10 Possible Reasons Why She Didn’t Text You Back

Here's why... prepare for the truth.

Here’s why… prepare for the truth.

So you’ve got the number… awesome. You text her in the hope that you can setup a date with this girl, because you think she’s hot. After a few texts back and forth, it fizzles out and she just stops responding. WTF?

Even worse, you had what you thought was a great interaction, got the number, text her the very next day and…. nothing. Not even one reply from her. Ugh.

So what could be the problem? Well your text game sucks, clearly. She seemed so up for it in person, but can’t even be bothered to send you a measly little text message? F**k her bro. Actually, it’s not her fault… it’s yours.

Yep, I said it. It’s totally your fault that she didn’t text you back and you’re not at her place right now smashing her from behind. Why do I know it’s your fault? Simple, because you made a big boo boo.

There’s something that you did, that put her off… made her think that you’re like every other boring guy out there. So she just got on with her life, because you’re just not that interesting enough to pursue. Let’s run through every possible reason why she didn’t pickup her phone and text you back.

GUESS WHAT? Your text game sucks. That’s why she’s not texting you back. Watch this video and learn how to master text game.

1. She’s forgotten about you already

You thought the interaction went great, but in reality it was terrible. You didn’t pick up on any of the hints she was giving off, your jokes were crap and you couldn’t make a connection with her, plus there was zero sexual chemistry.

In a nutshell, you’re “forgettable”. The fact that she gave you her number, doesn’t mean that she likes you enough to text back. It means she’s too shy to reject you, so gave it to you and thought “I’ll just ignore him, when he texts me”. She’s done the same thing to hundreds of guys over the year, so won’t have a problem doing the same thing to you.

2. You asked her a question she’s heard a thousand times before

What’s the first thing you asked her in the very first text you sent? I bet you it was something like “Hey! It’s Bob from last night… how’s it going?” or “Hey you, what happened to you after we left last night?”. These are stock questions, fillers for a conversation to keep it going and a desperate attempt at building rapport over text. It’s no wonder she didn’t respond.

Quick tip: NEVER ask her for nudes unless you’ve built enough rapport with her.

3. Your ‘texting voice’ was weak

When you’re sending a text, think about how it’s going to read from her own voice in her head. Do you sound weak and shy? Are you approval seeking and timid? Are you needy and trying not to hurt her feelings? If the text sounds weak, it will translate in a horrible way and she won’t feel compelled to text you back. Be manly and own your texts.

Note: If you need some help, check out this text game openers guide.

4. You obviously want something from her

Each text you send should be viewed as chunks of value. You’re giving her something valuable with every text, whether that be humour, sexual tension, entertainment… whatever it is, she should look forward to receiving a text from you, not think “Ugh, it’s him again” when your name comes up on the screen.

If your texts are predictable (like sexting), then she knows you’re just going to ask her out for drinks at some point. For example “What are you doing on Friday?” obviously means you want her to come out, you’re looking for her approval and permission.

5. She’s genuinely too busy

Girls are by nature, busier than guys. They are more sociable, more open and always have options to do things, especially if they are hot. So if you get her number and text her something entirely unoriginal, there’s a very high chance she won’t text back because she’s just too damn busy and forgets too.

What with her girly friends texting her, other guys texting her, family etc… when a boring text comes in from you, she’ll just not reply for now because she’s doing other shit and will just forget about you. Don’t take it personally, just make your texts more valuable”.

6. An ex randomly got back in touch with her

This is very rare, but it’s totally possible especially if she’s a smoke. An ex may be have recently gotten back in touch with her or already be in touch with her when you came along and she’s just playing her cards close to her chest to see how things pan out. Remember there are also multiple guys texting her at the same time she’s texting you, so you’re in competition with these other schmucks too.

7. It’s a flake bro… wrong number

The most obvious of all but still one that a lot of guys fall for…. she may not respond because the number was a fake in the first place. If you’re still getting girls numbers without double checking that it’s the right one before you leave her, then you’re a fool and you seriously need to slap yourself. Schoolboy error son.

8. You’re being far too serious

Lighten up, crack some jokes, be a little cheeky… stop with the serious tone in your texts or taking what she says too seriously, it’s quickest way to dry up those sexual juices she may have had for you.

9. You played it too cool for school

Leaving it too long to text her is a major problem. If she’s hot, she will not hesitate to forget about you when you don’t text her back for days. This only works if you’ve built a strong level of rapport and she likes you a lot. In the beginning, this will never work, so don’t even think about it, even if you’re the lazy type it’s not working for you dude. Drop it.

10. Not enough rapport before the number

Ok let’s finish this list of with biggest reason why she didn’t text you back. Your game is BAD. Yep, you read that right. Your game is just not strong enough and you didn’t end with a “cliffhanger” meaning that she was hoping you’d text, as opposed to… “Who’s this? I don’t remember a bob”.

That’s it, re-read the list. Make sure you understand the mistakes you’re doing and squash them one by one. The sooner you do this, the less flakes you will get. One other thing to point out. Stop texting, unless you absolutely need to. Always call her.

Want to know how to text her properly? Watch this video.

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