Testogen Review: Are These The Best Testosterone Pills For Men Or Is It A Scam? [WITH PHOTOS]

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Could this really be the best supplement on the market?

In this Testogen review I explore the effects that this testosterone booster had on my body over a 30 day period. Nothing changed in my diet or the way I workout, I simply began taking Testogen and monitored the changes in my body. The results are pretty damn incredible if you ask me!

My in-depth testogen review

Over the past several years, I’ve been experimenting with different ways of boosting my testosterone levels.

Why? Well to put it simply, because I feel more manly, strong and confident when my testosterone is elevated.

I’m very happy with my dating life (going out with a smoking hot aerobics instructor) and can’t complain about my work. However when it comes to health, I’m very obsessed and overly keen to try anything that will help to boost my testosterone and make me stronger.

Testogen Bottle - Front

Beast in a bottle… it really does work!

I came across Testogen a few months back, after a friend sent me an email about it.

“Try this…” the subject of the email read.

The email itself contained just a link and nothing else.

Intrigued by the claims, I decided to give it a go. So I ordered a stack of Testogen (3 bottles) which would last me 3 months.

On arrival the bottles looked as I’d expected, the pills were of normal size and I was very eager to get started.

Below is a short recap over a four week (30 day) period of how I felt physically/mentally at the time… followed by a before and after shot.

Week 1

  • Physical: No change. I feel the same as last week. Finding it harder to train in the mornings, so will switch to evenings.
  • Mental: I feel great. Can’t complain, no real difference that I can notice in my mental performance.

Week 2

  • Physical: Definitely noticing a change in my strength. I usually feel more tired after a workout, but I’m recovering quicker. Veins are showing on my biceps which I’ve never seen before.
  • Mental: Feeling much more alert and less tired in the mornings. Usually I’m croggy before the first cup of coffee.

Week 3

  • Physical: BOOM. I’m feeling stronger than I’ve ever felt. I’ve been lifting 10 lbs more than I usually lift without the dull aching muscles the next morning. This is awesome.
  • Mental: Wow, I am actually sleeping less and getting more done. My concentration has improved also, so I can focus on boring tasks with ease.

Week 4

  • Physical: Holy crap, my muscles are popping all over the place. I feel like the hulk right now, never been this big or in shape before. Are those my abs?? I think so!
  • Mental: My mind is clear, focus is laser sharp, creativity is at an all time high. I just feel so mentally strong it’s unreal.
Before And After

Me (Karl Swansen) after just 30 days on Testogen. Crazy testosterone production.

So as you can see, by the fourth week I was both physically and mentally on point. Testogen is without a doubt one of the best testosterone pills for men that I’ve used to date.

How it works

Over the counter testosterone supplements work differently to prescribed treatments or even hormone replacement therapy for men. So it’s important to keep that in mind before anything.

Testogen works by increasing the natural production of testosterone in your body. Usually you can do this through eating right and not doing certain things like masterbating, but for most guys a supplement is just a much easier option.

All you do is take a daily dose of 1 to 2 capsules (no more than 4), usually with a meal and the formula takes care of everything else.

Why it works

Testogen is contains 6 main ingredients and is formulated to provide men with every type of natural ingredient they need to boost their testosterone levels quickly.

Natural ingredients like Zinc Gluconate, D-Aspartic Acid and Vitamin D have all been proven in clinical trials over the years to help increase your testosterone.

The older you get, the more you need to work on boosting your levels of testosterone, because as men it unfortunately declines as we get older. The graph below illustrates this…

Testosterone Graph

Ugh, saggy man boobs and a hunch back when you’re 70, not thanks. Boost testosterone levels before you get there.

Pros (what I like)

  • More alert – My head is so clear and alert that I’m able to process a lot more information now. Before, I would read a sentence and then forget it moments later.
  • Concentration is a amazing – I can concentrate for way longer than I could before. Now it’s at least an hour, before it was maybe 5 minutes. Crazy.
  • Recovery times have shortened – No more pain the next day where I can’t lift my arms! I feel ready to go with every session, almost no pain in my muscles.
  • Increased weights quickly – My strength has almost doubled, I’m adding more weight with every set and I can lift, where as before I wouldn’t be able to. Very pumped about this!
  • Hornier? Didn’t know this would be a side effect, but damn… I’m hornier than I’ve ever been. My girlfriend is VERY happy. I’m even lasting longer in bed than I used to be able to.

Cons (what I didn’t like)

  • More pills? I felt like for the money I could have gotten more pills in the pot. Half was pills and the rest was cotton to keep the pills in place.
  • My pee was bright green – I’m not sure why, but my pee was a bright luminance green colour. I drink a ton of water, so it was definitely the pills that did this. I read that this is the body flushing out the unwanted nutrients. But still a bit odd.

Testogen vs Crazy Bulk

Crazy bulk has been crowned the best testosterone stack on the market and for good reason too, it’s an amazing supplement and by far one of the best testosterone boosters out there.

However after trying both, I think Testogen wins by far. It’s less expensive, you feel the effects within the first week (Crazy Bulk took 18 days in total) and you don’t have any aggression kick backs. I felt as though I was more aggressive when taking Crazy Bulk.

Get your bottle now

Most common questions

  • Is Testogen a scam?

    I read a bunch of reviews online before deciding to buy and I can assure you that after trying this supplement out for myself, it's not a scam. They provide real supplements that in my view work and I can see myself using them for a very long time.

  • Are there any side effects?

    Not from what I can see, I've only tested the product for a month. I did read a few forum reviews where some guys experienced hair growth where they didn't have hair before. However they didn't say if they were mixing supplements or even taking somewhat shady products like roids that have been linked to hair growth spurts.

    Warning: If you are searching for the magic pill that solves all your problems and take your testosterone levels sky high overnight, this product isn't for you. To get the best results, you need to be living a healthy lifestyle. That means no fast food or binge drinking on the weekends.

  • Why do I need worry about testosterone?

    Simple answer is because as a man, it’s VITAL. Here’s just a few things that will happen to you if you don’t watch your T-levels.

    • Low sex drive and no desire for any porn
    • Terrible erections
    • Hair loss (yes, you really will start to go bald)
    • Fatigue and the feeling of low energy
    • Lower muscle mass
    • Memory loss (where are my keys?)
    • Higher body fat
    • Signs of depression

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Final thoughts (Testogen Review Round Up)

If you’re feeling weak, tired, frustrated with zero gains in the gym and not like a man… I would recommend you give Testogen a try. I absolutely LOVE IT! I’m definitely going to stick with it for the next few months to see if I keep seeing gains and if the health benefits stay.

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