How To Be Man: A Guide To Having A Fulfilling Sex Life Through Being Manly

It's time to stop being a pussy.

It’s time to stop being a pussy.

Do you know what type of men get laid consistently throughout their lives?

Manly men.

Women want to have sex with an alpha male. Period.

Men that stand up for what they believe in, don’t take shit from other men… or women and go about their lives how they want. They make no excuses for being offensive to others and don’t shy away from challenging situations. They just get shit done.

There are far too many men out there today, especially with the younger generation that find themselves lost. I mean sure, they are men biologically. But mentally, they are lost little boys that have no idea how to be a real man.

So what do I mean by being a real man?

Well, it’s the guy that most heterosexual women desire. The type of guy they can trust, feel secure with, be protected by and make love to.

Unmanly men, the ones you are seeing more of these days in the media, movies and in the trendy parts of town are an utter waste of space. These men are cowards, they don’t have any real identity and will crack under any kind of pressure.

Ok, enough with the waffle.

Here’s how to be a man:

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1) Challenge yourself

It’s imperative that you challenge yourself more in life. Binge watching shows on Netflix and browsing Imgur all damn day is not going to do anything for your mind or body.

You must start to develop new skills by trying things you haven’t done before. Attend a mixed martial arts class, start approaching the best looking women you see during the day, begin fasting, join a rowing club, travel the world, start a business. If you are not challenging yourself regularly, you are not growing and thus not developing as a man should.

2) Workout

Men need to workout. Not just cardio, but weights too. You need to keep your muscles strong. Not only does this help from a confidence perspective, by you feeling happier with a fitter looking body, but it also creates neural pathways in your brain that help you to be more resilient to pain and push past uncomfortable moments,

Not only that, women respond well to physically fit and strong men. I’m not talking Arni, think more Ryan Reynolds or Captain America.

3) Stick up for what you believe in

If you believe in something that others don’t, never be afraid to say your piece and stand up for what you truly believe in. When you do, it shows that you have balls and you are not scared of what others might think of you. This is not only attractive to women, it’s also a leadership quality that most don’t have and leadership is VERY f**king manly.

4) Defend the people you love

Your family, your girlfriend/wife and even friends. These should always be people that you defend to the bitter end. If your tribe is in danger (yes I said tribe, because we are tribal by nature, regardless of the technology we use) then you must be ready to defend them, regardless of what type of danger they are in.

Obviously you need to remain rational about any given situation, but under no circumstances should you make excuses and cower. This is a character trait of weak men.

5) Control your emotions

Women and gay men get emotional. Heterosexual men shouldn’t. We are designed by nature to be rational thinkers that perform under pressure when fighting or hunting. We’re not designed to cry over a rom-com staring Hugh Grant.

Obviously it’s ok to have a little cry now and again, but showing to women that you are an emotional man who wears his heart on his sleeve, only leaves you open to alpha males and strong women to exploit you. You must learn to control your feelings.

6) Reward yourself after hard work

Hard work is essential to give you purpose as a man. Manual labour, long intensive hours at work or on your business are a given, especially in the earlier parts of your life. But working hard without reward will make you feel drained and hateful towards others, so you must reward yourself once every couple of weeks or once a month. A blowout to keep you sane.

Rewarding yourself also helps you create a winning mindset and you really appreciate the rewards more when you have to work hard for them.

7) Become independent

An independent man is very attractive to women, it shows that you don’t need the support from others that a lot of other wimpy men do. Don’t be afraid to do shit on your own. Travel, workout, start a business, game women. When you can do stuff on your own without the comfort of someone being beside you, it gives you a great sense of freedom that will set you up for success.

Adopt the same fierce independence that all of the greatest womanizers in history had.

8) Respect yourself

If you have little to no respect for yourself then why on earth would others respect you? It’s vital that you have respect for yourself, because this will translate to what others perceive you to be in your everyday life. If there’s a part of you physically or mentally that you don’t like/respect, then you need to work on it until you do respect it.

Having self-respect also does wonders for your confidence especially if you’re showing signs of depression. Another way to show respect for yourself is by dressing better.

9) Learn how to fight

If you’ve never had a fight in your life, then you need to. Whether it’s in a boxing gym or on the street. The reason I say that is because, being fearful of a fight will only hinder you from making certain decisions throughout life.

Like approaching a group of girls who are with guys because you’re afraid they might beat you up, or not giving your opinion to a guy that’s twice your size. So learn how to fight with all different styles and never shy away from actually fighting if you absolutely need to.

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