nope it slid all the way in best sex I’ve ever had can’t wait to do it again he talked dirty and touched and marked .the stretch being on top god the way he make me feel it was unreal and he was holding back he didn’t want to make too much noise (his house mate was home asleep in the other room) I’m quiet by nature so I had no problem but watching the way he held back those moans just made me wetter I can’t wait to see him again and hopefully the house mate will be gone and he can try to make me scream

  6. Ty Russell says

    Why not the reverse cowgirl? after she bounces on you for a few mins, hold her up and give her serious thrusts for a couple seconds then slow down then repeat. It should get her done in no time.

    also, size doesn’t matter, any fellow can do that.

  7. Jerome berry says

    Just go down on her first let her get off first and then do the three steps to get her off more kisses on her BODY before doing anything to her let her feel that you going in to night,that works for me bros

  8. Don’t tell her you need to be somewhere right after sex!!!!! That’s not going to help with anything besides making you look like an asshole.

    • Thank you Ma’am! All it’ll do is make you look like an ass and make her think that you only wanted her for sex. Not a good look if you ever want to sleep with her again.

    • I would cuddle with her 20 mins later star playing with her pussy then go down finger her while licking that rub my cock on her clit then missonary time maker sure my pubic bone massages her clit or rub it with my thumb white hitting it then after where done cuddle with her and go to sllep and. In. The morning we repeat i love to tease her blow on her clit kiss her inner thighs etc i would never leave. Im a cuddler i. Love. To cuddle and i love for play im mote concerned with her then myself lol But boy do i love to eat pussy

      • Wow

      • Damn, can he just write the article ?
        I’m pretty sure 99.9% of women would LOVE that .
        What’s the rush guys ? Make you woman happy , you will have a very happy life ;)

      • Nice cover up, your trying way to hard dude, or your very young and a vergin, who watches wayyyy to much porn. I’m gunna guess by the way you emphasized everything soooo much, you never get, or maybe you did, but I’m sensing your the guy at the party who gets the girls there first drink, I’m just sayin, and I’m calling bull shit, but not as much bull shit as you English fucking grammar and spelling good God man!!!

        • Vlad Pirtov says

          Well maybe you should learn how to spell correctly. Guessing by the way autocorrect is turned off, you probably watch porn. Searching all the dirty, gross and wrong types.

          • English Dude says

            Guys, I’m sorry but neither of you seems capable of writing a sentence using the correct spelling, grammar or syntax. I truly hope you’re better in bed than you are at English!

        • EatingPopCorn says

          Ryan? Not a cover up it seems, and that “vergin” talk that you AKMUTT mentioned, just makes me wonder that you are actually the teen with pimples around here, because sexually active people (read adults) don’t even come up with terms such as “virginity” as an argument to put others down (after you’re 16 or 18, it’s totally lame to even mention it), and i’m actually telling you that i agree that his description totally works. You even have a woman LilLady here saying that he’s right, but still you don’t get it. You’re a f*** stallion…
          Maybe – just maybe, by reading your mindset – when you get to your 30’s (although you should know that already if you’re in your 20s) you’ll understand that you’ll feel more of a man when you actually realise that you gave real pleasure to your woman, and didn’t just use her as your hand replacement, your cum dump.
          A real man who actually appreciates women, makes them feel in paradise first (or at least, tries) and only then worries about himself. I would say that i would be more proud about how fast and how hard i made a woman cum, than how many chicks I fucked mediocrely, just for the sake of bragging to my friends… did that in my teens, didn’t really improve my self esteem.
          BTW you should tell me what kind of porn Ryan watches, because he talks about a full night and day mission to please his woman – i’ve worked in the porn industry (no, not as an actor) so i’ve watched hundreds of porn movies, and i’m yet to watch a porn flic similar to his description, with cuddling for 20min, sleeping and fucking her in the morning, as most women enjoy.
          BTW, your English also sucks. Just my 2 cent. Peace, you arrogant little infant.
          Grow up and good luck.

  9. Evershap-15M says

    I have a question. Is there any differance between Cum and orgasms. If there is a differance what is it? And how can you tell that a woman had cum or ogasms?.

  10. This advice is fool-proof…it took my years to orgasm but if a man does the following to me, I’ll come in minutes;

    1. You must make me feel like I look mind-blowingly hot, like your just dying to take my clothes off. This makes me feel confident and horny.
    2. While we’re both still clothed- Stand/lie behind me kissing my neck and touching my breasts and push your hard penis into my ass, so that I know that you’re ready for me.
    3. Tell me that you want my perfect ass and big hard breasts on top of you naked.
    4. Let me ride on top and show me how much you’re enjoying it whilst playing with my nipples.
    5. After a few minutes of me in top, put me into doggy style, my ass is up high and my head down low on the bed arms bent. The second you enter me I’m screaming. I really can’t take the position it’s so intense. I usually orgasm within a minute of being in this position and often orgasm twice. One right after the other.

    Note- other than on top (with alot of foreplay) no other position makes me orgasm.

    Also another important note, you must make a woman feel comfortable and relaxed, otherwise, she will not come regardless of how good it is. It took me years to relax enough to realise that if I worry about the sounds I’m making or don’t embrace the feeling that I need to pee (comes right before I begin to climax), I won’t come. The first time I climaxed was with a guy that made me feel that nothing I could do would be unsexy.

    You’re welcome!

  11. U should surprise her!!! While doing the doggy position, right before u bust a nut! Spit on her back and as soon as she turns around to look at u just bust the nut all over her face!! Not all but most girls love it. Ask a man with experience I love being wild in bed

  12. Got a problem guys, i cum too fast, whenever i increase the pace of my thrust motion i just cum immediately yet on the other hand is the same moment when she begins to feel the sweetness. .What could be the technic to last longer. Secondly, whats the right point in a woman’s vagina to emphasize my finger so that i make her wet before proceeding to other stages?

    • Carlos Velez says

      In order for you to not cum is to relax your penis……by that I mean don’t try to make it hard……a technique that I use is that I pop out my stomach a little

    • Masturbate a day before banging your chick.

    • Now I don’t usually have this problem but some women are just amazing. The trick I use in this situation is i control my thoughts completely away from her almost tricking myself into believing she’s no good. Th he longer you can keep your mind off what you’re actually doing the longer you last

      • EatingPopCorn says

        haha, thinking she’s no good is something i tried as well, but so much that it actually turned me off and away for some minutes. fortunately when i got out of that mindtrick everything got back to normal. it works, but be careful! :D

    • slow down ur breathing and focus on her body more play with her boobs or rub her clit

  13. hey guys! i have tried those 3 positions and i think it works perfect,but my problem is that i tend to cum fast just before she cums,pls help,how can i last longer in the sack.

    • Coming too fast has always been my issue. I have tried the different techniques proposed but nothing works. I open for suggestions. My wife does appreciate my large size but wishes that I could give her some more thrusts.Also, I am not a big fan of cunnilingus and I am having second thoughts given the bad press about bacteria. My wife is pushing for that . Please advise.

