Why Western Women Suck And How To Pick Up A Lovely Eastern European Lady

Why Western Women Suck

If you want a REAL woman… go Eastern European.

Western Women are in a shocking and dire state right now.

Thanks to feminism, women in the West are getting pregnant from one night stands, sleeping with multiple men without using protection, using drugs/alcohol regularly and ripping apart traditional family values by refusing to stay at home and be good mothers.

As a result, a lot of men are now deciding to go their own way and completely abandoning the idea of marriage and children.

Not only that, they are travelling to countries in Eastern Europe to find women who still hold traditional values and who don’t want to be more like men.

What’s so good about Eastern European women anyway?

If you were to ask the average Western man what the stereotype is for a Russian woman, he would probably say something to the effect of, “Beautiful gold digging whores”.

We’ve all seen countless articles and news pieces over the years depicting Eastern European women as harsh, miserable gold diggers, that want you for nothing more than a Visa.

Now, while there are always some bad apples, the truth is very different. But more on that later.

In this post, I want to talk about three things…

  1. Why Western women suck and more importantly why you shouldn’t date/marry them
  2. Why you should start dating Eastern European women and the common myths men have been sold about them, which are completely unfounded
  3. How to attract Eastern European women and avoid the pitfalls.

Ok, let’s do this.

Why Western Women suck

Before you even think about going to a local bar and picking up a slutty, fake tanned Western girl. Let me tell you why they suck so damn bad and hopefully, this will change your mind.

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Above is a perfect example of Western beauty. Fat is now being accepted into the mainstream and women are looking at being fat as empowering. WTF is going on??

  • More masculine – I have no idea why, but women these days want to be like men. If it means wearing flat shoes, doing the same jobs as us and not shaving their legs, they will do it.  Women in sports clothes is a more common sight than a lady in a nice elegant dress.  Just because feminism told them they could. Very few are even bothering to wear high heels now, you will see them taking them off and walking bare foot after a night out. Just disgusting.
  • Self-entitled – They are incredibly selfish and have this inbuilt self-entitlement, so can’t understand when things don’t go their way or why they can’t find the man of their dreams.  Regardless of how bad they are or how little they have to offer, they think they deserve the best. The reality is a harsh pill to swallow for them.
  • Un-ladylike Behavior – Drinking excessively, shouting, throwing up in the club toilet, making out with random men…it’s just improper (and surefire signs of a slut) but it’s the norm on a Friday night.
  • Eat too much, getting fat and unhealthyw – Keeping in shape is hard work.  Western women have managed to avoid that hard work by blaming the media and society for promoting “unhealthy body image” in everything from skinny mannequins to ads with attractive women.  That means that fat is the new normal and slim is bad. Every western city is full of overweight and obese women…and their numbers are only increasing.
  • Very high expectations for their men – Regardless of their fading looks, overweight physiques and distorted family values, they still think they deserve a man whose traditional, pays on a date and has a six pack. Unbelievable. They also care more about looks and status than you’ve been lead to believe.
  • Damaged goods – There are multiple signs she’s damaged goods and a ton of Western women are, so watch out!

Why Eastern European women are better

By now, you should be starting to see why it’s time to ditch the fat self-entitled women of the west. But if not, then here’s a few very solid reasons why you should.


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  • Tall and thin – They have legs that go on forever and bodies which stay slim from their teens up until their menopause. So you won’t be dealing with an overweight unhappy Russian girl who’s struggling on her 9th try at the Atkins diet.
  • Dress elegantly/very feminine – Their hair, dress sense and how they carry themselves is very elegant and feminine. They wouldn’t be seen dead barefoot in the street carrying a bottle of beer screaming profanities. They take pride in their appearance and think that looking great is something all women should aspire to.
  • Have old fashioned values – They want to be a good wife and more importantly, they want to be a good mother. Having children with a husband they love is a life goal that makes sense to them.  If you want someone serious, you’ll be spoiled for choice.
  • They behave in the street – They won’t shout, be overly boisterous, cause trouble for you or embarrass you in front of your friends. EE girls are very respectful of the men they are with.
  • Good morals, so not easy to sleep with – If you’re in New York, you can go to dozens of bars in the same neighbourhood and find an easy girl to sleep with. Not so much in Eastern Europe. They are trained from a young age to have good morals and only sleep with men that they love.
  • Family people with respect for their elders/siblings – Family is hugely important for them. They also show massive respect for their parents, older brothers and grandparents.  If you are saddened at the disintegration of families, the arguments whenever relatives get together, and yearn for bygone times, then Eastern European women are the answer.
  • Very honest with how they feel – They will show you how to be a man, by telling you what you’re doing wrong. Their honesty is shocking at first, but it’s actually very attractive when you get used to it.

