How To Last Longer In Bed And Not Cum So Fast Without Using Crazy Gimmicks


She will LOVE you for it.

WAIT! Before we get into it. If you’re serious about getting this problem solved, then I highly recommend you check this out.

Keep busting your nut too early?

Yep. Premature ejaculation sucks dude and you need to put a stop to this craziness before you start getting bad mouthed by girls who gossip too much.

Nope… you don’t even need stamina pillows.

Before we get onto exactly how you can last longer in bed and not cum fast, picture this scenario for a minute…

You’re out with your friends in a swanky bar, it’s a Friday night and everyone’s on a high because it’s the weekend.

After scoping out the joint, you spot a cutie at the bar, so you swoop over to do your thaaaaang.

She eats up your killer opener, laughs at your jokes and is eating out the palm of your hand…

Man you’re on fire tonight!

You’ve been flirting with this beautiful chick (definitely the cutest in the place) for a few hours now and she seems REALLY into you.

After about an hour more of kissing… fondling and dirty talking you invite her back to your place.

She’s game and you both hop in a taxi… leaving your friends wondering what the hell happend.

In the taxi home she’s getting even more turned on and she can’t stop touching your dick… kissing your neck and whispering in your ear how much she wants to bang you.

By now you’re seriously horny and you can’t wait to get in the frikkin apartment.

After throwing the money at the taxi driver… stumbling through the front door kissing her, you head straight for the front room….

Oh yeah… it’s the couch tonight baby!

You both fall onto the couch, racing to get undressed…

With one hand on your zipper and the other grabbing that unused 3 year old condom from your wallet… you masterfully whack it on your rock hard penis and stick it in.

She’s moaning… groaning and saying things that you just wouldn’t be able to repeat to your friends (f**k me big boy! harder!), when all of a sudden…


You shoot your load…

She looks up at you with a baffled look on her face as if to say “Are you f**king serious? I came all this way for 42 seconds of magic??!”.

You go red faced and mutter some form of apology, whilst she awkwardly slips on her skinny jeans and makes an excuse to leave….

Has this happened to you before?

Ok, so maybe not in exactly the same way, but I’m damn sure you’ve suffered from premature ejaculation at some point right?

Don’t worry dude, 30% of men have it and up to a HUGE 70% of men experience it at some point during their life. Bonkers.

So today I wanted to address this issue and teach you exactly how to last longer in bed with all natural methods that I’ve learned from a few pros over the years.

Let’s get jiggy…

Here’s how to last longer in bed (20+ minutes, seriously!)

Why most premature ejaculation products and tricks don’t work

So there are TONS of premature ejaculation products and quick tricks that claim to increase your stamina in bed. The sad fact is, they are short term fixes and most of them actually don’t do a thing.

Here’s the worst ones:

  • Pills – Just for the record. There are no pills on the market that will stop you from releasing early. You’ve seen the ads “Boost male stamina today” blah blah, but they’re all hype I’m afraid, designed to make money… not cure a problem.
  • Numbing creams – This is a bad move for both of you. Yes they can work for a very short while… like a few minutes, but they also numb her too so she can’t even orgasm! Waste of time.
  • Masturbating before sex – This is something you’re friend will tell you in school and will kinda make sense for a moment or two… until you ACTUALLY do it. Not only will you be tired from the first pop, you won’t achieve a full and intense orgasm on the second pop, so it’s pointless doing this. Plus some guys can only ejaculate once a day.
  • Medical procedures – There are some guys (less than 1%) that genuinely need surgery to help them with PE. For most other guys though it’s a mental issue, so don’t even think about going under the knife without trying the techniques below!

3 ways to increase your stamina in bed… tonight

Ok, so now you know what doesn’t work, let’s discuss what does work and the 3 proven ways you can increase stamina in bed, starting from today.

1. Work on your pubococcygeus muscle (PC Muscle)

Your PC muscle is what helps to control the intensity of your orgasms and the the ejaculation stage itself, by flexing the PC muscle.

Meaning you can stop yourself from shooting too early, if you work out this muscle daily and learn to control it. It can also induce a full climax WITHOUT ejaculating.

