Non-Verbal Game: How To Attract Women Without Saying A Single Word

Having the ability to attract women without saying a word doesn’t mean you have any of the following:

  • A wad of cash poking out of your top pocket
  • A large rolex peaking above your cuff
  • A face like David Beckham
  • A body like Brad Pitt
  • A natural jedi style raw magnetic aura (which doesn’t even exist)

Basically, you can be a “normal” guy of average height, looks and build… yet these techniques will still work to build attraction with women without saying anything.

Then once you’re 100% sure she’s into you, you can move onto verbal communication (building rapport, sexual escalation, etc).

So how do you do it exactly?

You need to master the 4 key areas of non-verbal game.

These areas are all tied into each other and once combined will create a magnetic gut level attraction that most women just won’t be able to resist.

They will sense you when you walk into a room, feel the urge to look over and grab a glimpse of you, maybe even send one of their friends over to talk to you because they’re too damn shy to do it themselves.

It’s no joke.

Once you pull this stuff off correctly, you can have your pick whilst other guys will just look at you in amazement, thinking to themselves… “Why is every girl in here looking at that guy??”.

So let’s get down and dirty with the techniques.

The first impression

Whoever told you that first impressions don’t matter… are idiots. First impressions are everything, not just with women but with everything in life so you need to treat it with top priority.

  • Have fun with your friends – When you’re in the moment and having fun with your mates, nothing else matters. You’re not seeking approval from anyone, you’re just having fun. This is VERY attractive to women, so do this more!
  • Smile and banter casually – Most guys will stand at a bar and use fake smiles or talk about crap, just so they can look like they’re talking about something interesting. Never do this, you should always be genuine and banter about real things, smile and focus on your friends primarily. This is your reality and you’re inviting others to be a part of it if they wish, you’re not pandering to anyone elses.
  • Creating a positive vibe – Let’s say you’re in a bar with one friend, you’re both laughing and joking, feeling great and just chillin… however to your right, there are two other guys just standing there, not saying a word to each other and looking all uncomfortable. Who do you think looks more attractive to a woman? Of course it’s you, because you’re creating an enticing energy that women want to be involved in.

Attractive body language

There is some terrible advice out there on body language, so avoid any of the over hyped stuff and just focus on the following:

Copy the stickman!

  • Alpha male stance – Remove your hands from your pockets and leave them by your sides, with your thumb and forefinger together so you don’t feel the need to move your hands. Then widen your feet so they are shoulder width apart, this is a very alpha stance.
  • Don’t sway side to side – It’s natural to sway when you’re nervous and self-conscious. Fight the urge to do this, because it shows that you’re uncomfortable.
  • Don’t fidget – Fidgeting is the number one way to scream to women that you’re not confident with yourself. You look like a lost child who needs his mummy.
  • Don’t make jerky movements – Making any swift jerky movements just projects a nervous energy which is not attractive, so stop it!

Eye contact

So important, I can’t stress this enough. Your eyes allow you to communicate everything you need to without saying a word, so use them to your advantage.

  • Don’t break downwards – If you look at a girl and then look downwards you are saying sub-communicatively that you’re a bitch! So never look downwards, if you’re not interested in her always look to the side.
  • Hold eye contact until she breaks it – When you see an attractive girl and you both lock eyes, hold it until she looks away first. This shows that you’re a dominant character and the alpha male.
  • Stop looking around nervously – If you have shifty eyes it just says to others that you’re a shifty kind of person, so try your hardest to focus on your friend and slow down your eye movements in general.

Reading subtle signals

Women give off ridiculously subtle signals when they are interested in a guy… and they wonder why we never go over to them or give up on women who play hard to get! It actually becomes a bit of an art after a while, so you need to make sure you ask yourself these three questions the next time you have your eye on a girl.

  • Is she close to you? – The longer she stands close to you, the more interested she is in you (these are known as female sex signals). Say for example you’re in a bar and she’s been standing very close to you for well over 30 minutes, it means she’s attracted to you, so make a move.
  • What does she do when you look at her? – The moment you look at her and she looks at you… see if she looks away instantly or gives you small smile, adjusts her hair, nudges her friend etc. These are all ways of her saying “I think you’re hot”.
  • How did she react to a forced IOI? – If you know anything about forcing IOI’s, you’ll know that you will either get a negative or positive reaction, which is what you want. If she gives you a positive one, then make a move because it’s obvious that she’s attracted to you… if it’s negative, who cares, move on.

So that’s pretty much exactly how to attract women without saying anything to them. Non-verbal game does take a few hours to master, so you must practice every time you’re out and stop yourself when you do something wrong.

For an in-depth guide to non-verbal game, you should check out Stealth Attraction.

What are your biggest sticking points with non-verbal game?

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  1. Very interesting read, most guys go out with their male friends, and don’t get as much attention from the girls. If you want to attract girls in a bar, all you have to is go out with some female friends, if you don’t have any, bring your sister with you or at least make 1 new female friend a week. I started going out with girls for over a year now. It’s so much easier to get attention from other girls once your got a girl in your group.

  2. The tip’s are master pieces.I think it’ll be of great help.

  3. Paul Buttrill says

    What are IOI’s?

    • PUA Training says

      Indicators of Interest. Meaning she’s showing signs that she likes you… self grooming, hanging around you, touching you, looking at you multiple times.

  4. ok so talking about eye contact.can you explain a bit how to know if she is interested by eye contact

  5. Rebeca Kasak says

    Definitely Your first impression will let any women to send signals to you! Great tips!

  6. The point of proximity is crucial(which you’d pointed out).

    I remember years ago listening to a podcast of Gambler where he was drawing a reference with the gay test.Solid.

    • PUA Training says

      Yep, proximity is a quick way of determining how attracted the girl is to you and also how fast you can sexually escalate, whilst letting her know your intensions. Clever stuff.

  7. I was expecting a sort of magic-bullet type of article,but I was disappointed a bit.

    Great article nevertheless.

    What I liked most about this article is that it stressed the point of “having fun”(with your boys,etc.).Ppl(mainly chics)are attracted to ppl who are having fun.

    Opposed to wall-flowering alone in the bar(huge turn off).

    • PUA Training says

      There is no magic bullet! Never has been and never will be. However the title is true, you will attract women and make them want to talk to you even though you’re not directly talking to them, it’s kinda like the celebrity effect.

  8. The first tips I ever internalized where to stand wider, don’t fidget, and to hold eye contact. They are still some of the best pieces of advice in dating.

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