Why you should date an Eastern European girl over a Western girl

Always Choose Eastern European Women

…And never look back!

Still not convinced? Ok, then here are three reasons why I think you will be better off dating an Eastern European girl over a Western girl.

  • You will become a better, more masculine man – Over time you will notice yourself doing things that you might not have done before. Opening doors for her, pulling out chairs, shutting car doors, giving her your jacket when she’s cold, protecting her, not being so needy and making more decisions for the both of you. This is because they don’t tolerate bullshit and expect real men.
  • Traditional values will be instilled in you – Forget Tinder. You will be going on dates, paying for them, driving her home, bringing her flowers and meeting her parents. All the things that worked in your dad’s day, will work now.
  • The chance of her cheating is slim – Once they fall in love with you, as long as you don’t become a needy little bitch, the chances of them cheating are very slim.

Common myths about Eastern European girls

As with anything in life, Eastern European women have a few myths shrouding them which are quite common, that I’d like to dispel.

  • Gold diggers – Every country has girls that love money. Eastern European girls are not afraid to admit they want a provider, it’s more attractive. They want security for a long term relationship. So they aren’t with you for the money but at the same time, they are attracted to you more if you have some.
  • Cold/unfriendly – They smile for a reason and are very honest, without being fake. So you won’t get the fake Californian vibe from them, it’s a straightforward, no nonsense interaction.
  • Just want a Visa – As I said earlier, this may have been true in the 70’s/80’s. But now most Eastern Europeans have EU passports, and Russians like living in their own country and aren’t desperate to leave.

How to appeal to Eastern European women (what they want)

Ok, so you’ve finally decided that Russian, Polish, Slovakian, Czech, Latvian, and Lithuanian girls are better as girlfriends and wives than the fat manly Western ones and you want to know how you can appeal to them more.

I’ve been dating them for a while and I’ve created a list of things that I believe they want in a man…

  • Be direct/straight forward/honest – Don’t lie, never be disrespectful and just be a straight talker. They hate guys that are liars and quickly sniff them out.  “PUA” openers and routines are gonna come off as weird, so just be bold and say what you think and why you want to talk to her.
  • Be decisive and manly – Take charge and tell them what you’re both going to do, they really like that in a man. Think about a fatherly figure, that’s what they want in their guy.
  • Have a purpose in life – They don’t like free spirits who are just “finding themselves”. They want a man who’s secure in his job and has a purpose. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to work hard for it.
  • Don’t be a comedian (better serious than silly) – Some jokes are fine, but again these girls don’t like silliness.  Be mature and high-status. Work on your confidence and body language more than your humour.
  • Don’t ask too many questions – Questions lead to boredom and insecurity very quickly. So be confident in your own skin and own the “uncomfortable” silences. It will work in your favour.
  • Don’t like everything she likes – She has her women’s things and she wants you to have your man things. You are not expected to like Sex & The City, if anything that would be off-putting. Feel free to have your own opinions and not agree on everything, it’ll build attraction.
  • Do your own thing, don’t worry about her – Be happy with yourself and your decisions. Don’t second guess them or try to be cool, she’ll see straight through it. Just do what you want to do and be respectful to her whilst doing it.

Conclusion: What you need to do next

So let’s wrap this up.

There are three final points I want to touch on before you go…

1. The future of Western Women

I truly believe that women in the West are done for. They are already fat, super angry at men and very unhappy for being lied to by feminists. It’s too late for them, for the most part, they are only going to get worse.

2. Multiculturalism will play a big role in destroying family values

If you’re a liberal, the idea of multiculturalism is a good thing. But for any sane logical person, what it really leads to is a culture clash, which divides countries and traditional family values. That’s what you’re seeing in the West now, but not at all in the East.

3. Travel more and visit popular Eastern European countries

If I were you and single. I’d quit my job or go on a hiatus for one year. Then travel to Eastern Europe and try and meet with as many women as possible. Start with the more accessible countries like Poland and Latvia and then work your way East from there. Forget Western girls, they are an absolute waste of your time.