      • I fortunately have never had much trouble having sex for long periods of time, but in any way i’ve always tried to improve what i can, as any man should. These are a few things that seem to work for me…Try focusing on your own breathing, or hers if you are not the kind for auditory stimulation (I am, so listening to her breathing/ moans has the opposite effect that you’re looking for, but that’s just me) But focusing or even counting your own breaths tends to work for me if shes already close and only needs a little more to achieve an orgasm. Do Not Count Out loud EVER. Also try not to seem inside your own head while you’re silently counting, continue to make eye contact or talk dirty kiss her neck or whatever, if you seem to be inside your own head during sex she’ll just get uncomfortable “(Is it me?)”. This breathing technique tends to only work for an extra minute or two though so don’t expect an extra ten minutes instantly. Another that seems to work is (If you’re on top) dropping your head below your shoulders and off to the left or the right whichever you want, it might have something to do with the blood flow or maybe its just because the visual stimulation isn’t as in your face (if your eyes arn’t closed you should be looking at her hip) but this seems to add more thrusts to my game. One huge mistake i know many men make is to think to yourself “Don’t Come” either way your thinking about your own orgasm…. and then what happens… you orgasm. try thinking to yourself “i’m going to make her come” repeat this in your head if you have to, focus on making her feel good and you should be able to add more time to the deed at hand and hopefully giving her an intense orgasm. Finally masturbate, the morning before, the night before, a couple hours before she comes over either way its harder to orgasm if you already have, during this “prepping” take note of your “orgasm signs” or things you do right as your about to come, grab the sheets, clench your butt muscles, straighten your leg out whatever it is. Avoid Doing These During Sex. relax your butt and bend your knee, all of these together should help to improve your duration, and if not then I am truly sorry for wasting your time. Comment back and let me know if any of these worked for you.
        Cheers xxx

      • get high because when u cum u can carry on and harder that way

      • As far as cunnilingus, it’s how I get her to loosen up and bring her to the edge so it doesn’t seem like I”m too quick ’cause we cum together. As far as making the cunnilingus more enjoyable… I saw a Mentos commercial once… she gave her man a roll of mentos and then spread her legs, he got the message. It works for me, just pop one in your mouth then go to town.

      • Thatcountryboy says

        There are a couple of different ways that you can make yourself last longer.. One thing you can try is every time you urinate, try stopping the flow several times each time you go pee. When you practice this, do not pinch it off with you hand. Do it using your muscles inside, the same way you do when you’re trying to not piss your pants ;). Another thing as that if you start to climax before her. You either want too SLOW DOWN or seriously increase your speed to the point that it reduces the “feeling”.
        Another way, which is very very effective…. Between the above practice and my medication. I’ve gone as long as 5 hours straight without getting off by doing this… Take a hydrocodone or a methadone about 1 to 2 hours before you plan on having sex.. “DO NOT over do this” or you will end up making her feel like there is something wrong with her.. I know this from personal experience. I know most of you will prob think damn I wish I could go for 2 or 3 hours at a time without busting one. No, not you don’t. It really isn’t very fun after the first hour and quickly become a serious workout after that point. Aside from that you will be extremely raw and tender, not to mention how sore she will be… But seriously hydros or methadone are very very effective, to the point of being too effective.. As in she could the sexiest woman you’ve ever met in you life, but if you over do it…. There will be nothing you or her could do what so ever to make ole boy stand salute… This actually happened to me last weekend and it is seriously very very embarrassing.. Lasting longer is usually a good thing.. But remember to not over do it.

      • Listen a woman actually has good bacteria there. You should eat you wife’s pussy. She sexy and gorgeous right? Get it boy!!! Learn to love it. Really.

      • Take viagra makes you hard as hell but harder to cum !!

      • Bro, it’s your wife man, love her dawg.

      • If you communicate to your woman during sex, especially about you wanting to last longer, most women will do all they can to make that happen. For example “damn baby, slow down or you are gonna have me finished before I even get started!” Two things can happen here… she will slow down whatever she is doing because she wants you to last longer too and knowing that she’s got you that hot that fast is only doing good things for her (plus if she brings you to the boiling point multiple times without you cumming, it’s going to be spectacular when you finally do!)… or, if she’s like me at times, I LOVE knowing he’s getting off for ME and something in my brain says “Challabge accepted,” to which I ride him until he cums so hard I have to hang on. If she does that then she feels that she decided when to make you cum, not that you just came too early. Plus she will feel awesome knowing how much you enjoyed her. As for going down on her, do it man! You will not regret it. By NOT doing it you can really give her a complex about herself, especially if you bring up that you won’t do it because you are worried about bacteria! Being that she is your wife you should have no worries about “catching” something from this and if she is a woman who takes care of her health “down there” (such as seeing her gynecologist every year or two where they test for infections, bacterial problems, etc) then this shouldn’t be a concern for you. A few tips to maybe help you move into a better mind set- take a shower together first so as to eliminate your concern for “bacteria” and also try using a flavored lube. This can be beneficial in several ways… you are gonna love the taste which will give her more pleasure and, also, she can use that flavored lube on you to return the favor (better yet be using it on you while you use it on her!)
        One last thing… don’t be scared to try some toys. If you are concerned that you come too quickly and she isn’t getting that thrusting/pounding she’s craving, get a dildo to use together during sex. Get something similar to your size and shape (there are actually kits you can get to make your own that is molded to be identicle to you!) Use that on her during foreplay to give her all the thrusting she can stand and then give her the real thing. bonus: you are probably going to love watching how much pleasure she is getting from you playing with her and the whole “naughty” side of using sex toys can be a major turn on for both of you!

      • Jennifer says

        A way to not cum so fast is to vary the pace.. go really slow at the start .. then i lil faster .. while talking to her .. tell her how wet she is getting .. how tight she is.. people are so susceptible to suggestion.. then go a lil faster.. soon as u feel yourself feeling like u want to cum slow down to a.speed.that makes that feeling stop or even stop all together while remaining inside her kiss her.. kiss her breast .. ask her if she is gonna cum if u stoke your cock inside her.. she will say yes i promise .. tell her to open for you
        . .. and then repeat .. edging is where u go almost to climax then back off then build it back up again..
        I honestly have had some of the most powerful climaxes from slow strokes.. its very sexy when a man shows he is in control and not just swept away by how good it feels and then busts a nut on u before u cum.. thats the worst… cause u always feel like they could have avoided cumming if they choose to or gotten u off in a different way before hand .. . Because once yall cum its over…

  14. Its quiet true that its difficult to give her O at first time.. But if u get to go wd a superb cunninglus, then she probably wont feel the pain of broken hymen. I did it with my beautiful lover and stimulated her intensively and wen she was in her O, i broke that with my index.. Then, the G-s O.. Dont use ‘urs’ to make her cum at 1st time, try ur best to reduce her pains at first. Then, for digging, u hv d rest of ur life

  15. I have had a plot of sex ad with different guys. I orgasm but never cum. I have done lots of different positions. How can this be helped ? :( my boyfriend is slowly losing interest in the relationship.

    • EatingPopCorn says

      not all women who have an orgasm have female ejaculation. Most of them, orgasm without ejaculating, but even the same woman can orgasm, but not ejaculate all the times – i’ve felt it with some of my partners: sometimes they orgasm and i feel it as much as when they also ejaculate. Something physiological maybe, I have no idea, and apparently no one knows why or how it happens – there might be the case you do ejaculate but just a bit, as I’ve read in this article which states:
      “With only 24 participants, the study is somewhat limited, but it does suggest that most women release some fluid when they climax. On the other hand, those who have done good studies estimate the percentage of women who ejaculate at 5% to 15%. That would mean 50% to 60% of women produce some of the same fluid, but do not ejaculate.” Anyway if your boyfriend is losing interest on you because you do not squirt, he’s an asshole and he will have a hard time finding a girl who does, because it’s a minority – he should be happy you have orgasms, because there is a big percentage of women who are actually anorgasmic.
      Peace. And find a smarter dude.

    • Jennifer says

      Try having him finger u hard to squirt.. i think most guys think they will hurt u or something but i squirt every time that way and only that way ..

  16. Ayo I just want to say thank u for the tips. I did just 1 of these position with my girl today & she wants to GO AGAIN THE SAME DAY. Anybody reading this should really take advantage of this post. Thank u agian Rich you’re AWESOME!

  17. My problem is that, i do ejaculate faster after every 3mins during sex,what do i do to push it even upto 6-8 minutes? Plz help.

