How To Text A Girl You Like That Guarantees A Reply From Her

One of the benefits of being a good texter ;)

Good old PUA text game.

I used to be so lame at texting girls.

I mean SERIOUSLY bad, to the point where I would get a bunch of numbers and only a couple of girls would text me back… and then end up fizzling out because I sucked at keeping the attraction alive.

It was the one part of my game that I failed at consistently, regardless of trying out “proven” PUA text openers and rapport tricks that ended up doing nothing.

After testing, refining and testing some more I started to slowly get results… until I got familiar with a kind of routine almost that helped me hook the girl, connect with her and then get her over to mine for sex or to meet up with her on another date.

I’ve gotten to the point now where I would say that 99% of text conversations with girls end up with them meeting with me.. which aint bad right?!

That’s what I’m going to be teaching you about today.

PUA text game if you will.

A system for knowing exactly what to text a girl at any given time… with an end goal in mind.

What is that end goal?

Your goal is to turn that initial spark (when you first approached and picked her up) into sexual attraction and then turn that sexual attraction into… well her beating your door down begging you to bang her.

Sound good? Awesome, let’s get going then.

How to text a girl in 3 steps… the ultimate system.

1. Create a strong hook

This text message hooks her in, it needs to be SO good that she stops whatever she’s doing at that moment in time to actually text you back. It evokes excitement and she starts acting much more flirtatiously.

When to send this text:

You’ll be using this when you want to re-introduce yourself back into her mind. Either after just meeting her or even a few weeks later.

  • Keep it informal – Say “Hey (NAME), was cool meeting you today… very random.” If it’s a girl you haven’t seen in a few weeks, you can say… “OMG, I’ve just seen something that reminded me of you…”
  • Use a hook and tease her – Say something that you talked about or noticed when talking to her during the moment… like “You’re pretty badass.. I think you might be a bad influence on me” or “Do me a favour… don’t you dare lose that cute accent of yours…”.

Note: When things start to heat up and she’s comfortable with you, bust out the dirty pick up lines and take things to the next level.

2. Connect with her emotionally

These messages is used to build rapport and a strong emotional connection, so that she starts to feel something towards you. She will feel as though you’re different from other guys and you actually understand her.

  • Find out her passions – By understanding what her interests and passions are, you can connect with her over text which most guys will never do. Saying something like “Right… honesty time. If you had 1 chance to follow your dreams and you were guaranteed to make it… what would you do?”.
  • Assume and lead – Let’s say you’ve been texting her for a while and the banter is strong. She’s let you in on her passions and interests. You need to play on what you’ve been told so that you can build a solid connection. Say something like “Sounds interesting… I envy what you’re trying to do, most people wouldn’t be able to”.

3. Get her thinking about sex

The last messages in this cycle of texts are designed to make her think about having sex with you. So much so that she will even invite you around to hers… it’s happened to me before.

  • Subtle sexting – These types of texts still plant that seed of sex in her mind, but without making it too obvious. Say “In the hair dressers… just picked up a copy of OK Magazine… Wow you girls are far kinkier than you let on!”.
  • Blatant sexting – This is a more aggressive way of making her think about sex, but it works great if you’ve built up enough rapport. Say “My friend just told me that the more innocent a girl looks, the naughtier she is in bed… he’s wrong right?”.

So the bottom line is this… you need to hook her in, build rapport (connect) and get her thinking about sex so she’s eager to meet up with you again. Got it? Good.

6 mistakes you’re making with texts that need to STOP

Read carefully, because these are important. If you’ve ever asked yourself why do girls not text back when they seem interested, this is probably why:

1. Texting crappy one liners

Saying things like “Hey little lady.. how’s your day going?” or “Whatcha up to?” will just piss her off, so don’t bother with them. They don’t create emotion and repel her, so never send a one liner like these again.

2. Asking too many questions

Questions don’t create a connection, they just lead to a boring answer. So stop asking them, always assume and keep the texts flirtatious.

3. Coming across as needy

Needy guys don’t get laid. If you ask annoying predictable questions, reply with long texts within seconds of her sending you one and keep hounding her when she doesn’t reply… you won’t get any action. So stop acting like a needy loser.

