How To Regrow Foreskin In 8-12 Months Naturally (+ Foreskin Restoration Results)

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to regrow foreskin, so that it covers the head of your penis entirely.

Foreskin restoration sounds like a ridiculous concept on the face of it. While circumcision is slowly falling out of favor in many Western countries, most people believe that once a man is circumcised, there’s no way for him to recover his foreskin.

Foreskin Restoration Techniques

Can’t ejaculate during sex? Try re-growing your foreskin.

However, it is possible to regain foreskin functionality in as little as under a year using noninvasive, safe techniques. Here’s why you should consider foreskin restoration and how you can do it safely and easily.

Please note that while these techniques can restore your foreskin, they cannot restore the full functionality of a natural, uncircumcised penis. However, by using these techniques, you can regain some of the benefits of having a foreskin.

Additionally, while there are now surgeries available that can restore the foreskin, this article will focus on nonsurgical techniques that can be done at home.

Why Foreskin Restoration?

Circumcision is still a popular practice in many parts of the world, including the U.S., and is practiced by adherents of several world religions, including Judaism and Islam. While we won’t get into the politics of male circumcision, there are numerous benefits to having a foreskin. Here are a few of them.

Why Foreskin Restoration

Simple question. Do you want better sex?

1. Improved Orgasms

The purpose of a foreskin is to protect the glans (the head of the penis) from exposure to outside elements. Circumcision removes this protection, deadening the glans’ nerve endings and decreasing the pleasure that men get from sexual activity.

Foreskin restoration will give your glans shelter from the world, regenerating those nerve endings and increasing the sensations you get from sexual intercourse. It may have a knock on affect which can lead to weaker erections also.

In fact, the foreskin is so effective, that circumcision is actually being used as treatment for men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

2. Reduced Chafing

Chafing can be a problem for men depending on their clothing, their sexual partner, or their general lifestyle. Foreskin restoration reduces chafing and pain by keeping the glans from having contact with the outside world except when the penis is erect.

3. Natural Lubrication for Improved Sex

Not many circumcised men know this, but uncircumcised penises produce a natural lubricant that is intended to protect the glans’ nerve endings and make sex more comfortable.

Circumcision dries out the glans by exposing it to the air, much in the same way that your eyes would become dried out if you had your eyelids removed. Foreskin restoration allows your penis to produce this natural lubricant once again, making sex more pleasant and restoring sensitivity to your penis.

How to Regrow Foreskin Naturally

TLC Tugger

Looks weird, but it works! (TLC Tugger)

Nonsurgical foreskin restoration techniques involve manually pulling and holding the remnants of your foreskin over your penis for a certain amount of time per day.

Doing this over time results in gradual tissue expansion, taking advantage of your body’s natural elasticity to grow your foreskin until it becomes large enough to cover your glans (or larger, if you prefer).

This can be done when either flaccid or erect, though if you are partially erect, you may get better results.

#1 With your Hands

You can get started with foreskin restoration today by simply pulling your skin over your penis and holding it that way for a certain length of time each day, such as ten or fifteen minutes.

However, this method is cumbersome, requiring you to physically hold your penile skin in place, during which you can’t do anything else. For more efficient foreskin restoration, you’ll need a more advanced technique.

#2 Using a Device

Several devices have been invented that automatically stretch the skin over the penis, allowing you to continue on with your day while your foreskin is restored on its own. One of the most famous is the TLC Tugger, a small device made from stainless steel and silicone.


A simple device, but very popular (DUP).

The TLC Tugger physically pulls the penile skin over the glans of the penis without requiring you to physically hold it in place, though you must remove the device before urinating or having sex.

The inventor of the TLC Tugger, Ron Low, claims that using the device over the course of a year allowed his foreskin to grow by nearly an inch.

Another foreskin restoration device is the PUD (Penile Uncircumcising Device), which functions similarly to the TLC Tugger, stretching the skin over the glans without requiring the user to hold it down manually.

Unlike the Tugger, the PUD is designed to resemble a glans head and includes an opening, allowing the user to urinate without removing the device.

The dual-tension restorer (DTR) is another commonly-used foreskin restoration device. Unlike the Tugger and PUD, the DTR uses tugging rather than pulling, taking advantage of natural elasticity to grow the foreskin. These and other devices can be purchased online from various retailers.

How long does it take for your foreskin to grow back?

Men who have used these foreskin restoration techniques on a consistent basis have reported their foreskins growing back over the course of 8-24 months. While your mileage may vary, using these nonsurgical techniques every day will enable you to restore some of your foreskin length and functionality.

While surgical methods of restoring one’s foreskin are now available, they aren’t recommended for various reasons. They involve grafting skin from other parts of the body onto the penis, which carries considerable risks, including blood loss and infection.

Additionally, the transplanted skin may not look anything like your penis’ skin. Surgical foreskin restoration is also expensive, while nonsurgical restoration methods are either inexpensive (in the case of purchasing devices) or free (in the case of doing it with your own hands).

Foreskin Restoration FAQ’s

  • What routine or device works best?

    There are several ways to restore. Using a device, taping manually, tugging and even hanging weights. But the best method by far amongst the community is using a device like the TLC or DTR as it speeds things up and allows you to spend less time actually tugging with your hands.

  • How long does foreskin restoration take?

    It really depends on the individual and the size of both the penis and what's left (if any) of the original foreskin. Some people have managed to regrow within 8 months while others have taken 2 years. It's all down to the method you choose and the consistency in which you tug.

  • What is foreskin restoration?

    It's a movement growing in popularity amongst men that focuses on regrowing the foreskin that was removed surgically.

  • Can I make my own foreskin stretching device?

    You can't really. The closest thing to a homemade device is tape or elastic bands, but honestly that's dangerous, so you should stick to manual methods or devices that are used and trusted by other men.

  • Do women like foreskins?

    Who cares? Whether they do or they don't, it's your penis, it's your foreskin and it's your sexual health that is important here. If a woman doesn't like it, it's her problem.

  • Is foreskin restoration surgery dangerous?

    Yes. Surgery works by transplanting skin tissue from areas of your body that are similar to the penis, like your scrotum and forming a new foreskin around the head. The complications are said to be quite high and the cost is hefty, so natural methods are always recommended.

The Bottom Line

While circumcision has been on the decline for several decades, there are still many men who will have their foreskins removed without their consent. While we are not interested in the morality of circumcision, men who have been circumcised should be aware of their options when it comes to restoring their foreskins.

If you’ve been circumcised and want to experience the benefits of having a foreskin, foreskin restoration is something you should consider. Done right, it will not only be inexpensive and easy, but it will pay dividends in regards to your sex life and your personal health. While foreskin restoration will take time, your patience will be rewarded in having the functionality of your penis restored.

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