    • If yu want to stay long then focus on something else when in bed. if yu think it’s time to cum then focus on her body and bang!!!! Yu stayed long enuf to satisfy yu and her

    • That’s not entirely true practice is the key. Try to ejaculate then as soon as you do keep goin and really focus on her once you get goin again you can last for awhile depends on hoe good you are. After doing this atleast once at nite and once in the am you will get to where it takes you 30 mins all the way to 2 hours before ejaculatin once. I have dobe this and now sometimes I cant even ejaculate the first time but my girl cums 4-7 times! Also go to a local sex store and get “stiff 4 hours” ive tried it and you last for hours and feels so good when you cum

  18. Anonymous says

    The first two positions worked perfeCtly. My girlfriend questioned the pillow’s purpose first but after a powerful first stroke she focussed on me and not the pillow. It was amazing.

  19. Oral Sex Master says

    The most effective and pleasurable way to give a female an orgasm is through cunnilingus. Most women cannot orgasm through intercourse because it doesn’t provide adequate stimulation to their clitoris. The clitoris is the secret pathway to pleasure in the woman.

    • “Most women cannot orgasm through intercourse” …not true man. You’re doing it wrong if that’s the case. Also you can stimulate her clit in any of these 3 positions with your fingers

      • EatingPopCorn says

        it’s not most, you’re right – according to Wikipedia it’s 4.7% anorgasmic women, although if you talk about the first time going on her, the chances that she won’t reach it, will be probably much higher. But, i disagree on about doing it wrong, it’s the fact that many women are actually anorgasmic due to their anatomy; no man – no matter how long or how thick or how skilled – is able to do the job without fingers or tongue. Fingers, as you well said. But penetration alone – unfortunately for us but mostly for them – simply doesn’t cut it when its a physical issue, and not just a psychological barrier (which is a big problem for many women). But yeah, sweet talks and a nice lick or touch can make her go wild if you’re patient enough.

    • The clitoris is actually shaped like a ring and the part you’re talking about is the diamond on the ring. The clitoris actually wraps all the way around the sides of the vagina and is stimulated by intercourse. Some women respond to cunnilingus, others can only orgasm via intercourse. Every person is shaped slightly different and even the same person can respond differently to different lovers depending on how their naughty bits match up to each other.

    • But this is about squirting orgasms, which you can’t get from oral as oral stimulates the clitoris, it’s the g spot orgasm that can make a woman squirt, and the g spot is about 2inches inside. To be exact, it’s the stimulation of the skenes gland that produces females ejaculation/squirting which is the infamous g spot.

      Once a woman experiences a g spot orgasm clitoral orgasms don’t compare, they are mearly scratching an itch! G spot orgasm is so much more powerful, deeper. It’s amazing, and if a man learns how to get a woman’s g spot it’s an amazing skill to have, trust me, as a woman I know!

  20. First time here looking for info on how to please my girl really getting into this positions alot of good feed backs about them so will try them =)

  21. ugowhite says

    all my girls congratulates me. i only ejaculates wen they squirts or reach orgasm. I. can thrust for 20 to 30 minutes without ejaculating. so my girl get it hot all the time. she moans and finally squirts. she is always save with me and we like the number 1. enjoy

  22. So not true. Me and my boyfriend of 7 months were both virgins. Our first time was missionary yet it didn’t hurt at all. It went real smooth and we laughed and smiled together about nothing the entire time between him thrusting and me gasping. The second time he had me against the table backwards. It was pretty good. Yet he always turns me on no problem. The only thing you have to do is service her first, get her close then catch up to cum together. Shower her with love afterwards. First time can be really awkward or really smooth. Just depends on how you treat her.

  23. me and my boo have been going out for a couple of months now and before we had sex she told id better be good in bed because no man has ever given heer the big O, well the first time we had sex, missionary possition her bum elevated just a few inches from the bed with a pillow, deep penetration but with, slow very slow rythmic movements not up and down but side to side and round and round with my pubic area gently rubbing on her clit with every turn, 3 minutes later she got her first big O.

  24. GodOfSex says

    Me and my girlfriend just started to have sex. I want to make her feel even more pleased with me than I did already. Last night I made her come like 5-7 times and she was disapointed that she couldn’t do it for me. I think if we take these tips we both could orgasm very well :) I’ll write how it worked

  25. Sharpie Pua says

    I was never a staunch believer in the idea of making girls orgasm, simply because I doubted its practicality and stuff, but I’m beginning to see from this article that it’s actually practical.

  26. Me and my boyfriend have been together almost 5 years we only started doing it this last year. Iv only came 3 times.. It seems I only cum on top cuz he fingers my sweet spot while he thrusts. But I don’t want to be on top I find it sexy as hell when he is in control… It just sucks cuz ya its hot but I don’t rally feel anything but an in and out motion when he is on top. I’m defiantly going to try these. Cuz he is like a God with his hands but he needs a lesson in the sack.. I really hope these help :-)

    • tyler dillard says

      hey ironic enough my gf says the same thing bout me lol …. she says she feels it best when she on top cuz i can work my fingers like crazy n she loves when i eat her out but she says when im on top she dont feel nothin …. wht would be your advice to me as a guy?

  27. Instructions weren’t clear enough. Got my dick caught in the ceiling fan.

  28. I’ve done all these positions and I have to say the first 2 work best for us… But if you pay attention where your penis is hitting the top of her vagina.. Her g spot is located 1.5 inches so you should not worry about your penis being too small.. Well unless you are unfortunate to be that small you should not have that problem. If you finger her feel around, do the “come here” motion you will feel a quarter size nerve once you find it She will know… And just concentrate on that spot and you will keep her happy. But it is also very important that you do give time to relax, unlike a guys that are “one minded” creatures, we are ready to go in seconds… Women are totally different story they are naturally multitaskers so they have other things on their minds, such as “have the kids fallen asleep, what do I need to do tomorrow, and so on” so giving them the time to get in the zone will make things a lot easier. My rule of thumb is give about 15-20 mind, trust me sounds like a long time, but it will be worth it. AND STOP CHECKING THE TURKEY!!!! Every time you keep fingerings to see if she is ready, but will only delay her by putting the pressure of what you want to get at. So wait for her to be beging for you.

    • Anonymous says

      Great tips, Carlos. Thanks a lot. I will be sure to try these when my girlfriend of just over 3 years comes to visit me. :) Thanks, so much. I just realized my problem was I wasn’t waiting until she was begging me, I kept doing the finger check you mentioned! That was a BAD idea!!! Thank you again for opening my eyes to my own ignorance and now hopefully I will be able to really make her happy! ;)

    • Anonymous says

      YES! that seems to be my problem! All I can think of is everything but, and that little noise I just heard or did I hear anything at all was that the kids? and it takes FOREVER!

  29. wow

  30. My gf hardly reaches climax despite how hard i try. I tink its bcos her clitoris was cut(cartrated) much more dat of other girls i’ve com acros. Wat do i do?

    • yeawhateva says

      Not true! I had an African woman who was castrated as a child. NO clit at all BUT, i knew where it was from experience. The location is still active. I licked her into a coma still. Besides, women can cum two ways. penetration is one of them. Not all women cum the same way tho. some are much harder than others.

  31. Damsel in distress says

    It’s been almost five years since I first had sex and I have still not had an orgasm with penetration. WTH is wrong with me? I haven’t been with anyone else but my boyfriend and now we don’t have sex as often as before. Maybe only four times a month if even that. I just want him to make me feel like I make him feel. I hope these techniques work! I look forward to not only spicing up my sex life to what it was before but to finally having a true orgasm! Hopefully it goes well!

    • Marcus Sin says

      It also about the penis size !

      • Daffyd C. Landegge says

        The G-spot is located roughly 3 – 4 inches back from the opening of the vagina canal…so yeah it is about the size of the penis. But not the way you make it sound, anyone who is at least 3 inches (the average size of a finger) can help a woman reach an orgasm. You do not need to have a “big” penis to do this.

        Besides, having a good sized tool does not guarantee success in sexual intercourse. If that is all people should rely on then why not just use a dildo? People have sex because there are certain unique things we all do while in motion. Others problems arise when the two cannot get their movements to sync with each other and create the connection needed for an orgasm to be reached and experienced.

