4 Easy Assumptions You Can Make To Keep The Conversation Going

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Drying up mid flow during a conversation with a hot lady and have NO IDEA what to say next? No worries dude, it’s a common problem.

You’ve been there… a smoke-show stands in front of you at Starbucks… you pluck up the confidence to open her, she’s instantly receptive and then you immediately start sweating because you don’t know what to say to keep the conversation going with her.

Then, it slowly falls a part and she makes her excuses to leave.

Ugh. Man that’s a sucky feeling.

So what’s the solution? How do you solve this frustrating and frequently occurring problem?

Simple, you use readymade assumption stacks that you go to, straight away, every time… until you build up the confidence to naturally think of assumptions that you wouldn’t have said before.

Before we get into those assumptions. Let’s run through things you need to do before hand.

3 things you need to do BEFORE using these assumption stacks

1. Relax – Check and double check your body language. Assumptions are a great way to keep the conversation going, but more importantly they are perfect for building rapport, breaking rapport and a deep connection with the girl you’re speaking too. This means you HAVE to match the words coming out of your mouth with the right body language.

2. Slow down – Don’t rattle off a bunch of assumptions and fill in the silences as soon as she stops talking. This is the worst thing you can do. It shows that you’re nervous, fidgety and there’s something just off about your presence. Focus on slowing down your words, your voice projection and your eye contact.

3. Take note – Mentally take note of more “conversational hooks” you can use that will be used later on in the conversation or the next time you meet up with her. Using these hooks to drive a deeper conversation will illicit trust from her faster than you thought possible… and you won’t run out of things to talk about ;)

Quick tip: How’s the conversation going? If her body language is screaming “leave me alone” then she might not be into you. There are things women say when they aren’t interested, so be sure to listen out for them.

4 easy assumption stacks you can use

Ok, here we go. The next time you get stuck, this is what you need to say so you don’t dry up:

“You look like… (insert profession)”

A great assumption to use is guessing her profession, because you can have some fun with this. You could be totally wrong (on purpose) which will make her laugh or you could just guess straight away with a more serious tone. If you manage to get it right, expect her to get very excited.

to be honest, you’ll get it wrong most of the time, but it’s not about that. It’s about spicing the conversation up, so she doesn’t get bored.

“I think you… (which country, city you think she’s from)”

An easy assumption and one you’ll get right the most is guessing which city or country she’s from. Always start with the country and then move onto the city based on the vibe you get from her. So you might say “I think you’re from Russia… you look like a Russian girl for sure..”.

Then if you guess right, you can guess a city unless she gives it to you straight away and if you’ve been there yourself, then transition onto a story or two about how you’ve been to her hometown and what you did there, weaving her into the story as you go.

“I bet you… (insert her interests)”

Once you’ve guessed her profession and she’s admitted to what she does, a great way to transition would be by guessing what she;s interested in. Does she look like an arty type of girl? Maybe she likes museums, galleries, the theatre… is she very fashionable? Maybe she loves reading glossy magazines, gong to glamorous parties and being the life and should of a party.

“You like seem the type of girl… (insert caring, confident, sexual, independent…)”

Lastly, you could use a personality assumption. What type of girl she is around her fiends… is she the quite one, the more outgoing girl, an independent girl etc. This will give you a deeper insight into the type of guys she goes for and her personalty.

This is also a great line for calling her out on her games. It cuts through the social B.S.

A simple trick to use during a conversation

When a girl is about to say something that gives away a little about herself, you should cut her off by saying “Wait… hold on, let me guess… mmmm…”

This will make her smile and the interaction will be a lot more enjoyable than if she were to feel like a machine, sounding off answers to your questions or boring assumptions. Make the whole thing interesting, spontaneous and exciting for her.

In a relationship? Your girlfriend wants to hear these things, so make sure you say them on a semi-regular basis, to keep the interest from her side.

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