5 Things Women Do That Men Absolutely Hate

It’s a common refrain from Cosmo, Alpha XR, and other mainstream sites: constant complaints from women about things men do that they hate.

Things Men Hate

Do you agree fellas?

From growing beards to playing video games to not answering texts quickly enough, there’s a laundry list of things that supposedly annoy women like crazy.

But what do men think? Contrary to what the mainstream media may claim, there are a lot of things that women do that men can’t stand. Here’s a list of the top things that women do that annoy men to no end and how women can fix them.

1. Excessive Choosiness

Excessive Choosiness

Relax gurrrrl.. you’re not THAT hot.

No one expects women to date men that they find unattractive. We all have free choice in the dating market. However, thanks to technology and the you-go-grrl mentality, women these days have an excessively high opinion of themselves.

Instagram and other social media networks give women an inflated sense of their attractiveness by enabling them to gain attention from men around the world, gassing up their egos and keeping them from appreciating men in real lives.

It’s true that there are a lot of men who are unappealing to women either due to their physical slovenliness, boring personalities, lack of ambition, or other factors.

But smartphone addiction and dating apps like Tinder make it easy for women to reject high-quality men, all in search of something better that never comes.

Ladies, it may be difficult, but you need to come back down to Earth on this issue. Stop searching for the perfect man, because he doesn’t exist.

If a man has a lot of good qualities, don’t reject him because he doesn’t match up to the unrealistic vision in your head. If a man is willing to forgive your flaws, you should be willing to do the same.

2. Flakiness


Keep waiting dude, she’s not coming.

Ever since the first woman gave a fake phone number to a man she wasn’t interested in, men have complained about female flakiness. Women who won’t respond to texts or phone calls or who don’t show up to dates are the bane of a man’s existence.

It’s utterly puzzling; again, no one’s saying women should be forced to date men they’re not interested in, but not showing up to a date you agreed to go on or not answering text messages is rude and unacceptable.

When women are asked why they do things like this, they’ll claim it’s because they don’t want to hurt the man’s feelings. But what’s more hurtful: rejecting a man off the bat so he can find a woman who is interested in him or wasting his time by leading him on?

Ladies, if you’re not turned on by a guy, just tell him. His ego may be bruised, but that’s better than tricking him into spending his finite time on a woman who isn’t interested in him.

3. Arrogance


Calm down dear!

For some reason, modern women—particularly women in Western countries—think that being bossy, obnoxious, and rude is a turn-on for men. It’s all well and good to be proud of your career and accomplishments, but many women think that men find their college degrees and job titles to be their primary value. They aren’t.

Relationships aren’t formed based on corporate promotions or purchases, but on shared interests and chemistry. Women who act nurturing, caring, and interested will get much further than ones who treat dating like a game of brinksmanship, where the person who shows more emotion loses.

Being needlessly adversarial pushes away good men, leaving behind either the ones who are too spineless to stand up for themselves or too sociopathic to care about social graces. You’re not in junior high and he’s not trying to yank your pigtails to show that he likes you. Being open about your feelings will always get you farther than hiding them.

4. Being a Drama Queen

Drama Queen

Relax you queen… you’re not special.

Newsflash, ladies: you’re not the star of a soap opera, where some dramatic twist has to occur every episode to keep people tuning in. You’re a human being surrounded by other human beings who have real problems, and they don’t need to deal with your manufactured nonsense on top of it.

Women who insist on blowing problems out of proportion are major headaches for anyone who has to deal with them, including the men they date. At the extreme end, women with cluster-B personality disorders such as BPD (borderline personality disorder) are walking disasters, bringing misery and anarchy wherever they go. These girls show many characteristics of a broken woman and you should avoid them at all costs.

Ladies, every time you’re thinking about making a mountain out of a molehill, ask yourself how you would feel if your man was freaking out over every little thing. Be an adult and resolve problems through rationality and communication.

5. Not Being Communicative

Not Being Communicative

Errr… hello darling?!

“If you don’t know why I’m upset, I’m not telling you!” is a cliché, but that’s only because it describes how a lot of women behave.

They expect men to be mind-readers, reading the tea leaves of their emotions and getting angry when they can’t divine anything from the mess. This is childish and unproductive.

If you have a problem with something your man is or isn’t doing, it’s not his job to play Twenty Questions until he stumbles on the right answer.

While no one has an excuse for being inattentive, if you have an issue with your man, it’s your job to tell him so he can fix it. A side benefit of this is that if you tell him what the problem is, he has no excuse for not doing something about it.

This could also be one of the signs a girl doesn’t respect you, so watch out for that.

The Bottom Line

Women have a lot to complain about modern men, but love and relationships are a two-way street. If you’re not trying to be a catch yourself, how can you expect to find a good man?

Nobody likes people who are indecisive, bitter, dramatic, or some horrifying combination of the above. A few attitude adjustments on the part of the ladies and not only will men enjoy your company more, you’ll be happier and more successful at dating too.

Another thing that women do which is not a great look for the men in her life is sleep around. You can easily learn how to tell if a woman is a slut and if she’s emotionally or mentally damaged.

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