        Please stop with the myths and misinformation that is already infesting the internet anytime an insecure guy looks up “penis size.”

    • It’s time to find a new man who can make love to you not just stick it in and please himself ;)

      • Daffyd C. Landegge says

        Like who Robert, you? Many times over when a woman cannot reach orgasm it is based on several factors and not solely on the man and his skills and abilities. Women need to take responsibility for their orgasms as much as men do about their expression of skills.

        Your comment clearly reflects your ignorance and self-centered nature. The making of a good lover huh (can you pheel the sarcasm?)

    • At least 40% of women only orgasm through clitoral stimulation. So there’s nothing wrong with you! Or your bf, for that matter. You guys should probably get comfortable adding stuff that’s gonna stimulate your clit, whether it be oral, toys, fingers, etc. I’m the same way and once I stopped freaking out that something was wrong, I learned how to have amazing orgasms thru stimulating my clit during, before, or after penetration.

      • LadyO.

        it is not about the clit or penissize, but about stroke skills too hit the deep spot, the g-spot, the legs of the clitoris..also sex is about 90% mental. sensations are starting in the mind..and you can make them as strong as you want to, even orgasms on command..or multiple orgasms on command during intercourse..without rubbing.or.licking.any.clit.during.intercourse.

    • anonymous says

      Marcus its nothing about your penis size. before I even came to this. website I had my girl having the big O in 5 minutes buy doing number 2 but with one leg on the sholder my penis is only 6 inches. and 3 inches around . so its nothing about penis size. just because you got 8 inches or 9 inches doesn’t mean your fixing to rock her world. you got to know what your doing

    • Try letting her head hang off the bed just a little, she’s guaranteed to cum!

    • For me I use hype n reputation to help relax my women. I tell them all they gotta do is relax n do as I say cuz I’m alpha. Only if they are in pain or discomfort to say anything during sex otherwise no talkin loll b4 hand n i start with caressing them finding what body part drives me wild n complementing them on thier body. I then finger ass n puss Ieven kiss n lick all over n eat out n rim her. Trow in some spanking n after 2-3 o’s in foreplay I direct her to handjob me n blow me. After that with kissing her I find a nice position like above n I finish cummin in her or on the face Inormally go for round 2 immediatly witch I think is a turn on for them n surprise lol n Ilast longer 2nd time. I’m a beast n I’ve had many older n younger women. Even try sensory deprivation its a turn on. Fav in a blind fold

    • EatingPopCorn says

      relax, stand on top of him, let him go down on you, you go down on him, play around, do pauses, restart, drink wine, kiss and the rest will eventually come. just don’t take it as a task – it’s pleasure, not work, and nobody should be trying to prove anything to the other or competing in any way. just f***** enjoy it!

  32. The best position is whatever one allows you to cum in 30 seconds. Who cares about her orgasm.

    • Selfish… Good luck ever finding a girl who’ll stick with you…

      You’ll never get anywhere with that mentality. You have to WANT her to feel EVERY bit as good as you do. And besides… 30 seconds? That’s it? You can get better sex with a Vegas hooker.

    • anonymous says

      wow… 30 seconds? that’s the most pathetic attitude I’ve ever heard… I hope you’re very rich for your sake. good luck getting a girl for any other reason.

    • EatingPopCorn says

      your hand is your best friend.

  33. Rhianna says

    Yeah these positions really do work, I love them :)

    • Dhruv Bhagat says

      Also, you should lay on bed and tell her to come above you… This is one most amazing position that I like to do with my girlfriend.. And yeah, she loves it too..!! :)

    • sounds good, luv to try

  34. Just need advice says

    ok, This women is 40 and im about to be 19. I have had a pretty good sex life so far but I am a little worried if I can please her or not. Any older women want to give me tips on what I could do? any advice will help because I don’t want to put it off and it end up never happening


      i remember those days when milfs used to use me for my youthful vigor. No need to be intimidated, start with oral (dont do 69 unless you can handle yourself) instead use the 2nd position and i am 78% she will be squirting more than she has in years. make sure you sweet talk her and ask her what she wants. PLAY DUMB. let her think she has you by the string, then have her screaming for hours after using the 2nd position. i would suggest then having her suck you off, then cuddle and talk with her for 20 minutes, she will less emotionally attached. Or just keep yours eyes up and pay attention to her.

      I personally lost my virginity at 19 to a 40 year old woman. (4 years ago) I got lucky and had someone teach me the rules and the dos and donts before we had blogs like this. if your like me

    • Get her all wet with fingers and tongue,then do the three magic orgasm moves.

  35. yo yea these positions are great but three can be a bit tricky if u are really well hung it can hurt her or if she is real sensitive she will just shudder when it feels good and loose the timing. another great position for guy and girl is with the gys legs on the outside of the girls. from behind or in front. its nice to just ride out until you both cum but be warned if PE is a problem than this might not be good for u.

  36. Wow…Afta giving ma gal alot of foreplay 4 about 30 min plus sum oral sex,i used (1),at d same time i was slitly biting around her neck n ear, afta about just 5 min of penetration…Gush,she blew it,ma foam was sucked n her leg cant just stop vibrating.I let her relax 4 sum time.I went anoda round but dis tym using (2),God,she was shouting ma name i kept on banging,not only did she explode but she gave me briuse al ova she almost removed ma flesh out.Lmao.

  37. Well i think it’s how you do it that matters, the position does help but lasting and going strong is what matters most. Speaking from personal experience me and my girlfriend just started having sex and she lost her virginity to me and the 2nd time after we first had sex we had a whole hour of just non stop sex and after about forty minutes i gave her the “big o” while in the doggy style position. i believe it’s how you do it because i worked up such a sweat (which is why you should be in decent shape if you wanna give good sex). But when a woman has her orgasm you’ll definitely know, just listen to her moans and look at those need sheets shortly after her loudest moans ;)

  38. Me and my girlfriend have been dating for two month now and she likes alot when having sex. I always make sure i update myself with diffent articles about how to make sex better. Am telling you she begs for it. Guys should not rush for it even if you are freaky thirsty,,when together make her relax, stroke her for from her toes to head with your magic fingers, caress her body and lasty concentrate on her sensitive spot. . She’ll beg for it and ull make her cum in second…and hey dont mistaken me for a guru am just a normal guy who puts my gf need first

  39. Im definitely going to help my bf “stumble” upon this website. I already know position 1&2 work wonders…though i get tired if him crushing me in the missionary position after awhile.The problem I have the most is when guys won’t give me foreplay or get me relaxed. For me, I get turned off when guys just wanna jam it in asap. It’s like, seriously? I’m not even wet yet! Selfish :/

  40. Wow….. so so true no man ever made me orgasm until i was
    30 years old he is 52 guess he mastered how to make
    A woman feel safe, ie he never just pounded. And he held me
    And talked to afterward. Im hooked will never give him up…

    • Bob Smith says

      Are you fucking kidding me? Old balls, slapping against you…surprised he didnt have a heart attack. Gross….find a younger man you pig!

    • Hi guys, I am siding with Kiki. I am 63 years old, still have regular sex, and believe me, most of the woman I do it with is between 30 and 40, and it is amazing the stories they tell. Most younger guys has never learned the art of lovemaking. Wisdom comes with age, and once you have made an effort to understand how the female body and mind works, you will be rewarded triple for you patience. And remember also this, what happens before sex, is just as important after it, for that is when the real bonding and caring take place. Age is a concept of mind; experience and knowledge makes you a master. Make you woman feel safe, relaxed and wanted, and above all, listen to her….. after all, without the woman, we all will just become a bunch of wankers. It’s never too late to learn.

    • Wow

  41. Me and my boyfriend have been together a little over 3 months nout of all the time we have had sex I’ve only cum twice how do i explain to him how i like it without embarrasing him or me?

    • If you do not start telling him things you like it wont happen. So start giving simple instructions while doing some dirty talk. And when you are wanting to have sex but have not engaged yet in foreplay mention you want to try a new position and see what he thinks. And if it is working tell him that it is great while he is doing it. He will like knowing you’re enjoying it.

