From The Door To The Bedroom: How To Have Sex With A Girl Without With No Last Minute Resistance

So today I’ve got something REAL special for ya.

I’m going to show you exactly how to have sex with a girl… without any chance of last minute resistance.

That’s right.

From the moment you step in the front door, to the moment you’re ripping each others clothes off and you’re pounding away like a jack rabbit.

These techniques are seriously powerful… I use them on every girl I meet and they’ve worked almost every time (there’s always that one girl right?).

So without further ado, here’s everything you need:

Come in the door, take your coat… and shoes off.

Then you have TWO options:

1. Take her straight to the bedroom – Why would you bother with taking her into the lounge and wasting time with pointless chit chat when you could be making moves in the bedroom?

You need to constantly be escalating, so the best thing you can do when you come in the front door is get her into your bedroom. To do this, just make up an excuse as to why you can’t go in the lounge.

…”Oh my friend is in there sleeping on the couch and I don’t want to disturb him..”


…”I saw a huge mouse in there earlier and I couldn’t catch it, which is why the door is shut… let’s just go to my room…”

2. The tour of the house – If you absolutely feel the need to take her to the lounge before going to your bedroom, then you can do this.

After 10 minutes or so in the lounge, say to her you want to give her a “tour of the house”.

Have some props set up in the bedroom as this will be the last stop in the tour… wink wink ;)

When I say props, I don’t mean wands and fuzzy hats… I mean your laptop with pictures on there, a posh candle that your friend bought you from a market in Egypt that is supposed to give out luck when you light it… blah blah.

So the idea is to grab her attention and distract her logical mind from thinking “Oh, sh*t I’m in his room… he wants to have sex”. Then you can get her relaxed and comfortable before sexually escalating.

How to have sex with a girl… once in the bedroom

WARNING: It can sometimes be hard work getting a girl into your room, don’t ruin it by sucking in bed… here are some killer techniques for becoming a bedroom master.

…These techniques work like clockwork.

1. Sit on the end of the bed – Don’t make her uncomfortable by invading her space right away, give her a foot or so between you.

2. Music and wine – Always have some wine ready to pour (you should get this whilst on the tour) and get a playlist ready, so you don’t need to keep choosing songs or skipping crap tunes.

3. Freshen up – It’s usually a good idea to go to the bathroom and freshen up… if she does the same then it’s a great sign that she’s ready to have sex.

4. Making the moves – After about 10 minutes of talking and drinking… you need to look directly into her eyes, take her glass and place it on the floor. Move in closer and kiss her… do this for a few minutes and then lie her down, whilst still kissing her. Think like an alpha male.

5. Get more comfy – Move up towards the head of the bed and make sure you’re both comfortable. Kiss her some more and just take things REAL slow. Make sure you touch her body…

6. Stealth kino tactics – When you’re kissing her, take your hand and place it on her face… then slowly run your hand from her face, down her shoulder, over her boob and down to her waist.

NOTE: If she stops you at this point, then you’re moving too fast and need to slow down. Keep kissing her and try again in 10 minutes, while watching out for female sex signals (AKA aroused body language).

7. Keep touching – Place your hand under her top and feel her stomach (this is a very sensual area, so indicates passion) and then begin getting on top of her. Lift your top up and try to get some belly to belly contact going.

8. Unhook her bra – With one hand (if you can) unhook her bra and remove it… with her top moved up towards her head. Kiss her boobs and kiss all the way down to her belly button.

9. Unclip her jeans – You’ll want to place your hand on her naked bum, so need to go under the jeans. Whilst kissing her, take either hand and unclip the top button on her jeans. Then unzip her trousers slowly (so she doesn’t get freaked out) and roll her bum over to the side, so she’s facing you.

10. Feel her bum – Place your hand inside her jeans so you are touching her bum cheek. This isn’t a major escalation, so she should be fine with it. Take your hand and then start playing with her pussy from the back.