Which girls do you prefer and why?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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  1. In addition I would like to add that we should all be mindful of the not perhaps very helpful shift in society that has required women to have careers as opposed to their primary role being mother and wife. I for one am traditional with my values, but we don’t all get married young and we have to support ourselves before that time comes. I work 60-70 hours a week so it’s difficult to be an adoring girlfriend/wife on demand. I also think it’s a difficult transition for western men to adjust to seeing women as equals in the workplace. It’s not natural and is a relatively new situation. It’s not biologically right, but it would be helpful if the men could understand that it’s also not in our DNA as the first option. You all may we’ll be disappointed that we aren’t ‘behaving’ as you would like us to, but I can tell you that the majority of men do not know how to behave either. Seduction, chivalry, manners and respect are a lost art. When I have been lucky enough to find men with these qualities it has been mind blowing. It’s out there everyone, you just need to find the one. No matter where they are from.

  2. Richard,

    Happy 2 C U again, U’ve been quiet a bit lately…

    And BTW,
    100% AGREED!

  3. Looks like someone has been reading Roosh and Return of Kings

  4. I am not sure about this post… I mean I agree with many of the points that western women are turning into self absorbed angry feminists who demand the whole world but at the end of the day I came here to learn how to get laid by gorgeous women and the article seems to be more about finding the perfect marriage and the most difficult women to game? It also claims that pickup does not work on on these women, thought I read this is suppose to work on most? Then whats the point of learning any of this if they claim it doesn’t work on most women…Also from experience I find that many of these good girls you talk about are terribly boring and lacking from experience in the bedroom making one big part of this perfect marriage not so great already.

  5. Robert Taylor Jr. says

    Well, I tend to agree. Having lived and traveled all over Western Europe for twenty years as a journalist. I find eastern women much more traditional. But I have found after marrying an Austrian national. Having three children with her. That it only took a few years before she was corrupted by the West. She ended up cheating and filing for divorce after ten years and a month. After I paid for her university education. Maybe I am just unlucky. Or maybe the feminist movement her in Northern California was to suductive. Being concidered a long term marriage. 10 years or longer. She is entitled to half of my assets. So now I will pay her 9 thousand a month for the rest of my life. Or until she remarried. Which I have heard that she was advised against doing. So a cautionary tale. Even a prenuptual agreement did not save me from this theft. As it was thrown out. Because she lied and said she did not know what she was signing. ( Thank you Barry Bonds). People are people, never underestimate another’s greed and selfishness!

  6. Hello,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. I am in kiev, Ukraine right now, for the third year in a row, seeing a beautiful girl with whom I am building a serious relationship.
    After being married to an American girl and dating several, I am done.
    Your points are dead on!
    In that last 10 years, I have dated Russian and Ukrainian girls exclusively and I couldn’t be happier. Now, I believe that I have found the one, and I encourage anyone who is for up with the head games and frustrations of dealing with American women to take the chance, see the world, and meet women from other cultures. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
    This is only my opinion, but based on my personal experiences traveling the world and meeting people.
    As an observation, most eastern European girls are looking for a western man, because they are fed up with eastern European men who treat them poorly. They want a good and honest man who knows how to treat them well.
    Again, I knows opinions are worth very little, but I hope my experience sheds a little light on the subject for you.
    Best of luck to anyone who may be looking for a foreign woman.

  7. David Lee says

    I agree 100% with this article. American culture brainwashes women into thinking they should date and marry a certain type of guy such as tall dark and handsome or rich and famous. For most of them you can display attractive qualities such as confidence, passion, leadership skills and they would think so what his skin is the wrong color or he’s not tall enough, he’s not rich enough. I have dated Russian and Ukrainian women for many years so I can say this article is spot on.

  8. Some nice points here. However, outside of London/UK there’s a lot less fat ugly women and a lot less self entitlement. Here in Holland women are still some of the most beautiful you’ll find. And a lot, especially from the smaller places, are happy with a traditional lifestyle. Sure, you’ll find enough that think they don’t need a man or that will try to boss around a man. Well, trust those girls you can find everywhere and they all like a man who makes his own choices and sticks with them. So good luck moving out of your country looking for love, but I’m gonna stick to the girl next door.

  9. Our gals also have these so-called blessings of western “culture”. There are also a lot of obese, sloppy and histerical women here. A divorce can make you bankrupt. I am well over forty, about the half of my age group is already divorced. (to say something good, we have three beautiful sons) Of course, you can also see a great many beautiful and intelligent ones. But do not have unfounded dreams about Eastern-Europe. I travel regularly, eg. to Paris, I see many more thin and well-clothed (elegant) women there than in Budapest. (English girls were never famous for their „beauty”, sorry. Not even without feminism)
    The white race will be extinct, no question about that. No children, no future. So simple.
    Tonio, Budapest, Hungary

  10. Don’t reject South American women. I am living with a Peruvian woman. She is the finest woman I have ever known. Her culture teaches young girls to love and serve their men and she does this exceptionally. You must treat them with respect and love them, but they will be amazing lovers and wives. I’ve known some Mexican women too who are absolutely wonderful. If I were looking for a woman, I’d head straight south.