4. Forgetting to follow up

Are you forgetful? Well nothing says “I’m not interested” to a girl more than if you don’t reply for hours… even days. So make sure you remember to follow up on the text she sent to keep the banter flowing and the spark alive.

5. Using a dumb 2/3 day rule

What are you in highschool? This is nuts, you text her the moment you meet her and follow up when she’s texting back. Never use these stupid rules, they don’t do anything other than ruin your chances of hooking up with her sooner.

6. Agreeing with everything

If you agree with everything she says, then you’re just conveying that you’re a wimp. You need to disagree with her and break rapport, so you introduce attraction spikes.

Text game questions

She hasn’t texted me back for hours (even days) what should I do?

Leave it. It means you screwed up during the interaction, you can try again in a few weeks, with a re-ignition text message.

How long should I leave it before texting back?

If the banter is good, then I wouldn’t wait more than 10 minutes. You need to keep it going to you can get to the emotional connection and sexual attraction stages.

Should I leave kisses or smiley faces in the text?

Not until she does. Otherwise you just look like a fool.

So that’s how to text a girl you like… without the flakes.

What’s the best text message you’ve ever sent a girl? Leave it in the comments below…

Oh and by the way, if you want to become a serious texting genius… check this out.

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  1. Aaron Keller says

    the best text ever and this is after uve just anchored her meaning you have got her attention but its gotta be in the first week and after you have had a phone conversation and you are definitely on track but really havent hooked her yet. This txt will send chills up her spine and get her drenched. The key is to this txt is you have to know what shes doing bc if shes at a an exciting event it prob wont work or if its a weekend we all are usually doing something fun or has ur mind occupied. So send this deal sealing 4 word line when she somewhere like work or doing something boaring bc chances are she literally has thought about u once or twice at that event so this will trick her to think that u caught her red handed. if used correctly as i explained that I will put my left nut she will be begging u to see her soon. She will be fucking knocking ur door down. Its worked 100% everytime I do it right. Here it is simple as this pantie dropper. Text
    “Stop thinking about me” then when when she responds something with like “OMG!” CREEP , I really just was. Then she will wonder Iif shes the ceep bc she the one thinking about you and you caught her. This is exciting for them. Alright bros take it sleezy

  2. hey guys. ok so have kind of a situation at the moment. Read almost all relationship and hook-up stories and documents but still i can’t crack this one. I’m getting quite good at picking up chicks but seems like i can only hold it for like a few weeks. I have this chick who came over to my place only the second time we met and was already 2nd base. Ya i could have fucked her but i actually like her so wanted to play the nice guy game. She now sort of speak in 1 work sentences and replies only a few hours later every time and there is no sign of flirting back anymore. Any suggestions on what to do or what to try????? Ya i know i need to spark an emotion but i’m out of ideas and creativity with her is minimal now. Any examples on what to try or what to say to her to get her back into my bed?????????

    • Aaron Keller says

      Leave her be for a bit. Then txt her u had a dream about her. Creates her intrest in the dream. Start off romanticly then gradually get dirty but the key is to use all of the feeling emotions. make sure when she asks u what it was about because I guarantee she will, mak make sure you space lol the conversation and explaining to her what the dream was about because this causes her to get excited and keeps your mind on you all day.

    • Women are pretty strange creatures. If the opportunity was there to have sex with her, and you didn’t take it, they lose interest. It makes you look weak if she’s opening herself up to you and vulnerable and wants you to be the man that you are. Most of the time, you only get one chance, and if you don’t take it you don’t get room to make up for it.

  3. Dude You are too awesome, you remind me of something James Bond would say! haha

    ANyways this is a direct question to every brother that was in my shoes or been past it. what should i txt back to “Ive been good. How are you?”