    • Before having sex , when you are lying on bed with him. Give him a soft kiss and ask him to do something new. Convince him by saying that, you both will get bored if you keep on doing those old stuffs.
      Ask him to finger you, and so on. :)
      All the best ..
      And when you are done with it write to me….

    • You should just tell him the truth because he was probably thinking the same thing! Maybe he tried some things and they just didn’t work for you? You should just tell him instead of posting it on the Internet. The Internet is open to everyone sweetheart;)… But I’m just a pothead, who knows?:)… Maybe he drives a little green pickup with a system in it? Hmmmmm……

    • EatingPopCorn says

      smile on your face while you’re doing it, just whisper what you want in short sentences and push him to where you want him to be: “up”, “down”, “deeper”, “slower” and be PATIENT… don’t try to teach a lesson, try make it natural while it’s happening, and just show that you will like it more if he does what you ask, but never show that you are not enjoying it in the moment – if you just ask him to improve it, will be fine; but if you say or show he’s doing it wrong or that you are not liking it, it will be a (fatal) mood killer for any guy. trust me, been there. btw, ask him what he wants, it might be that he can improve, but also you.

  42. I m a boy and soon going to have sex with my gf n we both are virgin so I m planing to use these three position for the first time I hope these will work but I have doubts that its her first time will she get orgasm or make me stop because of pain she gonna , so being a virgin can she get orgasm in first time only or not ??

    • Why rush into having sex when the 2 of yous have never had it. Take your time no need to rush . Wait until your both ready. Orgasm doesn’t always happen first time round!! Every girl is different. Make her feel relaxed !!

      • Orgasm NEVER happens first time. Do missionary first. Simple. The first time for a girl.. ANY girl… Is painful. Very painful. Do not have her get on top, it would be like a pole ripping through her body. Just slow and hard and simple positions.

        • hey, if you stretch the hymen the right way and don’t just slam into her it doesnt hurt. It didn’t hurt for me and I was having a screaming orgasm. Check your facts dude

        • Wife was a virgin – VERY fearful of anticipating pain. Took almost a month before she could relax enough. She was on top – could control everything. It went very well. A little blood, a little discomfort. No real pain.

        • Definitely not true if you can get her relaxed enough and use the proper tec. anything is possible I’m 18 and i last for 40 minutes to an hour and a half just make sure that u please her neither of u will know what to do at first so experimentation is thebest way to find out what she likes and what ur good at but make sure the next doors neighbors ate gone. Make sure u work slow and let her get use to it but slowly get fastener.

        • They should teach this to 7th-grade boys!

    • EatingPopCorn says

      first time sucks for 90% of people and it’s fine: it gets better and better with practice. I think a virgin woman rarely climaxes, specially if it’s painful for her… be patient, it will get better.

  43. toolonginthesaddle says

    Christ after reading all these replies, I’m even more frustrated and angry.
    Haven’t been able to pleasure my wife for 30 years. She has only ever orgasmed by mechanical means and then allows me to do my thing.
    Love her to bits though, but I feel my 4.5inch girth dick is the problem and not her. At over 50 I haven’t got a lot of time left to make a women happy in that way as they become interested in “other” things like grandkids.
    Anyway, thought I would share my experience with you all and finish by saying that a relationship without intimacy creates disrespect, anger and wandering eyes.

    • Poor guy, I totally agree. Wish my man had your attitude. He is a good man, dont get me wrong. But, I should have listened to two of his ex’s about how my life in the sack would be with him. I at least feel safe and happy to grow old with this man. It sometimes makes me sad when I think about how I will never know how it feels to have a “good man” who also F *%ks me into a trance when we make love. Ive had both before, only both these great qualities were not in the same man :(

    • That’s where I’m at right now. :*

  44. My girlfriend never cums. I’m worried as I only have a 3.5″ cock. Is this really important or are there other ways to please a girl?

    • Coming from me, (a girl) yes. You can actually try to make her squirt.
      just finger her. When you put your fingers in her deep and “tickle” the top of her area, you’ll possibly feel a ribbed part magically show up. Keep rubbing that part consistently so that your fingers dont get tired. You might feel her getting tighter, make sure you tell her to just let it out. She’ll say she feels like she has to pee and tell her it would be hot if she just let it out. (It’s not pee.)
      And then she’ll squirt.

      • drft12avn says

        I had sex with one of my x gf’s 2weeks ago and this sounds really familiar,she kept saying she felt like peeing or a presure and i just was lost on what was going on i didn’t know if she just didn’t like it or what,she did get up a couple times and explained she had to use the bathroom and we got back to it right after,could this have been her feeling the need to squirt??

      • I totally agree! My ex and I had the most amazing sex. I made her squirt and from that point on she rarely didn’t. From the man’s pov, you will feel a part in her swell up like a balloon and then release. Just speak to her Calmly. It was enjoyable for the both of us, and something I will never forget.

    • That’s where foreplay comes handy, dear. A lot of girls can’t get off from penetration unless hitting the gspot the whole time.

  45. Morningstar says

    I find what makes me orgasm the most and feels the best and actually makes me reach a squirting frenzy is just simply girl-on-top.. I arch my back and I giver! Hard and Fast! and once I feel like I’ve reached the most best part of the session, I lean completely back, where my head lays just short of his feet. Then Ill place my feet flat on the bed beside his hips and I go again. Thats if my bf hasnt already came by then.

  46. kisakoda says

    heres another sweet position me and my husband came up with. sit on the edge of the bathtub with your lower back, not your butt! lean back as far as you can without falling, and have him penetrate you while hes on his knees. works great. gets me to cum in around a minute or less :)

    a little variety to that would be to wrap your legs around his waist instead of putting them on the floor. even better!!!!

  47. SmOoV5Star says

    The crazy thing is, me and my girl’s top 2 positions are the first two. I want to try that third one out though. Looks type legit!!!

  48. Worried Boyfriend says

    my girlfriend just lost her virginity a couple weeks ago. we’ve done it like 4 or 5 times since then and had to cut it short a few times due to “unwanted visitors” lol but i havent made her orgasm yet. is it because of how recently she was a virgin and its normal? any and all advice would be great :)

    • yes its compltely normal if she didnt orgasm ! i orgasm ed the 4th time i had sex !!

    • It always depends on the girl man. my current Gf did but my ex did not until the 3 time. just don’t give up and always pay attention to the little things. I don’t no if you are like me or not but I honestly only get pleasure from knowing I am pleasuring her.

  49. Hmmm. Nothing in her about clitoral action. Idk I can’t cum without it. Every girl is different. Also agree that just saying okay that was cool but I got stuff to do is no bueno. Cuddle and chill until she’s ready to move on.

    • You can easily come with only penetration..if your bf had some stroke skills, he could easy with his shaft rub against your clit when he penetrates you.

  50. Willie Dynamite says

    You people have terrible language skills. About 1/3 of these comments were near impossible to understand.

  51. What if Ur gal cnt and never had a orgasm from intercourse and Ur 7 inches and tryd it all

  52. man u r great i didn’t notice that it was that easy to make a girl reach her orgasm thanx man u r the best!!!!!!

  53. I guess I must be a freak caus I think the longer the better… And I have done all those positions regularly and nothing… Feels amazing, but nothing has pushed me over the edge so far. Could go for so long I’m like raw and it hurts… But I don’t care caus it still feels good. Any other tips? Haha

  54. Guys.. Me and a one night stand lasted for 5 hours… not straight ( we went out for a refreshening smoke twice and had a few short breaks).. We
    only did 3 positions though.. classic missionary (wish her legs crossed over mu butt), with her ontop and her leaning against a wall.. she was really hard to crack man… Maybe the foreplay wasn’t enough..i’ll try again .. lets test your advise. ;)

  55. can you tell me the trick to make your female orgasm with one finger

    • Thats really hard, dude.. When your in the foreplay though.. definitely smootch her neck and bite it.. It’ll really get her off because the neck an erogenous zone of most women.. Fingering: work your way through slowly.. Oral sex… breathe sexily into her pubic area and first lick thhe lips, then her clitoris… When licking her clitoris try and lick the alphabet.. they lose their mind ;)

  56. These are awsome. Put a full proof one is lay her on her side curled up like your spooning. Enter her in this position. Then rotate her top leg slowly as your fucking her. It s important to take your time. Dont get in to much ofa hurry. B y the time her leg is riding your sshoulder she’ll be putty in your hands. Not only has she had multiple orgasoms but youve just hit her g spot in a whole new way. She’ll. Never forget you and niether will her riends.