  11. Interesting article . I have lived in eastern Europe during ,my late teens and early 20’s .
    From 26 to 29 i traveled through Latin america every country , from Chile to Mexico .
    From 29 till now i have been to States and nearly every country of western Europe .
    Next stop Australia and New Zealand .
    I speak Russian , Spanish and Brasilian Portuguese .
    I agree with Richard’s article . After living in eastern Europe and Latin America when i started travelling to States and western Europe , i was shocked at the manly behavior of American and British women . Many times during my travels it happened , when i run daygamed a pretty girl , only to back off when they opened their mouth . They turned out to be from states or the western Europe . i am not even attracted to them . Well there are some exceptions though .
    The most liberal and feminist girls are from Iceland and Scandinavia . But shockingly with me most of them behave very feminine . Especially girls from Iceland and Sweden . Whenever i talk with them or daygame them they throw a very feminine vibe . With my western friends they act very Masculine and rabid feminists . I cant explain it .
    I once daygamed an American girl got her blushing , she told me she studies philosophy , women rights , feminism . But she kept blushing when i looked in her eyes . I guess it’s the vibe i put out .
    Eastern European women are very feminine . My friend married a Russian girl . I visited her house , she was sweeping the floors , doing dishes , cooking and at evening turned into a super model , when they were going out .
    They are told to find a husband since they are young .
    But as Greg Dean wrote : you have to be careful . Rule of thumb , if you marry a girl from different nationality and bring her over to your country , don’t let her mingle too much with western women or even women from her own country . You have to be manly . Have to have a mission in your life .
    Look out for red flags . There are good and bad women in every nationality .
    My friend is married to an American women , his house is a piece of heaven .
    Asian women suffer from mental slavery and inferiority complex . They are mental slaves of anything white .
    I don’t even bother wasting my time with them .
    Latin America : Social circle game is the King . Let the girl introduce you to her social circle .You have to know Spanish and Portuguese ( Learn Portuguese first if you wanna go to Brazil first and then Spanish ) . If you dont speak the local language you will run into mostly westernized Latin Ladies .
    Most feminine were Brazilians though . In Argentina social circle game works . Same goes for Chile .
    You will drop dead gorgeous girls , who are very feminine . As you move North girls become more of gold diggers .
    These are the points you need to stick with :
    Have a mission in your life and be manly ( not a looser jerk , American or Australian way )
    Look at rejections as feedback and reflect on it .
    Social circle game is the king in countries where you dont know people and you dont speak the language .
    Best opener is Hi ! My name is …. with good eye contact and a calm deep voice ..
    Watch out for red flags , they are universal .
    Remember being a man is enough . But not many know how to be a man .
    Last : The best females to marry in Europe are Spanish , preferably from a smaller city or a village
    Hope this helped .

  12. CAUTION!!!!
    I have spoken to numerous guys who have married girls from other countries. Once you bring them to the States and they associate with American women, they start thinking and acting like American women. THEY ARE RUINED!!! If you do not want them to change, you have to remain in their own country.


  13. Anonymous says

    It’s not just a stereotype: the Russian mail-order brides can be connected with the Russian mafia and good actresses, fooling you for years.

  14. Mike Porter says

    I have met several Ukrainian girls through dating websites. Although I agree with a lot you say I have found that in correspondence and chat they offer a lot both romantically and sexually but when you meet they revert to their traditional standards and you would be lucky to get to the hand holding stage even after a week long visit. Another problem is that although they claim to have at least a rudimentary knowledge of English none that I have met would be able to carry on any kind of conversation so in every meeting they were accompanied by an interpreter which leaves little or no chance of romance.

  15. I think this is an amazing well researched post! I haven’t done much exploring of eastern europe but know these ladies are a lot harder work than your tipical english slags! This has got me thinking a lot and I think I will book some holiday now just through reading your very litral post. Too much femunism! Thanks this post is going to put my ass into gear now, no time wasting!