11. Get naked – Roll her back onto her back and remove her jeans AND knickers at the same time. Not separately, otherwise she may freak out. Then you can remove your clothes and get underneath the covers. Take her hand and place it on your little fella, so she gets even more turned on.

12. Getting jiggy – Ok so the final part is the easiest, now you’re both naked in the bed. Whilst on top of her, you can say… “Shall we use a condom?”.

This question just implies that you’re GOING to have sex.  It’s actually a hypnotic double bind, technically called Illusory choice, where you present an option where either response results in the outcome that you desire, but never mind all that, just remember the line ;-)

That’s it bro! Ya see, getting a girl to have sex with you is easy when you have a plan, a proper step by step plan… instead of getting drunk and hoping for the best. No more last minute resistance (LMR) or getting lucky.

ATTENTION: Do you suck in bed? If so then you NEED to learn some skills otherwise you won’t get any repeat business. Watch this.

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  1. pls I have this girl who comes to my place often,we sit and chat in my bed but I dont know how to make the first move cos ‘am scared she might say no ‘cos she once told me she has a guy.pls any clue on how to make the first move without her saying no

  2. Socialkenny the Cassanova says

    Quick question Gambler, would these tips be applicable to a non-bedroom setting, as in f-closing somewhere like outdoors for instance, in a car, etc? What’s your take?

  3. All this has worked for me in the past.
    That is a great base for all guys, but at some point you can of course try new things. You can start to build a sexual tension (or at least attraction) during the evening/night. Then, at your doorstep, open the door, let her in first, and once both inside come slowly but confidently at her to kiss her. It is a gamble but when it works it leads to great sex. Come at her while maintaining eye contact, touch her with your hands before kissing her (try to make her lean against a wall if you can, she should like the movie-like situation), and quickly put a hand on/behind her neck in the same time you are about to kiss her. If this kiss works, after a while you can either play it slow (if she is still shy or unsure about having sex), go to the bedroom, and follow the steps in the video, or you can grab her leg, pull it firmly to your waist and kiss her against the wall. It will increase the sexual tension dramatically. Then after a while you can just go to the bedroom or to the couch and carry on. If at any time she shows you that she does not want you, or looks really afraid, just stop and try reassuring her on the fact you are playing. If it fails, then you lost your gamble! Say goodbye like a gentleman and pay her the cab.

  4. Richard—

    1. Is that your flat mate? Kudos to you for getting girls to sleep with you at all, with THAT wallpaper! ;>)

    2. A ‘business suggestion’, feel free to tell me to piss off if you don’t like it.
    You’re a PUA and you use baby-words like “Boob” and “thingy-bobber?”
    And you giggle when you say that? Really?

    A woman’s key parts are breasts and a vagina, aka pussy (or possibly “The Tube” if she’s from Essex)
    A man’s part is a penis, aka dick, cock.
    If it sounds too crude, ‘crotch’ works nicely for both man and woman.

  5. LOL Can’t believe you make a living out of this. I watched this video and this is what most guys would do naturally anyway. They key is confidence to get them into this position, once you’re their the rest should be natural.

    • PUA Training says

      If I didn’t get questions about this stuff, and if I didn’t know tons of cases where guys fucked up this part, I wouldn’t have made the video. It’s my job precisely because I don’t say “just be confident and natural”, I give guys the specifics. If you don’t/need want them, then good for you.

    • Regardless of whether you may naturally do this or not, this video is a great tutorial! I had a HB8 back last night and I was pretty tired from three nights in a row of partying, and that affected my natural game! Left the girl upstairs and I went to the bathroom, got this up on my iPhone and recouped! I want to add that whilst you are leading verbally, you should slow down and deepen your voice, whilst maintaining eye contact. This demonstrates dominance and builds sexual attraction combined with what gambler does in the video.