    • Aquatavros says

      Her answer “I’ve been good, how are you” presumes that you asked her something along the lines of “how have you been?” Never ask that question. Instead start your conversation with something humorous.
      I often say something like this: “I just saw in the news about this female fugitive. She broke out of prison and stole a bottle of single malt scotch from the warden’s office. They showed her photo and she looked just like you. Is it your evil twin? Or wait… Are you the evil one?”.
      She will either say something witty back from which point you take the conversation busting her balls for either being a good or a bad girl, OR she wills say something dumb such as “haha”.
      Then you can bust her balls for being unoriginal. Or she doesn’t reply, in which case you proceed with a diff phone number until she does. Sometimes she would ask you “so what are you up to anyway” kind of question after the initial flirtation, play along the frame that you already created in the previous messages.
      If you run out of things to say, just stop replying. You can tell her at a later time, hours or even days later that something came up. Keep in mind that if she follows with more messages after you cut off the convo, each message is an IOI. Hope this helps ;)

  4. Mr. Ruina, I completely understand what you mean, send texts that are more emotional and that will get her more interested emotionally, but how can we as boys think of ways to keep the conversations going? And if we AND the girls were trying to impress are much younger…like high schoolers?

  5. Haha those are some great tips, and I’m new to the “game” and still in high school but the best startup hook used on me was me:hey just read your text, whats up?:) and her:doing cocaine buckets of cocaine;)

  6. Gobbledygook says

    Really interesting points. I think it might have been useful to give a few more examples of each point, but those you did give definitely sound genuine and relaxed enough to cut through the “oh no he’s a boring guy” stage.

    One thing to point out is that not all women think the same way. Sure, they might have the same basic arc in their subconscious, but the way they reach full sexual attraction is different. In this way, consider that some girls will want to laugh, and you can end up throwing horrendously explicit stuff at them if they are genuinely humoured by you. Humorous normalises topics for many girls. This is even better if the girl is funny, because her jokes will follow the rules of what’s allowed, and eventually you’ll find they will venture into the same topics and use the similar words.

    Another example of girls being different is in culture. I think the advice above is good for a westernised American girl, but rules of engagement might be different based on ethnicity. Some cultures like being questioned in small bites rather than being prompted to expound their dreams. Try getting dream out of a hot Japanese woman. It may come, but you’ll need to be banging her for a few months before she’s willing to be as open as the average western girl. Many Asian cultures have different approaches to communication, tending to be indirect, and requiring too much explanation might alienate them. If you get a girl like this, drop the big questions and ask yes/no questions and then simply ask her why or why not the other way. Validate any disagreement by explaining that “most people tend to” statements. In western culture, girls want to be different (especially the younger ones) but in Asia and many old cultures, the populus validates ideas. Why else do you think Japanese porn is so whacked? Girls just assume that it’s normal if they are in a sexual context. In public you’ll be lucky to get a kiss.

    On that note, the advice about smiley faces is also culturally specific. Again, in Asia it’s totally fine to use them. You don’t look silly at all. Not using them makes you look like their dad.

  7. My best text game was when I was texting some female and i told her : “Can’t wait to meet up with you tonight ;)” and I can tell she was challenging me(in a flirty way) by saying, “OK, then i dont have to wear my lipstick because we both know you’re not going to do anything!” Then i just replied, “LMAO thats what u think but when i see u, im gonna grab you and kiss you and im not gonna stop.” Which ended up with me and her banging in her car

  8. @Lord: Damn bro ive got to hand it to u. Nice game.

  9. Funny. You guys are giving this stuff away free because you want to help people and other companies are trying to sell text game and it doesn’t even give you half the information you guys give….

  10. Well, I got to the point where I wanted the girl right into my bed, you know … but I just couldn’t figure out how to do so. So, after a couple of messages, I wrote somethig like :”Well, I persume that you wear green underwear (she mentioned that here favourite color was green)”. Then she replied with “Well, my bra’s green ;)” – the smile was the key … I knew I was going in for the “kill”. My reply was :”prove it !”. She texted me back something that sounded like “lol, you’re jsut screwing up my mind, aren’t you”, so she added later with a new message “;p”. Then I wrote that I’d like to go with her in a local rock club. Long story short :D

  11. Hey rich I’ve been looking for something solid like this talking about text game! can’t wait to test everything out and defiantly gonna be re-reading this in the future

  12. Rich, thanks for this article.

    Might need to read it once again., and again, and again…



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