Day Game Tactics: How To Pickup Women During The Day

Stopping a girl in the street, couldn’t be easier.

Yes, you read that right.

It’s much easier for you to approach, attract and close a girl in the daytime than it is during an evening in a bar or nightclub, not to mention the quality of women is MUCH higher.

Day game is so easy in fact, that you could be on your lunch break, pickup 3 different women and have your pick for who you’d like to take out that evening.

So what’s the biggest reason why day game is easier than night game?

Simple, it’s competition.

If you’re in a busy bar or nightclub, you are essentially competing against every other guy in that venue. The hottest girls are already taken or on the VIP tables, that just leaves the not so nice looking girls to choose from.

In the daytime… it’s just you!

No competition, just you and your thoughts.

So today I want to give you a sort of system for approaching, attracting and picking up women during the day. Everything from the mindset and opening to building rapport and sticking points.

Let’s rock ‘n’ roll…

The day game mindset

With every successful daygamer, he will have a rock solid mindset which has been developed over countless hours in-field approaching hundreds (even thousands) of women.

Here are some key mindset principles that you must adopt if you want to get ahead quickly:

  • Be spontaneous and live in the moment – As a day gamer, you’re not really stuck in one particular venue, so you have the freedom to move about on the street. This gives you a great opportunity to be more spontaneous and lead the girl.
  • Don’t worry about what others think around you – If you’re on the train and you see a cute girl, approach her… don’t ever let your actions be limited by what you think others may think of you. They wish they could be more outgoing like you, this is why they stare.
  • It’s all about the vibe (playful and sexual) – Set the frame and she will follow your vibe. Once she is comfortable in your presence she’ll start to open up more and become more playful… even sexual.
  • Don’t give up too early – Far too many guys who try day game, give up after a few attempts. You mustn’t do this, keep plowing through your approaches until you find a girl that sticks, because it will happen.
  • Enjoy the process (learning) – Every rejection is a learning curve, you have to enjoy the process of learning this craft if you want to become good at it. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t take long to get REALLY good at it.

Day game openers

It’s all about the opener. The moment you stop her, you can either be direct or in-direct, below are openers built for both types of situations.

  • I love your style (Direct) – Telling a girl you love her style is something most men would never say and something she’s more than likely never been told before in the street by a guy. This is why it works so well, because it shocks her.
  • Excuse me, I have to tell you something (Direct) – Acting as if you have a confession to make, adds a little drama to the opener. If you say directly after… “I think you’re really cute” she’ll be laughing or at least smiling.
  • Can I ask you something? (In-direct) – There will not be one woman who will reject you the moment you say this. Women like to talk (that’s why you need to learn how to talk to girls), so they are curious as to what you might say next, it keeps them hooked.
  • Directions (In-direct) – Asking for directions is a great way to open a girl if you have absolutely nothing to say and your mind draws a blank.

Note about openers: You should always aim to move on from the opener and build rapport a minute or so in, sticking with a topic derived from the opener will steer the conversation into boredomville.

Building rapport

Once the opener is done, you need to build some rapport and establish a connection otherwise the conversation will run dry pretty quickly. This is usually the stage most guys have an issue with.

  • Create comfort – Rapport is essential for building attraction, it allows her to become a part of your vibe which you’re giving off. However comfort building is gaining her trust and making her feel as though you both have a connection.
  • Go for an instant date – An instant date in a coffee shop is perfect for strengthening the connection between you both. If you like the girl, you should always try for an instant date by saying something like “Hey, what are you up to now… , I’ve got 15 minutes spare, let’s grab a coffee”.


The close is in fact the simplest part. If you’ve nailed the opener and built some level of rapport with her, chances are she’s going to hand over her number. There will be times when she’s got a boyfriend or whatever, so it’s fine to cut those ones loose.

