3 Ingenious Ways To Force An IOI In A Bar Or Night Club… These Work Every Time


Get her attention easily…

Ok so we all know that the more IOI’s you get, the more opportunities become available to you. If you learn how to read IOI’s properly you will be able to notice the very subtle queues that women give out… telling you to approach them.

Before we go into detail on ways in which you can force IOI’s. I need you to understand the importance of IOI’s and how they can have a major impact on your night if you act on them.

  • If you’re a group of guys in a bar/club, you will get a couple of IOI’s if you’re lucky.
  • If you’re a couple of guys in a bar/club, your IOI’s will go up slightly.
  • If you’re a couple of guys with a couple of hot girls in a bar/club… your IOI’s will go up dramatically.
  • If you’re alone with more than one hot girl in a bar/club… you will have multiple IOI’s throughout the night.
  • If you’re surrounded by hot women, on a table, with cool guys having a great time… your IOI’s will be astronomical.

See what I’m getting at here? The more social proof you have, the easier game will be. IOI’s will be given all over the place and you can basically take your pick.

Cool. So let’s move onto my ingenious techniques for forcing IOI’s.

1. The inset wave

When you’re talking to a girl or group of girls, use that opportunity to force an IOI with another girl across the bar or on the dance floor when you catch her eye. Simple make eye contact, wave and nod with a half smile. That’s it. Make sure the girl you’re waving to is behind the girl you’re speaking to.

The beauty of this forced IOI is that the girl you’re talking to will be more attracted to you because she thinks you know someone else in the bar, the girl you’re waving at will also find you more attractive because she can see you talking to another girl (social proof). If for some reason the girl you waved to doesn’t acknowledge the wave or ignores you, who cares? You’re still in set and there wasn’t a real rejection, so nothing lost.

2. Glass clink

A very easy way to force an IOI which I’ve used countless times in busy bars and clubs is glass clinking or cheers-ing a girl as you walk past her. Let’s say you’re at the bar, next to a girl. Once you get your drink, look directly at her (lock eyes) and say “cheers” while moving your glass towards hers.

Now there are two things you can do once the glass clink is done. The first is to open her and start building some rapport, while you’re doing this you can incorporate “the inset wave” because you’re now in set.

The second thing you can do is move on, but make it a point to open her during the night. Now that she knows your face, you can use the familiarity opener. When you see her again, tilt your head and say “hey… how’s it going”. Because you clinked glasses earlier she won’t be creeped out or ignore you, she will feel obliged to say something back.

3. Walk-by gesturing

The last (and my favourite) way of forcing an IOI is by making simple gestures as you move slowly through a crowded bar or nightclub dance floor. When you see a girl you like, make eye contact and keep that eye contact locked whilst giving her a little smile. It’s kinda like fishing in a way, you move through the crowd, see which girls hook and then go in for the kill.

Once you have the IOI, you can either stop and open or move on and re-open later. Moving around the bar/club and talking to multiple women is what you want to be seen doing, because other women will be curious and wonder why you’re talking to so many other women, who are you?!

That’s it dude, simple yet powerful techniques for forcing IOI’s. It’s important to add that you should learn to understand women’s body language, so you can pick up on if they’re sexually interested or not.

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