  16. Totally agree. EE and East Asian girls have the strongest sense of family. EE girls have the added benefit of dress well. Asian girls go for comfort. Generalizing is great, most successful people in this world are notorious generalizers. I have dated a few Russian girls and I love their spirit. If I travel to E Europe, what are some of the places I can meet local girls during the day? Do they hang out where?

  17. Greg Dean says

    Your article does have some great points and of course you will expect people to disagree.

    I agree that Western Women, in general, are masculine and generally unhealthy. I also agree that they expect to squeeze their man as a rock, crush him, hoping to create a diamond. But normally, they crush the man and he crumbles. Then she just takes all his stuff and leaves.

    I was with a Russian woman. She was great while in Russia. When I moved her to my country, she fell in with ex pat Russian women who had married local guys. Soon, they all started comparing what their husbands earned and how successful they were. I could hear them. I personally heard it.

    Within two years, my now ex cheated with a guy 10 years older than me who owned a yacht, left me and then tried to come back when this guy lost his high paying job. Now, I never would have expected this of her. But it happened.

    Once married, slowly the nagging began, the bigger the demands, the bigger the apartment, the more vacations she wanted, and she felt that she should not have to contribute at all because “I am a woman and these are ‘man bills’ “.

    That said, I have worked out the perfect combination of what makes a good long term partner and so far, this new situation is going perfectly. I wrote a plan, mapped out what must be done and followed that plan, based on all past mistakes and successes.

    I don’t agree with marriage. I think that for a man to marry ANY woman, he must be very strategic and control the situation so that he never loses all he has built.

    I do agree that all men should lift their game, hit the gym, build their wealth and look great in a suit.

    As Jim Rohn said, “In order to attract, you must first become an attractive person”. Too many guys in the west also look like crap and have very bad game.

    But the ones who have no social clue but have relative success, can still find a great woman from a tiny village in Russia or small village in another part of eastern Europe. Just NOT a city girl. Do not choose a big city girl from Eastern Europe for long term romance, as it will bite you later, as she expects a certain lifestyle, once she invests into you.

    Eastern European women are generally much more attractive and open, but not to their own man. Most western women would love to meet a hot Italian guy, instead of their own kind. It provides adventure. But again, most western women, in general, have lost the plot and they may one day have children, but it will be a last ditch effort for them which traps some poor sucker through the Family Courts.

    A man should take his time, have many international romances and select wisely. Ideally, an eastern european girl from a smaller village. A Moscow or St Petersburg Princess? Mmmm… not so much for long term sustainability from the many examples I have seen.

    Just my opinion.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Onder Hassan says

      Greg Dean is spot on. European women who come to London, come for one simple reason – To leverage their value, which is generally far more than what they can get in their home country. Even more so with the depreciating value of the Western Woman. This results in an increasingly bitchy and entitled attitude, rudeness and general princess behaviour.

      In short, a woman’s true underlying behaviour tends to come out the minute they land on a foreign country that encourages unfiltered freedom to do whatever the hell they want with no ramifications of their behaviour.

      The moral of the story is – Do not trust women. There is no such thing as nice respectable women and is subjective to the place they’re in and the rights they’re given.

      If you want something as close to a fairytale relationship/marriage. Commit/marry her in her home country and be prepared to stay there. ‘DO NOT’ fly them over to the West.

    • Wow! Until I read Greg’s post I was thinking what a terrible state of affairs this world is in. Shame on all of you for generalising in such a way. We all have experienced the less attractive qualities of different races and we all know the stereotypes, but it shocking for me to read as an attractive, genuine, western woman that this is what western men are thinking. I whole heartedly agree in this day and age too many people lead unhealthy lives and don’t look after themselves, but there is also the other extreme. Where is the love? Leave your pre-conceptions at the door and see the person. There is good and bad behaviour in all walks and levels of life – it’s down to you to work out who is real or not. Swiping left or right and being judgemental is unacceptable. And also racist.

  18. Great post. The truth in the post is a solid reinforcement & hopefully it will be an eye-opener to other men. What about Latin America? Where else do they have feminine women in the world?

    • Ira Eisenstein says

      I have been investigating moving to Costa Rica or Ecuador, and from what I hear, if you want open, friendly, people (men or women), those are good places. Those countries are politically stable, and have a good standard of living, so you’re not going to get someone looking for a lifeline to rescue them from poverty or strife.
      They may not quite be the “dress beautifully”, or knockout looks types that Eastern European women may be, (or many may be like that, but they are supposed to be approachable, family values, down-to-earth, friendly people. You just have to learn Spanish. That’s not the end of the world.

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