The best way to work out this muscle is by doing what are known as Kegel exercises, which were developed by a guy called Arnold Kegel.

This is how to do them:

  • Find the muscle – The next time you want to pee, try stopping yourself mid flow. Sounds strange but the flexing you did to stop you from peeing is the same flexing you need to work out the muscle. Another way to tell if you’re flexing it right is by making your erection go up and down. This is going to target the PC area and can also strengthen your erection.
  • Flex the muscle daily – Take 10 minutes a day to flex this muscle, just flex… hold for 5 seconds and release. Do as many reps as you can in 10 minutes and then do the same thing the next day.

2. Triple the amount of foreplay you have

Hold on a minute, foreplay won’t make me last longer will it? Actually yes it will. By introducing triple the amount of foreplay before penetrating her, will affect you in two different ways:

  • Lowers sexual excitement – Without foreplay the idea of you having sex with a girl and being inside her is just far too exciting and mentally stimulating, which increases the chance of you blowing your load. The longer you spend on foreplay, the less likely you are to get too excited too quickly.
  • Make the girl orgasm a lot more – Most women can’t actually orgasm without foreplay, so the longer you spend getting her turned on and wet, the better it will be for you, because it won’t matter whether you last for 10 minutes… she’ll still achieve an orgasm in that time because you used some killer foreplay techniques and learned how to eat her pussy.

3. Pull and squeeze

This is an easy one, but works a treat, so make sure you use it.

The next time you’re inside a girl and you feel yourself about to blow… take it out, squeeze the head for 5 seconds with your forefinger and thumb, wait for the sensation to go.

Once it’s gone, get down to business again.

It’s more or less a quick fix, but it still gets the job done.

A Short term fix for impatient men

If you’re just far too lazy to use the Kegel exercises or even do any kind of foreplay (you’re a naughty selfish boy) then you should give “Stamina condoms” a try.

They have a special lubricant inside the that numbs your little guy, helping you last alot longer than you normally would. Go for something like Durex Performax and you should be fine.

I’d also suggest that if it ever happens say something like “wow, I was so turned on there, give me a few mins and we’ll go again, but you are sooo sexy I just couldn’t control myself”. I think she’ll be cool with it.

You can also try just slowing way down for a bit and usually focusing on her pleasure over yours can help. Even pulling out and licking her a little can do the trick.

So how long should you be lasting in bed?

Well there isn’t a set time unfortunately… however the answer is simple.

You need to last as long as it takes for you to give a girl a penetrative orgasm. In terms of time, it will be different for EVERY woman.

Some women can orgasm in 5 minutes, whilst others can take 30 minutes or more. For most however it will be around the 15-20 minute mark. It can also be much quicker if you do the foreplay right.

Conclusion: How to not cum fast

Here’s a rundown of what you need to do:

  • Do Kegal exerices daily
  • Use the pull and squeeze method during intercourse
  • Use more foreplay before sex and get her off
  • Grab some stamina condoms, if you can’t be bothered with foreplay

So that’s how to last longer in bed and finally put a STOP to premature ejaculation.

Have these techniques worked for you? Let me know below…

Male Pornstars Use This Secret To Last Longer

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  1. j have to Disagree with the 1st technique masturbation before has helped me and it was more intense the second time

    • PUA Training says

      Then kudos to you Nathan! You must be a young buck or have a huge sex drive, most guys over the age of 18 won’t be able to do this. Some can, but most won’t. The second orgasm will always be less intense.

  2. I wonder ,after reading these kinda comments, that iv any sexual problem . i haven’t done any exercise nor i use any technique . despite that i last for not less than 60 minutes intercourse with condom, and 30 minutes without it. Iv never consulted a doctor. Can you tell me what issue possibly could be with me??

  3. josephjobbos says

    is masturbating frequently good?

  4. Hi I also have problem with ejaculating to fast! Will it help me last longer if I practise keagels dayly cause when I get realy horny with my girlfriend I know I’m not gona last long and must I masterbate still to also try and improve the lasting longer in bed?

