Badass Foreplay Tips For Men: How To Become A Foreplay Master In 15 Minutes Or Less

Foreplay Tips For Men

This is how you get them off dude…

Did you know that women are less likely to orgasm during sex if foreplay isn’t introduced beforehand?

Seriously. It’s been proven (by Durex or some fella in a lab).

The sad thing is us blokes just can’t be bothered with that foreplay stuff, it’s far too time consuming and boring.

But what if I said that you could get a woman so turned on within 15 minutes of stripping her down and doing the business that she’d more than likely orgasm between 5 and 10 times during sex, depending on how sexually confident she is.

Would that interest you or even make you a tad curious?

Well it should, because 1) it’s damn easy and 2) I’m going to teach you how to do it… right now. These foreplay tips for men are essential and should be used on every woman you meet from now on.

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Let’s get into it:

Before the bedroom

Talk dirty, they love it

Women love dirty talk because they are extreme fantasists, so if you are confident enough to talk dirty to her before you even get into the bedroom, you should. Try some of these killer dirty talking phrases to really get her off.

  • By text and in person – Foreplay starts before you even get into the bedroom, so make sure you are getting her turned on by text and on the phone prior to meeting in person.
  • Tell her what you’re going to do – Let her know exactly what you’re going to do to her in a very sexual way. Slow your voice down (as if you’re almost whispering) and take her from start to finish, which should leave her wanting to see you in person.

Be sexual in public (sexual escalation)

You have to sexually escalate with every woman you meet, it lets her know that you’re not messing around and you are a sexual man. She’ll appreciate it and will return your advances with sex.

  • Lead her hands – When you’re kissing her and you get aroused, take her hand… place it on your cock and say “You naughty girl, look what you’re doing to me”. She’ll giggle and will get even more aroused.

In the bedroom

Ok, so let’s say you’ve gotten her back to the bedroom and you want to initiate the “real” foreplay.

Remove her clothes slowly

Don’t rush dude! Take it very slow and remove her clothes in a sexy way, otherwise she’ll start thinking that you just want her for sex and will get freaked out by the situation.

  • Massage her neck first – Get her relaxed by rubbing her neck a little, use your finger tips and slowly massage her neck and shoulders, move down her arms and back kissing her every now and again.
  • Unhook her bra with one hand – The dreaded bra! Every guy at some point has a real problem undoing bras. The best way to do it is with one hand, just slip your index finger and middle finger under the clasp, then take your thumb and and pinch with your forefinger until the clasp unhooks. Remove her bra and lick her nipples whilst pulling her hair until she groans.
  • Pull down her knickers last – Move down from her breasts to her knickers, bite her knickers with your teeth and pull them down slightly which will turn her on a little more. Then pull them down slowly with both hands.

Tease her with a sensual massage

Once she’s fully naked you need to start massaging her body by rubbing her all over and kissing her at the same time. This will make her moist down below and will build up the tension until she’s ready for you to penetrate.

  • Start kissing her neck – Kiss her neck and bite her ears whilst breathing heavily on her, she’ll be tingling all over and groaning like a bad girl.
  • Run your fingers down her body – You can either use just your hands or you can use massage oil to make the foreplay last a little longer. If it’s your first night with her, just keep your hands dry.

Give her oral

This is the good bit and by now she should be VERY turned on. It’s the last hurdle and you’re around 10 minutes in, so another 5 minutes on her vagina and you’re good to go.

  • Start kissing her inner thighs – Start at her knees and begin slowly kissing and licking her legs all the way up to her inner thighs. As you go up the left (or right) leg, don’t touch her pussy yet, let her beg for it a little, tease her.
  • Move onto her inner lips (labia minora) – Gently kiss and lick her inner lips and slowly spread them, again licking from the base to the top, ending up on the clitoris.
  • Go to town on her clitoris and eat her pussy – Every woman is different, so you need to ask her what she likes. However it’s a good start to begin licking the clitoris with the tip of your tongue, going up, down, back and forth. You can also suck the clit and kiss it, just do a mish mash of everything.
  • Read her body language – Always read her body language to see what she likes, if she’s groaning and pulling your head towards her, then keep doing what you’re doing. If she’s saying “ouch” and pushing you away, move onto something else or take things a little slower.

Use your fingers

The last step is to use your fingers, which will introduce some penetration into the mix and will really send her over the edge. By this time, she’ll usually say something like “Just fuck me already!”

  • Use the index finger – Place your index finger inside and begin pushing in and pulling it (very slowly) whilst still working on her clit. Aim for the G-spot, so that she’ll have a better chance of achieving one of the 9 types of orgasm.
  • Repeat – Keep doing everything above for another few minutes, before having sex.

Quick tip: If she orgasms during foreplay (which she more than likely will) lightly blow on her clitoris immediately after for a few seconds, to stimulate her clitoris that little bit more, which will be VERY sensitive.

So that’s it guys. Listen, I know that foreplay can sometimes be a little tedious, but trust me women will appreciate this and use you as their “go to guy” for sex, which is what all us men want!

Oh and one more thing… check this out because it’s going to change your sex life forever.

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  1. I don’t know if he will respond, but I am definitely printing this for my bf.

  2. Just came across this. I almost came just imagining this happening to me. Now please spread the word so ALL men get it. How sad that the ultimate goal is orgasm when getting there is 90% of the fun. I wish my man would take notes. I need loving like you described…sigh.

  3. My partner cant make me orgasm or squirt…even doing the things you suggest. I am a very horny girl and long n lust for his dick and him to get me off…but i always end up having to lie on top of him so i can get my self of to an orgasm ! Any advice and help pdeffinately some help wouldplease. When he comes im always left wsnting more, and still horney…but sfter he cums hes not interes

  4. Amen, some do get it. A flick of the clit wont gain entry to this cooter. Very good advice just wanna add one i really like. When a man looks my body over and says “damn u beautiful, let me get a good look at u”. Whooo its on from there. Women compete all the time with eachother so makin em feel like your number one pick goes a long way.

  5. Thanks ama do that tonight

  6. I always go down on a new girl before I even let her suck me. Very very effective for turning her on, and making her want to fuck me again.

  7. thanks rich, good tips as always

  8. Good info. Will def try. Thnks a ton!

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