11 Body Language Signals Women Give Off That Every Guy Should Know About

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Body language and micro expressions are very common buzz words which are thrown about these days, in the seduction community.

But what are they really?

Well body language is exactly that… your body is doing the talking and you can interpret what someone wants to say, do or how they feel just by looking at how they are moving, sitting or gesturing.

Micro expressions are a little more advanced and something I don’t use because it’s too technical and over the top for me, but some analytical guys might like it.

They are used by Deception Interpreters who are employed by the government and police to investigate criminals who may be lying to them. So they are deadly effective if you can figure them out.

I won’t go into detail on micro expressions but I’ll show you the basics which are far more than what the average guy looks, for when he’s talking to women.

Signals showing attraction and sexual intent

Any one of these signs are an indicator that she wants to have sex with you.

  • Both hips turned towards you – When someone is fully engaged in an interesting conversation, they face their whole body towards you or at least try to anyway.
  • Eyebrows moving upwards in surprise – Eyebrows raised upwards and arched, with wide eyes show intrigue and surprise.
  • Eyes scanning the face – Are her eyes actively scanning your face? Does she look at both eyes, your lips, chin etc.
  • Hair stroking – Self grooming excessively is a sure sign of attraction and the most common one in the body language signals.

Signals showing discomfort, boredom and disinterest

  • Eyes wondering – Take notice of where she’s looking, if she can’t hold eye contact for more than a couple of seconds, then she’s not into you.
  • Hand in pockets – An obvious sign of discomfort that requires you to build more trust and an enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Crouched “inward” – Sitting down, does she have her legs/arms folded, shoulders pointing down and almost as though she’s trying to curl up into a ball? Yep, she’s not interested or she’s angry.
  • Forced smile – The eyes smile with the mouth when someone is genuinely smiling. No eye action, just means it’s forced.
  • Involutionary scratching – Don’t confuse this with self grooming. An itch on the chin, arm, neck etc is a sign that she’s bored.

So there you have it, some basic micro expressions to look for and body language to spot when you’re next in conversation with a smoke show.

Don’t just rely on body language

Yes the body can tell us a lot about what a person is feeling or thinking, but it’s not only thing. For example, they may have a twitch in a facial muscle or their leg that they’ve been doing for years. You may interpret it as nervousness when in fact, they’re habitually doing it.

Use these tips in combination with kino, rapport building questions and confidence. That should do it.

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  1. dan o grady says

    im so alpha and high level now , me and my wingman go out and i find the hottest girl in the room, i walk up to her and when i get close i turn around quickly and fart. then i turn back around and say “youre welcome”.

    9 times out of ten i go home with her. i do this only with 9’s

  2. Love it

  3. These tips are so simple yet so effective, no matter how much I believe I know already going over the basics always keeps me on point, thanks rich. You’re the man !

  4. These are actually not all true. Not for everyone, at least.
    If I am sitting with both hips facing someone or standing with my body facing someone, it is 90% of the time just because I know the person better than other people around or because that position is comfortable.
    As for the face scanning and hair stroking, that doesn’t necessarily mean we are “into” you. Girls just take notice of small things. We could be scanning your face because we’re noticing things on your face like a pimple, the way your beard or stubble is growing, the way your lips move when you say a certain word, etc. We do it with everyone including other girls/friends. And if we are touching our hair it could very well be because we are making sure out hair hasn’t frizzed out or gotten flat. For our sake lol
    Also, I often scan my surroundings during conversations with anyone. It has nothing to do with whether i am bored or not. I just like people watching.
    And sometimes girls like to slump over if we are physically uncomfortable (sitting on a hard chair) or if we are cold.
    It’s not just me. A whole lot of my friends and past friends are the same way so guys definitely should just go with their gut feeling and more obvious signs. Like the way she touches you or if she is ignoring everyone else completely while with you.

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