  57. okay, well i love when my husband last a long time and then theres nights when im happy that he doesnt . lol know that we have accomplished the “squirting” technique, orgasms come faster and are more intense! but i hate when hes all ready, and it takes me awhile to fully get there you know…ladies? well we start and he finishes within minutes i swear, that gets on my nerves! so gentlemen make sure you can please her aswell. but anyways thats just sometimes! and girls for one loves when a guy is slow and gentle with everything! try the lupus postion it is so intimant ….and its sure enough to give your lucky lady the big “O” lol so try it. dont be afraid to explore her and yourself. thats a huge turn on for any women! lol

  58. OMG tried position 2 today with my girlfriend and so fucking deep and her having her legs like that means she is super tight but was so good she could only do it for a bit then she put her legs down and very soon after massive orgasm was so sexy.

  59. To the guys who are saying that the girls have lasted no longer then 30 minutes they are most likely faking it, girls only generally fake it when they get bored, and when you are bad. And also girls can go after they have had an orgasm so they shouldn’t have left you hanging? You need to take up the advice in this page but getting her relaxed, and occasionally whispering in her ears.

  60. THOMASKING says

    i dont think that work with me ‘ i have big cock and its not work at all any of this trick !!! but i have my own trick to can make any fuckin women get squirt

  61. I use these positions alot with girls, my only “boss” thing about me is my bonner last for a hour and haft and thats not my max ;), My girl is 4’9 and im 6 foot, We have trouble with sex cause i hurt her after about 30-45 mins of sex, anything u can say? we are both clean but she says she doesnt like to orgasm. I know im not pro but i never heard of me being bad at bed or not having a girl orgasm, Shes todally diffrent and i have had sex with 15 girls, anything yall can say?

  62. Ok, so I’m about to get married and my fiance is a virgin. How do I proceed?

    • PUA Training says

      Treat her with respect, take things slow and make sure she’s comfortable. It’s up to you to do most of the work, the leading, the foreplay, the humping.. everything.

      • She’s afraid its going to hurt too much.I can barely get my finger in her, and she’s, soaking wet by the way,but it still hurts her. I know it may take a while before I can do anything larger than my finger. What advise do you have. Also what brand of condoms works best without the flavors and colors and ribbed and all that stuff? Just in case she wants me to try. All the women out there…what would have made the day/night you lost your virginity perfect? I need some good pointers!

        • Honestly, tell her you’ll be gentle. When I lost my V-card I wish I could’ve kept going.
          If you see blood, you popped her cherry. Tell her it will feel good if you keep going. The kind of lube you should use should be water-based. Easy to find in a drug store or health clinic. As are the regular condoms. Make sure you get your size though, you dont want it to be too tight for yourself.
          In my own opinion, I suggest you get checked by a professional and just go all natural. Use lube, but condoms eventually get dry which might hurt her.
          Make sure shes relaxed because if you just go at it, tension or stress might be another reason why shes so tight. Plus she’s nervous, so definitely take your time.

          • Let her be on top, and just lay there and let her do it how she wants. That’s how I did it the first time, and my boyfriend was no small deal! It fucking HURT. That’s unavoidable. Just suggest that you’re willing to let her take control, because she’ll probably be more comfortable that way. That’s my advice.

    But my girlfriend is short :( llets just hope i can reach, i mean im an 8 andd. I can never do like a proper doggy style fuck cuz she is lilikke 4’11….idk but ANYY more other helpfful fantstic tips wouuld be appreciated. ;D

  64. My girlfriend lost her virginity about 2-3 months ago and she still isnt capable of having a “real” orgasm, but only the clit orgasms. I hope some of your tips, will help me solve the problem because i keep giving myself the excuse, that it is because she was recently a virgin. I hope that the key is just an extra good foreplay to get her relaxed and ready, then bringing her to the edge of a clitoral-orgasm or giving her one, and then intercourse by doing number 1 or 2. Well atleast i hope thats the solution, i hope that she isnt uncapable of orgasming :)

    • It took me a year and a half before I could during sex at all, and it’s still difficult. Almost every woman has to learn how. It may take some time. Don’t give up.

  65. Just thought I’d add my experience here–My boyfriend tried out the first one and I hated it, felt really awkward and just.. wrong, and I was too preoccupied thinking about if it was gonna fall out to enjoy myself.

  66. Actually not all women want their man to leave them after having sex. I absolutely hate it when my man does that because I feel like he doesn’t care about me and just wants the sex.

  67. Juxz Mahna says

    Fuck!.. This is way too cool!! I’v tried only da advance doggy style & it worked!… Now i’ll try all of them!… Can’t wait to go fuck ma wife :)


  68. Brilliant!

    A couple of twists for advanced graduate level Ninjas. Slight variations on Position 1) (Advanced doggy) and 3) (her riding you) allows you to have your hands and mouth free.

    How do you utilize them?

    a) Use mouth to play with the tits and suck on them and vibrate tongue on the tits
    b) Use hands to gently massage the breasts, or play with the tits (squeeze but not to hard)

    Now this is what separates the men from the boys–but you need to have agreement from her–several times.
    i) Massage her buns and then focus on one spot. Then slightly flick middle finger and thumb on that spot to see if she is ready–if she moans, ask her repeatedly…if she agrees, give her a little slap on her butt. She will cum loudly. When you spank the butt her vagina contracts and both of you feel it. Start lightly and ask permission after every one–and make it a bit harder. A few spanks will blow her mind. Note: make sure you have permission before you begin the spanking process,

    ii) Take your thumb and lick it, and place on her clit and gently rub it. She will cum as never before

    iii) For the Master Ninja—take your middle finger and suck on it or ask her to suck on it, and then gently place ( do not insert), on her anus. Just a little pressure will make her come. Don’t insert! After about three minutes the anus will relax, and then you can insert with vaseline —- once finger is in there, use other hand to play with her clit, while thrusting with your penis— she will remember the orgasm for a lifetime!

  69. Its quite interesting to learn more from you all. I think the #3 wont be easy for my gf. But the #1 n #2 is a bit painful to her because of my dick,but she enjoy it alot. Thats why she can waite for months to have me again.

  70. Mmmmm not a fan of the first 2. Sure, G-spot pressure makes orgasms stronger, but I don’t know too many girls who can orgasm without clitoral stimulation.
    “Somewhere else to be..” risks leaving her feel used. Not cool. Sticking around for a while afterwards doesn’t spell marriage. Just means you’re not a complete asshole ;)
    Guides like this are a good place to start, but NOTHING beats getting to know the person you’re with, and communicating with them as to what works for you.

  71. This would be great if everyone were built as strongly as the illustrations. Some of us with bigger body shapes have to be more creative. Nice thing is, my man is amazing and has lots of staying power and skill :) Some of us girls could give you guys a real run for their money LOL

  72. Bruno Padilha says


    Yesterday I had the best sex of my life!

    Came twice, and she came 5 times! hahahaha Guys this stuff is AMAZING!

    She said it was the first time she had multiple orgasms.. But I added a little trick.
    We were doing position #1 (advanced doggy), I used my fingers to stimulate her clit WHILE I thrusted. She came SO hard

    I felt like a NINJA,

    THANKS GUYS, you’re the masters

  73. Yeah great positions,unless you have a curved penis. In this case,and especially if it’s facing upwards,the simplest doggy style version (without her having to raise her butt) is much more effective imo.