  • Time constraint – Throwing in a time constraint is a great way to limit the amount of time you have together and lets her know that you’re a busy guy. When you approach her, say “Hey listen, I’ve only got a minute because I’m late for work but…” you can then go in for the kill.
  • Call your phone on the spot – Flakes happen, it’s part of game. But you can put a stop to them if you want, by actually calling your phone on the spot from her phone. That way if you get in touch and she doesn’t respond, then you did something wrong during the interaction and it wasn’t a wrong number.
  • The bounce back – This is more of an advanced tactic really. Bounce backs are when you invite a girl back to yours after picking her up on the street. It requires a fair amount of experience in-field but is totally possible.

Sticking points

Everyone goes through them, they are inevitable… yes I’m talking about sticking points. Running into a problem that is stopping you from getting better at day game.

  • It’s hard building sexual tension – Building sexual attraction during the day isn’t hard, but it’s also not entirely recommended. You should use the day time for stacking numbers and crafting your skills, save the sexual stuff for day two, when you meet with her again.
  • Lack of energy and confidence – Do warm ups! If you work in a boring office all day, the first thing you should do when daygaming is warm up sets. Talk to shop assistants and girls you aren’t attracted to, just get your confidence levels back up and get rid of your approach anxiety.
  • Can’t build rapport – Stop talking at her and agreeing with everything she says, that’s not building rapport. Rapport is connecting with her personality, put yourself in her shoes and understand what she may be feeling, then convey that back to her.
  • Find it difficult to stop girls – You’re not being dominant enough. You need to get in front of her and put your hands up to signal that you want her to stop. Don’t be such a bitch.

Best places for women during the day

Depending on which city you’re in you will always find a few places / areas that are full of women. You need to take note of these places and go there frequently.

Below are a few places that I’ve found to be great for pockets of chicks:

  • Apple store – Everyone loves Apple. There is a store on Regent street in London that is full of hot chicks.
  • Shopping malls – An obvious choice, but still a good one. Women like to shop, so hang out in the mall for a couple of hours on a busy day.
  • Coffee shops – A recent study carried out by Lynx revealed that women would liked to be picked up in a coffee shop during the day, than any other place or venue. How crazy is that?!
  • The park – On a summers day, there is no better place than the park. If you’re in London you need to hit up Hyde park… the women are smokin hot.
  • Tourist traps – Places like Leicester Square, Times Square etc all tourist traps but great areas for groups of girls that are checking out your city for a week whilst on holiday.

Try it yourself

Think you can do this day game thing? Well here’s a simple challenge for you to get started.

  • Approach one girl in your lunch break (3 a week) – Only 3 girls in one week dude! Find a hotspot near your workplace where you know it’s busy and approach any girl you like the look of.
  • Aim for a 2 minute conversation (open, state your intention and close) – To get your feet wet, you need to build up momentum. Go in for a two minute conversation… so you open with one of the above openers, state why you stopped her (you think she’s cute etc) then ask her if she wants to meet up for a coffee sometime. No big deal.

Frequently asked questions about daygame

  • What are some things you should never say to a woman during the day?

    Don't over-compliment a girl, putting her on a pedestal. Don't kiss her arse by agreeing to everything she says. Don't ask her permission with questions, instead make statements and lead. Don't brag about yourself - put the spotlight on her.

  • How long do I need to talk to her before enough rapport is built?

    A good daygame interaction is 5-10 minutes long. If you've gone direct then the Attraction Phase can happen really quickly, meaning she hooks and the Rapport Phase begins almost immediately - the beauty of daygame.

  • Are there any body language techniques that help with rapport?

    Smiling on the approach and being playful, then when she hooks it's best to dial down body language and keep a neutral vibe. Folding arms works to flip the script and get her to open up more. Mirroring often happens unintentionally when rapport is reached.

  • How can I come across as less needy?

    To be less needy, don't nod, smile and agree with everything she says. Replace "oh cool!", "wow" and "amazing" with the simple word "ok." Tease and challenge her. Don't kiss her arse. Get her doing the work. Don't grill her with questions but instead make statements and assumptions. Watch that your voice doesn't go up (inflect).

  • What type of questions should I be asking to keep the conversation going?