  6. My best tip is to put the girl in your shower, especially after a night out. She will feel refreshed and is sure she will smell nice. First give her some time by herself (5 min.), then join her. Do not escalate immediately, don’t stare, just talk a bit to her, undress yourself and step into the shower with her, like it’s the normal thing to do. She needs to get used to your voice, body (parts), gestures and feel safe. Maybe soap her up if you like, taking care for her, or dry her off. Escalate after that, take her in your room before she gets her cloths on again and just enjoy the company. Kiss her and lay her on the bed. Have sex, you’ll both be relaxed so it’s gonna be an amazing night. It worked for me every time.

  7. Hi you sent me an email a few weeks back on how to turn a woman on just by touch, on following the link I’ve been getting mail from Shawna (yes the porn star) and by combining your techniques and her’s the girl would be ripping your clothes off as you walk through the door!! with both your advice and Shawna’s I’ve been amazed at the amount of women begging for sex in only 20mins of meeting them. Thanks for everything pal I owe you one.

  8. GOLD!
    Listen, this is exactly what i was looking for. I bought many products and spend hundreds of dollars on knowledge about building attraction, rapport, qualification, how to approach, confidence, dominant bl, negative bl, eye contact, gender roles… the list goes on, but none of those products told me how to seduce girls how you did.
    I found this being a major hole in my game.. particularly because i didn’t really had sex yet. So i ge the girls super attracted, build amazing rapport, get them to my place, even to my bed and then suddenly, i freeze and don’t know what to do. And next thing you know all that hard work goes down the toilet, attraction, rapport, she looses all her interest just because i didn’t know how to pull the trigger.
    I believe once i start having more sex i get naturally good at this, but how if i can’t even get the first ones?
    Do you know I mean?
    Please could you recommended me any products or videos that would help me get this thing handled, i would greatly appreciate it! ( i like the fact that this was a video )
    Thank You, Filip

  9. Womanhunt3r says

    Ok so I have been with this girl for over 8 years but we hardly have sex anymore. Will the technique of having better things to do work for me? I can see how it would work because the technique has worked for me countless times before. Is there any extra advice I need to fuck her more? How does being in a relationship change things?

  10. I think this all sounds a little like date- rape! I mean tricking girls into the bedroom, telling her “what? No we’re not having sex” while trying to take her clothes off and continuing to make advances after she says ” I’m not sure about this ” is seriously creepy! Has no one else noticed that getti ng her permission isn’t even asvised? Women are warned about guys like this, usually by women who have been victimized themselves.

    • PUA Training says

      Marisa, what the hell are you on about? This has nothing to do with rape. Firstly if you ever ask a girls permission, you will get shot down… because it’s a needy thing to do, every guy has experienced this at some point, why? Because women are “warned” to be good girls, not sleep around and are socially pressured by their annoying friends .. even by their overly protective dads.

      Secondly there isn’t ANY trickery involved, it’s being a dominant man (which is what women want) at no point should a guy continue to have sex with a girl if she says (and means) NO. But most girls won’t say no… they will say things like “I’m not sure about this” or “I’m not that kind of girl” which means in crazy girl jargon (I really want to have sex with you, but I don’t want to look like a slut.. please keep dong what you’re doing because my barriers will drop soon).

      I guarantee you if you were in the same situation you would go along with it if you found the guy attractive and liked him (trusted him).

      Oh and one last thing Marisa… NEVER EVER give ANY advice to guys you know on the subject of sex or dating… you’re advice is what is making guys turn into wimps these days.

      • BOOM!

      • Spot the Fuck on.

      • PUA Training-

        To debunk any myths about how we feel. When a girl says no, she’s not sure, etc, etc. She probably feels one or more of the following… 1. Scared 2. Wanting to wait but wanting feel like she needs your approval and you to like her (low self-esteem) 3. Wanting to wait and get to know you better, feel committed, safe and close to you (secure girl/woman and the most likely answer)

        I’m not dissing the training. I’m in love with the fact that men are learning to do great things in bed with women they care about – Exciting! :) And we appreciate it.

        Just feel sad in seeing some men may want to use this as a sport and devalue the whole act in order to win a game.