  74. My penis is not overly huge, just 7 inches but my gf always complains that it’s too big.
    She says all 3 of these positions hurt her. Does she just have a shallow vagina or is this normal?
    She’s not a short person either. She’s 5’7″ and 123 lbs.

    • PUA Training says

      I wouldn’t be able to give you an answer to that Jeff sorry, I’m not a doc so couldn’t tell you if it’s a “shallow vagina” issue. All I know is all girls come in different sizes if you know what I mean, plus she may be overly sensitive down below.

    • she’s pretty tall, and skinny.
      if she gains 10 pounds she’ll be orgasming just fine.
      TRUST ME.

    • My last G-F also had problems with larger guys (not a problem with me being only average). YOu need to figure what the actual problem is – is it actual length or tightness or what? if its length then you just need ot be careful to figure out how deep you can safely go and control yourself to do it. You will both get your orgasms.

      If its tightness then length isn’t the issue, its your girth relative to her width. She may be very tight around the entrance to her vagina (a previous G-F of mine was). Not sure of there is any answer to that one.

      It may be worth her checking with her gynae to see what’s what down there.

  75. The thing with women is to notice their mood, their body movements, are they all energetic or are they laid back, or appear fatigued once you have figured these things out. Then this will determine how much foreplay is necessary. A lot of touching, feeling, kissing and licking or straight hard sex. There is one orgasm a woman can not fake and that is a squirting or ejaculating orgasm. Also if their eyeballs go in the back of their head and their body is convulsing those are all good signs that she is not faking. The best is to give her multiple simultaneous orgasms and that takes patience in figuring out how she likes it, see a woman’s body will tell you everything you need to know and do, but most men only care about getting themselves off. The more build-up such as conversation especially listening to her, stimulates a woman and the more kissing, caressing, licking you do all over her body will drive up the anticipation and intensity of her orgasms. Once you have given her that first orgasm usually a clitoral then those that follow should be easier. One thing if you give her a clitoral, g spot, squirting and anal all at the same time she will be screaming your name and she will come back for more if that is what you desire.

    • You’re right on these points. The main thing is, reading them will become second nature. But you need to practice. You need to be having as much sex as possible to start learning these signals, to the point where its second nature and you don’t have to even think about what needs to be done, you simply react, like keeping your balance on a bike. Once you’ve mastered that, you don’t have to consciously think about keeping your balance. In fact, the less you actually THINK and the more you just ACT is actually better. in my not so humble opinion, anyways.

  76. I would like to expand on this post. For the record, last night I gave my woman two very powerful vaginal orgasms in a matter of 10-12 minutes. She was shaking and throbbing for half an hour afterwards as I held her.

    First, “question #2 can you make ANY woman have a mind blowing…” NO. Nobody can. There are lots of women out there who, for various reasons, cannot orgasm. To assume that any woman you meet is ready to squirt all over you is dangerous. I have found its much better to wait until I am sure she is able to have an orgasm (whether or not she actually has before is not the same thing as if she can) before treating her that way.

    Definitely a woman must be relaxed and turned on as conditions to orgasm but there is so much more to it than this. I second your point and greater emphasize that if you do not have a woman who is in exactly the right place mentally/emotionally, you can thrust all you want in any position and she will not orgasm. In fact, Mr. La Ruina, would you agree that if she is not highly aroused (read: much more than just “relaxed”) you risk injuring her by “thrusting hard” in any of these positions?

    Lastly, SO MUCH more than just cuddling post-sex is crucial for any healthy woman who just had a “mind blowing” orgasm. The more mind-blowing the orgasm, the more emotions she feels, hormones she excretes (like Oxytocin!) she might even cry real heartfelt tears. More than just “cuddle” the right thing to do is to make her feel safe, connected, and cared for when she is in that state. Tell her, “Baby I feel so close to you right now! Baby I am amazed at how connected I feel to you!” These things will be true of course right? Because you enjoyed the sex and you enjoyed that she allowed you to be part of her very special orgasm and trusts you at least enough for that. You DO NOT want her to feel used, slutty, or regretful that she did this right? As a human being you do not want to hurt another human being in the first place. Further, if she feels at all used or slutty this could jeopardize your ability to make her orgasm a second time, and runs the risk of her not feeling comfortable orgasming with other guys either. Please do not be that guy. Lots of guys make he mistake of underestimating the profound effect an actual “mind blowing” orgasm has on a healthy woman. True Masterful Lovers (credit David Shade) learn not to make that mistake ever again. Best of luck in your game!

  77. Don’t neglect “big spoon” – same benefits as number 1, adjusting the angle, depth etc, but additional benefit of neither partner needing to support their weight… Can utilise the bounce of the mattress, pull and adjust their hoops, easy reach aroundand, if you last a long time, the legs being squeezed together adds extra pressure which is AWESOME. Can hit all points in one go, last for seconds or hours, and roll seamlessly into cuddles. Definite winner for me and mine :)

    • This is very true. When me and my boyfriend have sex like that last night, he seriously lasted 20 seconds. It can get annoying though cause I loooove that position and I want more, but I enjoy pleasing him.

  78. Bruno Padilha says

    Amazing tips mate!

    Tomorrow (september 6) is SEX DAY here in Brasil, so I guess we’ll be practicing those a lot! ;)

    I’ll come back to tell you all how she reacted

  79. Been away from my girl freinnd for about 2 months and was wundering which of those 3 I should surprise her with when I get back?? She’s itching to get in bed again.. Just want to surprise her with some thing different. :)

  80. LoveOverSex says

    What if your girl is a weakling and cant even keep going for 5 mintues

    • PUA Training says

      I’ve never heard of a girl who can’t last for than 5 minutes, probably take her to see a doctor? :)

      • You may be suprised richard i too have had a few girls that orgasm within 3 mins, not cool at all. frustrating so i guess i know what its like for a girl to have 3 mins and get left hanging.

        • I also had a girl that not only came in 3 minutes but came twice in 6 minutes..I had out lasted her every time we had sex..and when she asked me to cum…I had to fake it cause I was no where near close to cumming…She seemed extremely satisfied and then wouldn’t stop calling me…I just couldn’t go through with it any longer…so I changed my number!

  81. “What’s you’re favourite position in bed?”

    – The reverse grammer.

  82. Hi.

    Totally agree with everything here. Just reading this made me want to have sex.
    However, I disagree with the aftermath advice. You’ve just has a mind-blowing, sensual fuck and then the guy is like ‘Okay, Im off’ or ‘I have to ‘be somewhere’. That’s just rude; and in fact is likely to make her not come back to you.

    Dont treat her like a piece of meat (not entirely anyway). After-sex is about kissing and fondling, touching eachother and being intimate. Lie together and relax, with naked bodies. If you do this, she will come back for more.


    • PUA Training says

      Obviously we don’t recommend you just run off straight after, that of course would be rude. But it’s not a good idea to hang around for hours afterwards either. Lying naked together and just enjoying each others company would be about 30 minutes, then you need to switch things up and make your excuses. Listen Victoria, do you really want a guy to hang around like a bad smell after sex for hours on end? No, you want to keep things spicy and exciting…


    • Hear Here!

  83. My partner must have read this website and this website only. Only 5 minutes for all 3 and I usually get close… but never close enough. Unless I ride him at the end.

    • PUA Training says

      He only lasts for 5 minutes on all 3 positions? You need to tell him what you want then… everyone is different, so give him some advice on what he needs to be doing to make you orgasm, otherwise how is he supposed to know?

  84. cowboy_ridin_hard says

    I will say the first or third one does work. I have been married for almost 5 years and the second one my wife says hurts too much. Typically we usually go for 30-45 mins the first time and if we do go a second time its usually over an hour and she always wants to stop after the second time. Now if i have been drinking she wont touch me cause the last time it was almost 2 hours and she was raw. I would say 30 mins is really ideal and you shouldnt have a problem with the girl having multiple orgasms.