    You can only really ask her questions once she’s hooked and starts investing. At this point the questions should be big open questions that get her investing. These type of questions are qualification questions in that the spotlight is on her:

    “So what’s the story with ____________?”
    “What do you like about ____________?”
    “What is it about ________ that you love?”
    “How does _________ compare to ________?”

    You can also use something called "Parroting" where you repeat back to the girl what she's just said to get her to invest more.

  • What can I open with that gets her to stop and listen?

    The Daygame Blueprint begins with the Capture Phase - stopping the girl directly with a low-investment compliment. That's the best "opener" in the world as it's real. "Hey, a bit random, but I just saw you and I think that you look really nice."

  • How can I get her to invest more in the conversation, instead of me talking too much?

    A girl will only invest in the conversation once she's hooked. You have to do the conversational work until this point (we call it "crossing the assumption bridge") - the Capture and Attraction phases of the Daygame Blueprint.

    Once you notice a hook (she crosses her legs, plays with her hair, asks you a question) then ask some of the big open questions from above. If she asks you a question, answer it but then quickly relate it back to her. We follow the 90/10 rule of investment.

  • How much (if any) should I touch her during conversation and where?

    Don't "kino" her in the day, unless it's what you'd do with your friends anyway. Because you've gone direct, you don't need to "escalate" on the street. Save that for the dates.

  • How can I be more funny? Because I'm not, are there any tips?

    It sounds counter-intuitive, but in daygame it's NOT good to be that funny. Being "funny" usually means you over-investing and trying to impress her. Telling a joke actually breaks rapport and is often done from nerves. Better to be Bond than Borat.

    In the Attraction Phase you can tease her with some good old Cocky Funny - push-pull statements that tease her like you'd tease a little sister or friend down the pub.

  • What are the biggest mistakes most men make during conversation with women in the day time?
    • Being needy / kissing her arse / over-investing
    • Talking to women too quickly
    • Inflecting your voice (through neediness again)
    • Trying to be funny / dancing monkey (over investing again)
    • Talking about yourself too much (over investing)
    • Being "gamey" - running nightclub routines or lines on the street

Right then, so that is how you talk to women during the day dude. Trust me, the first one is always the hardest, once you get passed the first interaction the rest are SOOO much easier.

Want more advice? Listen if you’re serious about meeting more women in the day time or night time, then you should check this out.

What do you prefer, day game or night game?

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  1. Been pretty good at approching girls during day time, getting a lot of numbers as well, but the ratio of girls answering my texts is pretty low (10%).
    I want to increase my stats, I know that my technique is the problem, finding it hard to find the flaw.

    Any tips?
    Thanks :)

  2. Wow, this is easily something that’d fit me!

    i feel i have a pretty solid game in 1on1 interactions with girls, which has essentially made me really good at closing on dates (LMR sometimes tho, but eventually works)

    in nightclubs i find it difficult to get numbers from girls and then transform them into dates (always so flakey if you met them in a nightclub). i feel as if this technique, with the proper training, will greatly benefit me.

    just moved to a new city to work, so i know what i will be experimenting with in the next couple of weeks! really excited to try this tomorrow during my lunchbreak! :)

  3. Nice post!
    P.s. Weak pose of Yad on the photo – arms and neck.

  4. Been doing this for years. But stuck in DC area now. Terrible! Any advice?

  5. I love the techniques mentiond here. I just came to know about this whole PUA thing since the past 3 days and truly feel that this is the real deal. Just been reading a lot & watching videos on this topic. Haven’t tried it yet in public places though. Very soon I will. Thanks for sharing the above info. Good luck everyone. Thanks PUA training.


  7. I love how you say, “Don’t be a Bitch”

    Completely sums it up, I tell it to myself every time I puss out and let an opportunity pass me by! Great advice man

  8. I will start with the day game approach before anything else. It does seem pretty hard to step out of my comfort zone and actually attempt this, but I figure what do I have to lose…

    • PUA Training says

      It’s actually far easier than you think and the results will shock you when you get into the swing of things. Good luck Dante!

  9. Nicholas Broadie says

    hello, thank you for the lessons that you teach. This really helps me and puts me in the right direction towards putting in work on my day game.

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