  5. Question: When a man cums do you feel the same pc flexing as you do when you stopping your pee? I dont have any kids and for some reason i think its because of the pc flexing that happens during my ejculation. Do all men feels the same thing during nutting

  6. keith johnson says

    thank u so much for this post….. um going through this problems, early ejaculation lasting about only 2 minutes. its bugging me a lot because i tend to think um not normal. my previous girlfriend she would complaine like everytime we hd sex. thank u fellows will to follow these tips, but i have a question does masturbation before sex rilly can help to last long??

  7. Hi ive recently started seeing a lady friend and never had this problem before for the first week sleeping together I could last long enuff to make her come 4 times but now i come before she can even once its realy bugging me and her and dont want it to affect how things go with her I dont no what to do or what to try all I want to do is make her scream but as of lately I cant please help !!!!

  8. Iv tried the pc muscle excercises they don’t work my ejaculations are too strong to stop

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve stared dating someone with this problem, but I know he tries. He’s embarrassed about it (I can def tell) so I have taken the initiative to look up solutions and this post is by far the best I’ve come across. Thank you for posting this.
    Do you have any advice on the best way to approach a man with this issue? I don’t want to hurt his feelings.
    Thanks again.

  10. Mike Walters says

    Great article

  11. Do not, and I repeat DO NOT do regular kegels. They will only make the problems worse. What you need to do is something called “reverse kegels”. This is the exact opposite. What you will need to do is push like you are farting instead of squeezing like you’re holding your urine. I can promise you, you will have success this way. DO NOT attempt regular kegels , these should only be done when you are ready to multiple orgasm.

    Reverse kegels is a stretching technique that will help you relax your PC muscles. You also need to focus on arousal control as most of the time the problem isn’t even physical, it’s all completely mental. Trust me on this.

    Go ahead and read up on reverse kegels you’ll be amazed.

    Best of luck to all of you.

  12. should i stop the flow of pee everyday when am urinating or how can i do the kegel exercises…am afraid i might be suffering from PE because i used to masterbate alot and normally bust after 2/3 mins>>>am 19

  13. Ron Seansea says

    It’s tough being a young man who deals with PE. It’s embarrassing when I climax before a girl does. I did research and tried out a product called Promescent. I can last longer and can drive the women I am with to better orgasms then I ever had been able to before.

  14. Does this exercise have any side/harmful effects???
    I mean some chances that I control my PE to such extent that I don’t come while making love???
    Please do reply….

  15. Socialkenny PUA says

    LMAO hilarious photo @ the top of the post. Made me almost spill my coffee!

    I wrote about this not long ago, how to delay pre-mature ejaculation.

    1 of the best tips is masturbating before actual sex. It doesn’t have to be exactly before (which is a bad idea), but at least 2 hours prior.

  16. Respect, respect, respect. For not being selfish or for even asking for monetary contribution. I’ve been searching for years, for a result to solve my PE problems its been very frustrating not been able to go for more than a minute and not blowing off, not to mention my wife. I’ve already started the exercise. Will let you know the result.
    On behalf of millions of male out there,
    Thanks again man.

  17. Hey I have this strange problem that when I’m kissing and foreplaying I’m very aroused but by the the time i put on the condom i get like not soft but not hard. Also i stick it in And i don’t know if its the warmth of vagina but i just ejaculate after a few strokes. Do the exercises really work? This is really embarrassing..

    • Ask her to put on condom while you continue the foreplay, you trying to get back your errection causes faster ejaculation

  18. i was lasting like an hour plus previously. i was awesome in bed. until lately i have been having sex for like a 2 months because my girl was away for work. now when she’s back i come too easily and it is indeed very disappointing having nt being able to satisfy her like before.. HELP ME

  19. Well 42 seconds is an acheivment in my eyes, I usually spunk my load before she pulls the donger out. It started very young, at a church visit with primary school a young girl leaned over gave me a little smile and touched my knee, before you knew it a warm shot of creamy lovejuice was dribbling down my leg and I had to walk out highly embarrassed. im afraid it has not got any better since, my girlfriends have all been understanding but I need to start giving them something back. I have studied your guide and will be flexing them pb muscles daily, how long do you think it will take to see results? Regards David Bowers.

