How To Talk To Girls: The 16 Best Questions To Ask A Girl You’re Interested In

How To Talk To Girls

Don’t complicate things… just use these.

Talking to a woman that you’re attracted to is hard. Especially if you’re not a sociable talker type of guy and she’s super hot. That feeling you get when you run out of things to say but you know the conversion is dead… ugh, horrible.

That’s what happened to me for years. I’d approach a girl, talk for a bit and then not know what else to say. The interaction would always get to the awkward stage and the girl would make her excuses and leave.

After learning a few simple “bridge questions” and assumption stacking techniques that help to build and break rapport and keep the conversation flowing. My confidence grew over time and I eventually became a master at conversing with women in any type of social setting.

Before we get into the questions, I do want to run through a couple things:

1. You don’t HAVE to use these questions

These questions aren’t magical and they certainly won’t get you laid, so don’t for one second thing they will have every girl dropping to their knees before you.

They are designed to give you a break from thinking about what to say and to also help the girl carry the conversation more, which helps with her giving more value and working for your approval.

2. They are great for refining your game!

As time goes on you need to force yourself to stop using these questions. They are actually perfect for refining your style of game and making you a much better conversationalist.

So use them as a temporary crutch if you will and quickly move on to more natural conversation. In actual fact, you don’t need to say a lot in order to attract women. The better your game is, the more you will begin to realise this.

Rules for “bridge questions”

Bridge Question Rules

Don’t ever break the damn rules.

  • Use silence as a tool when waiting for an answer to elongate the response. The less you say, the more pressure you put on her to work harder.
  • Don’t ask questions in a rapid fire manner, use them as fillers throughout the interaction. Slow, steady and calculated should be the approach that you want for all your conversations.
  • Emphasise each point with kino. Touch is a powerful tool for turning your conversion sexual, so always use kino whenever you can… naturally of course. If you don’t touch her, she will lose interest in you on a physical level.
  • Help her to visualise when she’s not a talker, by giving her your answer to a question. Really try to build a mental picture for her so she can really feel invested in the interaction.

So that’s the rules out of the way.

Now let’s get onto the good stuff.

Opening interaction (first 5 minutes)

Opening Interaction

What to say first.

Use these opening questions when you’ve stopped a girl or you’ve been introduced to her and you’re in the first 5 minutes of the interaction.

How do you spend your time?
Quite a broad question, but causes her to dig deep and really try to impress you. No one wants to sound dull.

What sports do you do?
Everyone likes to feel as though they are somewhat sporty, she will probably say something like the gym, but you might be surprised.

You been on any interesting trips recently?
If she’s a traveller, this question is great and will keep her talking. If she’s boring, then be prepared for a boring answer.

Do you enjoy your work or do you do it just for money?
This question will hit a nerve, because most of us work for the money and not because we enjoy doing it.

What interesting talents do you have?
Another opportunity for her to impress you.

What book are you reading at the moment?
Don’t be shocked if you talk to girls who’ve never read a book before or only read celeb magazines.

Get to know her (deeper conversation)

Get To Know Her

Here’s where things get interesting.

At this stage you are turning the conversation into a “more than just friends” interaction. She will begin to feel some level of attraction for you. However there’s still a lot of work to do. These are things girls love to hear and really help to open her up.

Are you close to your family?
This shows how loyal and loving she is with her parents and siblings. It shows the type of character she is also.

What things in your life are you most passionate about?
The money question! This will have her really trying to think hard and give you an honest answer. It’s a question that most guys will never ask.

Are your friends mostly men or women?
A revealing question that will show if she’s a girly girl, good friend or tom boy.

What’s the one thing you can’t say no to? (talk about THAT)
This is where you can turn things sexual, but also remember what she says, because you can use that later to intensify the conversation.

Do you remember your first day at school?
A great visual tool for helping her to remember her childhood and hopefully enjoy those memories.

Turning things sexual (intimate conversation)

Turning Things Sexual

Wanna get laid? Say these…

Ok dude, we’ve gone through the painful part of the interaction. Now it’s time for it it to get super sexual. Use these questions if you’re trying to get laid tonight!

Have you ever been in love?
A deep question that will invoke emotion from her. It shows her true side.

How good are you in bed?
A cheeky question that will have her thinking about having sex with you and also trying to qualify herself. No one likes being bad in bed right?

Do you like massages?
An easy question, because most people like massages. You can say that you give the best massages and will show her sometime.

If you’re in kissing school what grade would you get?
A very cheesy question, but still effective if you say it in the right way. This is one of those cute things to tell girls, so you can get a sincere reaction from her.

When was the last time you were fucked properly?
The ultimate sexual question that needs to be said at the right time and in the right way. When things are getting super sexual. This should lead to you taking her home.

Questions to ask a girl conclusion: So what now?

Questions To Ask Girls: Conclusion

Get started right now.

So there you have the very best types of questions to ask a girl if you want to carry on the conversion and turn things sexual.

But again I want to reiterate a few things:

1. Don’t rely on questions

Use the above questions as a way of improving your conversations and allowing you time to think. Don’t use them as a way of getting out of building rapport and keeping the conversation going for the sake of it.

2. Less talk and more touching

Never forget the power of touching. Make sure you do it regularly and increase the touching the longer you are in a conversation. Without it, you won’t be able to turn things sexual.

That is it.

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