        I hope you all find true love. And enjoy the sex both physically and spiritually with your new or future mate.


    • how stupid do you feel? haha

  11. Tried your technique it worked lol!!!!!! But the sex wasnt good tho

  12. I guess I’m a natural then, I had a girl over 2days ago and I did the same exact thing even b4 I read this…

  13. I have a situation where i have been visiting the same female over and over again. We occasionally have sex on her terms.( I am talking once a month!) But no matter how hard I try to have sex when I want too…She pushes me away and tells me “no” or makes excuses not too…and I wind up going home without…I really want to get this situation going to where I can have sex with her every time with no failure…Any advise?..She tell’s me its not my performance and Its not me and that its her…of course i think its a lie…What can I do to make it practically where she desires me and I get lucky..daily

    • PUA Training says

      Learn some new skills and try them out on her the next time you’re with her, then let her know you’re seeing other girls (even if you’re not) so that she starts to get worried that she might lose you. Remember people respond well to things they can’t have or they place more of a value on something that might not always be there. So when she invites you round for the second time, you could say “Actually I’m out tonight with a friend… maybe next time though.” then cut the convo short and make her think about you.

      • PUA is spot on right here. Make her feel like you have other things to do besides being at her beckon call. Don’t be a dick about it but just state it in a way that makes it seem like you are not just sitting around waiting for her. I had a woman who actually thought I was trying to see her too much so I backed off and said well let’s try being friends and basically didn’t even call her for a few weeks. After that she sent me an e-mail inviting me to a party for singles and then admitted that me not calling her kept her thinking of me and the next day we had sex. Now she is the one calling and texting me every day begging me to come over and have sex. but I still keep it cool sometimes and say I have prior plans just to keep her guessing.

  14. It has happened to me three times now that we are both naked, making out, and they start with “we shouldn´t, this is not right, Im married, etc…”. My game has been to always keep cool and say “I am not going to do anything you don´t wan to do” and things like that and keep trying to get her so succumb, but again, more than once they end up standing up suddenly saying “this is wrong and I need to go” and they get out of the bed, take their clothes and leave. In your opinion what goes wrong? Where did it start going wrong? One tends to think “oh she is already naked in bed and making out, nothing can go wrong now”, but it can.

    • PUA Training says

      I’m married? Haha. I think you need to say one thing and do another. So you should say, come up for some tea (or coffee, whatever) then when they say “I’m not having sex” you say “What? No way, we’re just having tea… no sex” then do everything in the video but with tea and touch them as much as possible (cuddle them etc). With every objection should come with you saying “I don’t want to have sex, we’re just chilling…”.

  15. Thanks for sharing, these are spot on. Been using most of them with success, the only one I’ve never really thought about is taking her straight to the bedroom. May be partly because I live in a smaller open concept condo and the strategy you described wouldn’t be as effective. Any tips for my situation?

    • PUA Training says

      Kick everyone out or get a new place on your own dude.

      • Been living on my own for a while now…

        • PUA Training says

          Ah sorry, thought you meant with other folks. What’s the problem with it being open though? Have the props ready and make sure she sits on the bed BEFORE sitting on the coach. That way it won’t be such an awkward moment getting her from the couch to the bed.

  16. I like seeing live demos of stuff like this. Bring more videos out, really fun to watch.

  17. So, I have this BFF that is moving in with me and I have more than BFF feelings for her. She, however is wanting to be just BFF. We have not discussed this and I have been the one showing all of the affection with no signs of affection from her. So what would you recommend to entice her to think differently ?

    • PUA Training says

      If she’s living with you it will be too easy. Just be very flirty and pull back, keep flirting over several weeks (touch her, talk to her about her fantasies etc) then get REALLY sexual when you’re drunk on a night out. You’re both going back to the same place, so she’ll definitely sleep with you. Oh and stop calling her your BFF..

      • if by ‘affection’ you mean ‘kissing her ass’ stop that too…let her feel that you don’t give a damn, that you think she’s kind of a silly girl…but at the same time be flirty with her and drop sexual comments.