  20. The food that you eat really matters if you want to improve your sex life. A balanced diet means that your body will be healthy and able to perform all functions normally, sex being included. You should avoid eating junk food and taking lots of alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. Instead, you should ensure that your diet constitutes of foods that give you energy such as vegetables and proteins.

  21. I can fully testify to #1 – Kegels. Seriously guys, they’re not just for women. We need to do them! BTW I love the picture for this article!

  22. ur suggestions r amazing I”LL foolow all of it

  23. PC muscle is not that weak but I am still working it out. Now how exactly do you use/flex the muscle during sex in order to last longer? Do you squeeze as you get closer to finishing or what. Silly question, but just wanna get all the details so I know I am doing everything right

  24. Very nice tips, I’ve been doing the Kegal’s for a while now (before i saw this post) and i don’t know if its because of them, but i last as long as i want in bed. (I’m not kidding)
    I’m just going to make a list of some useful tips i’d like to share, that have helped me.
    1. Make sure you start out SLOW, don’t put it and and then go SUPER fast, because you will blow it fast.
    2. You can also pull out and use your hands/tongue to pleasure her while you “Calm down” a bit.
    3. Another tip is to have her on top, it helps out a lot with being able to control yourself.
    4. Wearing condoms also helps take the sesitivity out of your penis, helping you last 2-3x as long.
    5. Bite on your tongue or your lip to help your mind think of something else (in this case you’ll think about the pain) when you’re having trouble and “coming close.”

    Good luck lasting longer :)

  25. Is it natural to premature ejaculate from a girl rubbing herself against you? I mean it takes me around 1 hour of sex for me to ejaculate but when easy stuff like this approaches I give in easily…will this method still work for me though? ive been doing it daily for 3 days now so I wanna know if it even works for my problem?

  26. bayman691 says

    i try that one about (PC Muscle) but when i stop the flow pee this is some i dont think i ever done but when i did for the frist time i start to bleed a bet is this normal or am i doing some thing rong?

    • Hi bayman,
      no, this is definitely not normal, there should be no blood. What exactly have you done?

    • Your suppose to practice it with no pee and the holding your pee part was just an example for you to find the PC muscle that holds your cum. Exercise your PC muscle without piss because maybe thats what you did wrong.

  27. is the monohydrate creatine over the counter meds?

  28. One thing I find works really well, but I don’t suggest picking it up just to last longer. However if you smoke Marijuana then have a joint to yourself before you have sex and it will help immensely. My last gf made me stop smoking joints before sex because it was to long for her.

  29. i kinda have a weird problem i tend to last 30mins to an hour during the day and only around 2-5 mins at night now im utterly and totaly attracted to my wife but when it comes around bed time im pathetic ive been doing the kegal exercises for many years i mean i can stop and go stop and go as many times as i want but as soon as the moon comes out im worthless in bed ive treid everything from condoms to extended foreplay and kegal but it never seems to work i might be able to hold off for a couple more mins if that but my orgasms basically sucker punch me at bed time when i orgasm during the day they are intense orgasms but at night 2-3 mins in BAM i done and out for the count can you please help me maybe give me some advice idk what it is but me and my wife are both suffering from it

  30. hi.. i have been doing pc muscle exercise frm last few months
    but i cudnt see any change during my sex.. i only last for 1 min
    sometimes not even that …cud u plz tell me some effective

    • Slow down a lil when you feel the urge pull out and kiss her while your holding her close. Repeat till you know she came then shoot your load.

  31. When im having sex with my girl friend, im just blow within 1 minutes even if i have made a foreplay. I put my mind on what im doing. Wher did u find that PC muscle?

    • Its the muscle that makes u feel you can holds your piss back so its the same one that will hold your cum back. Exercise the PC muscle by holding yourself back without piss/cum when you have the time.

