The 10 Most Popular (But Unusual) Sexual Fantasies Women Have

Get inside her mind.

Get inside her mind.

So you think men are dirtier than women do you?

Well think again… because women are filthy creatures.

There are things women think about… sexual fantasies they visualise in their minds every single day, that would SHOCK you.

Yep. Women are THAT naughty.

And it helps to know just how dirty a woman can be…

Why you ask?

Simple, it’s so (us men) can help them live out their sexual fantasies and be the guy that makes their dreams come true… literally.

HOLD ON: Before I get down and dirty… I want you to answer this question honestly. Are you crap in bed? If you are then you NEED to watch this video.

So without further ado…

Here are the 10 most popular sexual fantasies a woman has:

1. Threesome (extra man or woman)

It’s not just men that crave that thressome with another hot girl… women do to! In fact it’s the most common sexual fantasy for women.

Some women like the third party to be a woman, others like it to be a man, but they get a kick out of someone else being in the room that they’ve never had sex with before.

2. Domination (both ways)

Another one of top fantasies women have… domination. You’ll usually find mixed feelings about this topic. A lot of women like to be the dominant one where they dress up in latex style dominatrix bodysuits and control the man.

Other women prefer being the submissive ones and letting the man tie them up, blindfold them and have their way with them. Sex toys are a big winner in the domination fantasy.

3. Force Fantasy

Also known as the “rape fantasy”… I know creepy right? Some chicks dig the whole forced sex thing, struggling to break free from a big strong (Hugh Jackman) type dude… but secretly enjoying every second and even having an orgasm when she knows she shouldn’t.

4. A stunning woman

Yep… you read it right. Some women want to nail a hot lady, like the women you see in Victoria’s Secret for example. I mean who wouldn’t really, they’re pretty much perfect.

The feeling of touching another woman who’s worshiped by men is a HUGE turn on to some girls.

5. Dirty dancer

Oooh you little devil! Women may look down on strippers when you ask them about strip joints, but behind the scenes they would LOVE to strip for their man. Giving him the best lap dance he could ever have.

6. Group sex and orgies

Going Swedish baby. A lot of chicks like the swapping partners thing, group sex with people she can trust and playing around with other guys whilst you’re playing around with other women. It’s a taboo subject that makes it all very exciting indeed.

7. Roleplaying

Ever since she was at school and starting fantasising about that manly teacher that every girl wanted… she hasn’t stopped thinking about him bending her over the desk and slapping her ass, telling her she’s a naughty little girl for not doing her homework.

Roleplaying is a massive subject with women, they love it. So make sure you’re acting skills are up to scratch.

8. Exhibitionism

Ever wanted to make a homemade porno? Well now’s your chance. Some women regularly fantasise about being photographed naked, having sex on camera and showing their sexy curves to the world. So make it happen for her.

9. Public quickie

The thought of walking a shopping mall… seeing a guy she likes and banging his brains out in the toilet actually turns some women on. The public quickie is a top sexual fantasy because it involves never seeing that guy again and living life on the wild side.

10. Voyeurism

Like other people watching you from the cupboard or outside the bedroom window while you do it? Nope, me either… but some girls seriously love it. So if you like the girl, grab a friend and ask him for a favour ;)

So that’s it, the top 10 most popular sexual fantasies women have. Freaky deaky huh?

If you want to become a bedroom jedi master and make girls orgasm like CRAZY, then you should probably watch this.

Ladies… What is your biggest sexual fantasy and why?

Gents… What’s the freakiest thing a girl has asked you to do because it’s her fantasy?

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  1. I dated a young woman who loved the Rape role play. She had been raped at 15, so I was shocked when she asked to be treated rough and forced. During the sex, she was almost out of control and had multiple orgasms. We had that type of sex many times and she always went wild. I was totally puzzled at why she loved being taken like that. We still date although not as often and she still loves to be completely dominated. Strange !

  2. My lady asked me to suck a man’s dick while she watched

  3. TO THE MEN IN REGARDS TO RAPE FANTASY, & SUBMISSION. There were several freaky things girls haves asked me to, and I was more than willing to oblige, but one in particular stood out. It was a younger girl 19, 10 years younger than me, we had great sex 5, 6 times a day. She enjoyed rough play, light choking (fake), Spanking, and smacking. But then she asked me to punch her, a real hard punch, it set me back. (Said no and finished)This was not rooted in a submissive rape fantasy. It had to do with her past experiences, and home life, her mother was a stripper with a new boyfriend every month. Adding on her other proclivities, older guys, and past boyfriends treating her like garbage, as well as other signs, I realised at that moment, this was rooted from a bad experience…. So the reason I write this is to let men know, particularly after the rape fantasy mention, (which really is a popular one), keep in mind the difference between true fantasy, and desire to fulfill it, and a victim attempting to normalize her trauma, convincing herself it is okay.Keep in mind that although, in a females rape/submission fantasy even though she is “powerless”, she has all the power. Remember the safe word, or what stop mean. Respect the limits set, most times this is planned ahead, and also involves role-playing, the type of acts are specified. If the women do eat not like anal, this is not a free pass.Fulfilling a women’s fantasy to her specifications could be some of the best sex you ever had.

  4. Nice ima try it with my fantasy guy lol

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