Stop Doing These Things Right Now And Your Game Will Improve… I Promise


I promise that if you stop doing these dumb things, you will get laid more.


You are stuck in a shit storm of habitual patterns that are destroying your chances with women and I’m about to give you the steps that will stop you from committing these acts of madness, immediately.

The results?

More sex, more attention from women, more happiness and oh yeah… more sex.

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1. Approaching girls below an 8

Why are you approaching women that are easy to sleep with? I can’t remember the last time I slept with a mediocre woman and that’s not because I’m the best at picking up women, it’s because I don’t allow myself to approach ugly/mediocre women. I’ve NEVER lowered my standards to get laid and I never will.

The moment you lower your standards, is the point where your game stagnates. You have to keep pushing forward, keep learning and keep approaching beautiful women. The kind of women that guys all stare at in the club WISHING they could sleep with her, but only ever settling for a fat pig by the bar.

2. Masturbating… yes I’m serious

I don’t masturbate. Now before you call bullshit on that statement, I want you to know why I don’t. I’ve built up such a skill set for being able to attract almost any woman I want and have such a tight social circle that I get laid multiple times throughout the week.

But that’s not the only reason I choose not to masturbate. The main reason is this… I believe that masturbating and falling into a porn watching habit, will destroy your natural urges with women. It’s actually been proven that men under the age of 20 are the fastest growing demographic in the US to suffer from erectile disfunction, due to watching porn.

The longer you don’t masturbate, the more sexual you will become. Women will pickup on this, they will sense that your’e a sexual guy and this will translate into a more sexual interaction. I keep an icepack in the freezer, so when I’m aroused and a girl isn’t around to satisfy me, I use that to calm my erection… works every time.

3. Asking questions

Listen up you needy little bitch. The more questions you ask her, the more boring your conversation will be and the less rapport you will build. Open ended questions are risky… if the girl is not into you, she will answer with one or two words and most likely shit test you. You can’t afford to take that risk, because not every girl is going to be into you at first.

Always, ALWAYS make assumptions instead of asking questions:

“You look Russian… (tilting my head to the side slightly in a curious way)” – She answers with a smile and tells me whether she is or isn’t, then where she’s from and the conversation continues. Boom, easy.

4. Texting girls to arrange dates

Every time you number close, three things need to happen…

1) You text the girl immediately and say it was cool meeting her and you will call her later on that day/or tomorrow. 2) You call her at the time you gave her, build rapport on the phone, make her laugh and then organise a date then and there. Finally 3) You confirm the date/time in a text 30 minutes after you’ve spoken to her, so that she keeps you in her mind and knows exactly what’s going on without feeling like she wants to back out.

5. Feeling scared you might hurt her feelings

I used to be scared about hurting a girls feelings, by saying something that I shouldn’t have said. But as my game has improved, I couldn’t give a shit if she’s offended, because my masculine energy shows her that I’m a strong confident man (someone she shouldn’t fuck with).

Unless you’re an idiot and you intentionally want to insult her, there’s nothing you can really say that will offend her or piss her off. So don’t filter your words, say them with conviction and be a man about it. She will quickly respect you for it and feel more attraction for you the more you talk, also she’ll be less likely to play hard to get.

Quick tip: You can also use a technique called an indicator of interest, which makes you stand out from other guys.

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