  32. Who’s the girl in the picture?

  33. Hey I have a huge problem going on with this whole PE problem.I could last an hour sometimes but most of the times I bust like 5 to 10min.its a huge problem cause I go in thinking ima last an hour n I bust in in desperate need of help this has cause me a lot of embarrassing moments.any ideas of what I could do?

  34. So let me get this straight. You pee in her? Then squeeze her orgasm muscles before you cum? And then this will take up more time? Then you blow your load

  35. Hello!
    Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you for posting this. It’s great.
    My question is about controling the PC muscle. Do you try contracting it while
    inside her, and making the stop pee motion or the exercises itself make you last longer?

  36. I have tried all the above and I see any changes. Goog job

  37. Stanger Danger says

    Along with kegels, you need to work on reverse kegels. I kegel when I’m trying to get some power and distance on release heh. When doing reverse kegels you actually relax all the muscles from the PC to anus while taking a deep breath from your diaphram. I find that works better for me.

  38. Can u explain more what u mean about foreplay,and as for the pee I hope there is no disadvantage bcos my own case is totally different I av been doing well in bed at a time every thing was like a dream like I cnt even last up to 3minutes again and my girl really complaining about ds and I cnt help it.plzzz I really need ur help urgently..

    • by foreplay he means all the teasing, sucking, rubbing and all other kinds of stimulation you and your partner do before sex. by tripling the time he means spend a good 5 or 10 or more minutes before sex turning your partner on before you begin, doing this will help bring her to her peak sooner and calm you down( possibly on an unconcious level) about nutting early.
      I know what you mean about being a former champion in bed and having it turn bad, i’m in that same boat man. This implies the root of our problem is mostly psychological. PE is driven primarily by psychological factors, controllable ones. Doing the keagles DAILY( doing one or two long sessions a day is better than 6 or 7 short ones), masturbating on a DAILY basis(for 15+ minutes without orgasming or stopping for an extended period)
      these arent overnight fixes though, it may be days(or if you’re like me weeks) before you can see any noticeable results. Probably the single best thing you can do for yourself is to quit fixating on your problem, it sounds stupid but the more you play the issue up in your head the faster you’ll orgasm.
      good luck out there guys.

      and don’t be stingy with your newfound knowledge re-post this info elswhere and help others out who are struggling with this same issue

  39. I have tried all the above but i dont see any changes. Can you do me a favour by prescribing me a drug (cream) that will enable me satisfy my girl friend for a day? Otherwise, fighting in the bed room will not stop

    • I bought the extreme stamina product by Jason Julius, so here’s another tip. You can even try this when masturbating. You’ll notice as you become closer to cumming that your muscles tend to stiffen up. The key to controlling the PC muscle is to relax it during sex. That’s how you last longer. So when you feel yourself stiffening up, take some deep breaths, but make sure you breathe through your diaphragm, not just shallow chest breaths. This will put you in a “calm arousal” state that will allow you to last longer. Guys get too excited about sex. It isn’t a big deal. So relax and just be present in the moment. That will help immensely

  40. I have found that this does help a little bit. I am a 10 second cummer. I improved from 10 seconds to 2 minutes. For some reason, my dick is hyper sensitive when it gets into the vagina. However, I realize that when I work out and take creatine monohydrate. I have lasted 10 to 15 minutes, even 20 minutes. You don’t even have to work out; I would just take some creatine and do some pushups. The results were pretty instantaneous for me. It is a naturally occurring amino acid– you can get it at GNC. You should try it out. For some reason, it makes my dick less sensitive to the vagina and I won’t be a 10 second cummer.

  41. Thank you very much for providing this informative post. It’s worth more than millions of dollar. As I was reading through I saw myself in the picture and felt you were like a doctor diagnosing my case exactly as it is! I’ve had this problem for years not knowing what to do. It has caused me lots of embarrassment and frustration. Just as I got through reading on the Kegel exercises, I felt like peeing and thought this was the right time to experiment it! I did try, though, with difficulties but what impresses me most is the fact that almost all the methods are natural and anyone who means well for himself will definitely try them out because there is no cost attached. I can’t wait to see myself getting over this problem of premature ejaculation. I’ll ever remain grateful to you for this wonderful post.

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