  85. Brian Shelby says

    Somehow; I’m thinking I’m a Boss, too! I like position 2 the best but with a slightly different variation that allows her to lay on the bed, still in the Missionary Position, while I stand next to the bed, thrusting into her. Of course, it helps to have a tall bed for this one if you are six foot tall or there about. It is great for both her and me though because there’s hardly any physical strain involved which means we can go as long as she wants or until my feet get tired. Standing, as I’ve described, leaves a guy’s hands free to travel widely over her body, too. Rock on!

    • Yes, Sir! This is the perfect position for me! Thanks for sharing. This works great if you are short and your partner is tall.

  86. Is lasting to long a bad thing because I think to long is bad for me and so does my gf

    • PUA Training says

      If it’s hours… then yes. Aim for 30 minutes max, then go again if you’re both ready.

    • I am a boss, but to suggest I stop reading if I think so is foolish. A true master knows he doesnt know everything and can always learn something new.

      I do, however, use all three of these positions regularly.

      And yes, lasting too long can be a problem. Sometimes I have girls begging me to stop saying they cant take it anymore, orgasms and penetration. If im not fucking a girl, and not totally into her, it can take me a long time to cum. Sucks sometimes. :/

  87. I’m a woman reading this, and I want to say that this is spot on accurate! If the woman is relaxed and turned on, these positions should work. I’ve tried all three and have had orgasms in the first five minutes (though the second one hurts badly with a larger than average (over ~6.5 in) penis. If you have a huge cock, go for one of the other two.)

    My favorite sexual position is very close to the first one listed, but a more intense version. Also, I have a lot of sensitivity in my breasts (I can reach orgasm only from someone playing with them–not all women can), and I like a little pain with my pleasure sometimes. This variation probably won’t work with a girl with small tits, or one who doesn’t get much from breast stimulation.

    Picture the woman in the same position as shown, but rather than on a bed, she is on a hard surface (with a blanket or pillow under her knees to keep from bruising too much). Rather than having a pillow under her body, it’s just her boobs, hands, and knees on the ground. The man is in the same place as in the description, either supporting himself on his hands (as in the picture), or lying down fully flat on the woman’s body, thrusting down hard either way. Every thrust pushes her body into the ground and she bounces back on her tits. It does hurt, but with the kind of pain that soon turns into pleasure. Each thrust pushes on her chest, forcing the air out of her lungs in a tiny gasp, which never take long to become screams of pleasure.

    • The girls from my experiences with small tits, all got a lot of pleasure from nipple stimulation.

    • That’s a shame, because I have an 8 inch dick and missionary is my favorite. I love being able to see her from the front and looking into her eyes. I feel closer…more connected emotionally, face to face.

    • HudsonHornet says

      And that’s why she’s getting sore..
      I’ve been thrusting a 9 inch rod into her for an hour straight in the missionary position,
      No wonder why she’s sore LOL (facepalm)

  88. Charlie Shecn says

    Also make sure you get some clit stimulation! Makes it even easier! In any position except 3 tell her it really turns you on for her to rub her clit while ur inside her. Only about 10%(unconfirmed, I just found that number on another site) of orgasms happen from pure g-spot stimulation. Plus she will be able to stimulate her own clit better than you could using only ur hands because she knows her body better than anyone. I mean think about it, have you ever had a handjob that felt better than whacking it? But the foreplay is so true! You have to get her majorly horny. I beleive that it is possible for girls to get hornier than guys because they are more emotional but you have to get her so horny that she moans like crazy the second you even come near her panties. That’s the most important part honestly because that can take hours off what she would otherwise require.

  89. Looks like I’m a boss. “IF.. you can last at least 5 minutes”? Please.
    Those are definitely all good positions though.

    • PUA Training says

      Haha, most guys can’t! If you can… you’re a boss.

      • What if we last a little less but we can go for seconds, thirds and even more?

        • PUA Training says

          Haha, good luck with that one!

        • It is better when guys can go a couple of rounds… but lasting long is good also. speaking from experience I prefer a guy that can go a couple of rounds and my husband knows it.

          • PUA Training says

            I reckon your husband has been reading our tips ;)

          • Hmm, you’re not too clear on whether your husband is that guy (can go a couple of rounds), only that he knows, from your experience, that you prefer “a guy” who can do that for you. Sounds like you might be banging his best friend.

          • Long rounds without orgasms are exhausting for nothing aim is ORGASM


          • big E. if you can make a woman cum multiple times why would you even be on this site bro? just curious.

        • If you’re having trouble lasting in #1 Slow down and push deeper. It will give her a similar sensation (enough to make her climax) and give you time to regain control. Just a tip…. Lean back towards her legs and grip her hips. The slight change in angle feels incredible and the feeling of your hands on her hips will send her over the edge.

      • What if you can go for more than two hours giving her
        Six to eight orgasms and yourself only one? Would most
        Women appreciate that?

    • I also prefer a guy who can go multiple rounds–though a little under 5 minutes? That’s pretty short. If the sex was good, I will want to go again–unless the first time lasted too long and my pussy has been fucked raw.

      Lasting too long is a bit of a problem. My friend with benefits went through a weird period during which he had suddenly started lasting 45 minutes to an hour every time. After about the first 25-30 minutes, I’d gotten all I could out of it. No matter how good it had been up to that point, whether I’d had no orgasms or three, or what position we were in, I couldn’t get any more pleasure out of the sex after that. My vagina would invariably be sore and drying up, internal muscles tired. No amount of lube could make continuing not hurt. If I came multiple times I was shaky and weak.

      Usually, this guy could last 10-20 minutes and go 2-3 times a night, which in my opinion is ideal.

    • Dude, do some kegel exercise for 3-4 weeks. You will last more than 10 mins. Thats for sure

    • HudsonHornet says

      Honestly, I don’t understand why some men have pre-ejac issues.
      I engage in intercourse for well over an hour,
      Which comes to a close when she starts to get sore.

  90. Vrouwen Versieren says

    Wow incredible. I also learned that foreplay is key, the better the connection is with the girl, the more awesome the sex is afterwards. Thank you for sharing!

    • PUA Training says

      You’re right, connection really does help with sex and it’s 10X better once you both look at sex in a fun way. You won’t really be doing any of this stuff on a one night stand… unless the girl is an absolute freak ;)

    • how can i get my girl to trust me on forplay please kissing her pussey

      • PUA Training says

        Just take your time, be gentle and don’t rush the foreplay. Ask her what she likes also, so you can really get her turned on.

      • harry wilson says

        there are so many different things that turn girls on and no two girls are the same .. my girl likes kissing her neck, smacking her ass hard, whispering in her ear really works aswell. but just tease her so that she is begging for your dick before u give it to her and she will find it amazing!

  91. Fantastic! Definitely need to try these out at some point. Number 3 looks a little tricky though… I reckon I need to get my hands on one of those orgasm triangle chairs, they’re supposed to help with G-Spot positions.

    • PUA Training says

      With number 3, she needs to be doing a lot of the work, otherwise you won’t get a lot of movement with your thrusts.

      • Do you have to have a big weener

        • Your girl’s g-spot is located about 3 inches past her vaginal lips. (It’s the spongy area on the upper-inside wall of her belly), so if you are longer than 3-4″ you should have no problem giving her all the pleasure & orgasms that she wants…:)


        • Depends if she has an unusually big bottom but, with a normal girl it’s cool. Even if you are Asian!

  92. pualive says

    Awesome post. Reminds me of some of Timothy Ferris’ 4 hour body suggestions.

    • PUA Training says

      Great book, old Tim knows what he’s doing when it comes to body hacking and shortcuts.

    • turker sener says

      im writing you through Turkey, i just wanna say how grateful i am to you; as if i feel like a sexgod 2 my girlfriend and she tells me to all of her friends too :)) thanx a lot !!!

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