        And for God sakes, do NOT reveal your feelings for her and expect her to reciprocate, unless you happen to be a character in a cheesy Rom-Com flick!

        By the way—do realize there’s a huge chance of this all blowing up in your face in one way or another. For one—she’s your room mate now, If you crash/burn coming on to her its going to be awkward as well. On the other hand, she could fall for you —now you have a live-in girlfriend who shits in the same toilet as you….are you really ready for that?

  18. Regarding the point where both of your clothes are off and you are naked, you can say let’s play just a tip. Essentially, you hover the tip of your penis around the vagina to massage the clit, but don’t stick it in. This will get the girl turned on.

  19. Great stuff. I wanna say that if a girl is coming to my place
    There’s a reason for it. The only times I didn’t get laided is bc
    I was being a AFC

  20. So I’ve got a roommate, the guy is a total dick when it comes to me bringing girls over. I rarely do and more often then not they are relatives that I am catching up with; obviously I feel no attraction to them. However I would like some tips on how to get a girl to take you back to her place. If you could email me that would be great and if you could explain some more stealth attraction stuff that would be greatly appreciated as well.


    • PUA Training says

      Tough one… you need the right type of girl OR you need to build enough attraction with her, that she doesn’t care where you are. Let’s say it’s coming to the end of the night and you’re both sexually attracted to one another. Bring her close and say “So where do you live?”, when she answers… so to her “Well I live really far from there, why don’t we head back to yours?”. Wait for a minute… she should say yes if you’ve done everything right. But she might say no, which means you either haven’t built enough rapport, she’s living with her parents or she has roommates which are cock blocks.

      • For this one you have to be lucky: You never know whether she lives alone, or with parents, or even how her possible flatmates are like. If you haven’t probed for this (very subtle! as part of a normal conversation) early on, it gets awkward to have this conversation when you are both about to leave a club.

        What has worked for me during my time I would live outside of the city, I would go for the bullshit baffles brains here and just continue talking (non-sexual!) bullshit. Beware: your energy must be exactly right in order for her to genuinely believe that you (both) are just so into your story that you just happened to end up at her doorstep.

  21. I have a hard time to get her to transition for a blow job ! any advice ?

    • PUA Training says

      If it’s a one night stand and you want a BJ, you need to lead the way and go down on her first, then she feels obliged to replay the favour. If you are just asking her to chow down without building any sexual tention or offering anything to her first, then it’s obvious she won’t do anything. Unless she REALLY loves giving head.

    • Not sure about getting down on her first, you are the man so you lead. A lot of woman feel very uncomfortably when getting, especially if she doesn’t trust you yet. Get her horny though, use your hands, spank her a bit, you need to be a little dominant. Put her hands on your good spots. Don’t push her down into you, just lay her down, kiss and then raise yourself up so her mouth is now near your machinery. Help her escalate on you. And: please freshen up before, if you’re smelly you will get nowhere. Moan, groan, tell her she’s your girl and she makes you so horny.

      By-the-way: Richard is THE BEST! I’m a great fan of his work and would definitely recommend it to you. You will get fast and solid results consistently if you have the guts to upgrade your game and push your comfort level. Guaranteed.

      • You could overcome this by instead of directly going down on her, to kiss her first around that area, you can notice from her reaction while kissing there if she feels comfortable with it or not..

  22. Awesome dude :), I always wanted to know how to go about it at that stage. Well the concern i have is that the house that am living in is quite a mess and frankly can ‘t be arsed to tidy it up, as am usually busy, do you reckon this could be a deal breaker regarding women still want to have sex ?. How did you get her to come to your place in the first place, what if you don’t have interesting stuff, please provide examples….

    • PUA Training says

      Yes it’s an issue. Get a cleaner to come around 2 times a week to keep it tidy if you can’t be bothered. How do you think it makes you look if a girl comes back and your place is a mess? Not a good look. They need to feel comfortable from the moment they step in the front door.

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