41 Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend [Your Ultimate Guide]

Disclaimer: This is a list of cute things to say to your girlfriend. It’s not a magical set of words that will have her drop to her knees and blow you.

Cute things to say to your girlfriend

Want to know what cute phrases to say to your girlfriend?

Want to keep your girlfriend happy and have her think about you randomly throughout the day?

Our list of 41 cute things to say to your girlfriend will help you to quickly use a proven one-liner that will allow you to keep her sweet and get back to the important stuff.

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The ULTIMATE list of cute things to say to your girlfriend

Be sure to adapt each of the following phrases, so that you make it your own. Otherwise it will feel a little scripted and disingenuous, unless your girlfriend is a complete fool that loves gushy romantic crap.. then just send her anything from below.

Cute things to say over text

  • Damn. I wish I could wake up next to you every morning x
  • Was just thinking about you… for the hundredth time today
  • I’m honestly more happy now than I’ve ever been and it’s because you’re in my life. Thank you x
  • If you took everything I own and I just had you, I’d be the happiest man alive
  • I can’t wait to see your little face again!
  • Waking up next to you is without a doubt the best start to my day
  • I love you. Just making sure you know, you mean everything to me baby
  • Night babe. Wish I was there sleeping next to you x
  • I seriously can’t imagine my life without you
  • I have to tell you something… you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, so there.

Cute things to say on a date

  • I’m the luckiest man in here, no lie
  • Every time I look at you, I think “shit, she’s with me”
  • You are the sexiest girl I’ve ever met in my life
  • You look amazing, I love you more than you know
  • Sometimes I sit and think “How did I get so lucky to meet her?”
  • You look so damn cute when you laugh
  • When we kiss I get this natural buzz
  • I still get nervous before meeting you, crazy right?
  • You look so pretty, I could stare at you for hours

Cute things to say after sex

  • When we have sex, I feel like everything stops and nothing else matters
  • Your body is perfect, seriously… it’s flawless
  • I could lie next to you forever
  • How did you become so perfect?
  • Would now be a bad time to ask you to marry me? **wink wink, cheeky smile**
  • You look so sexy in my t-shirt. Damn girl **slap her bum**
  • I love the way you feel in my arms

Cute-flirty things to say

  • When I look at you, two things happen 1) I get an erection and 2) my stomach does flips
  • If you asked me why I love you so much, it’s because you’re my best friend… and your blowjob skills are insane **with a cheeky smile**
  • Yes your bum does look big in those jeans and DAYMNNNN girl it looks fine!
  • I love the sound of your voice on the phone… talk dirty to me

Cute-cheesy things to say

  • I didn’t believe in love at first sight, until I saw you walk past
  • You could honestly have any guy in the world and you picked me
  • I wish I could have met you a long time ago
  • You make me smile when I think about you
  • When I hear your voice, I immediately feel happy and calm
  • I hate saying goodbye to you, makes me sad
  • You are the first thing I think about when I wake up
  • I can’t stop kissing you, you make me so happy

Cute questions to ask

  • If you could wake up next to me tomorrow anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • When did you first realise that you loved me?
  • Where do you think we’ll be in 10 years?

Common questions guys have

If you have a question you can’t see in the list below, get in touch.

Why doesn’t my girlfriend like me saying cute things to her?

Some girls are very romantic and soppy, other girls are straight talking and like guys that get to the point. So you need to understand what type of girl she is. Most girls will like it when you say things like we’ve listed above if you say it in the right way, it’s genuine and doesn’t come from a needy place.

Am I a beta male for saying cute things to my girlfriend?

It really depends on how often you say these things and if you’re saying them because you are seeking approval or validation from her. If it’s because you love, care and think about her but aren’t really bothered about her reaction, then it’s fine.

When should I say these things to my girlfriend?

A couple of times every few weeks is fine. Maybe even less than that. These phrases work best when she least expects you to say them. The more you say cute stuff, the more she will become desensitised to the words and will think you’re a wimp.

My girlfriend doesn’t respond when I say cute things. Why?

She’s a bitch? Or maybe she’s not interested in you dude. Read the situation, stop her from talking B.S around you. She might not like hearing cute things and prefers you talk dirty instead. Every girl is different, gauge her reaction and the situation… then adjust your game.

Conclusion: What next?

By now you should have all you need to keep the girl you love so much happy for the next 24 hours. Don’t overuse these lines though. The last thing you want is for her to think you’re a needy guy who just says these things to please her.

The best way to use these lines is with a little flirtation and giving off a sense that you mean what you’re saying, but you know it’s pretty lame at the same time.

Oh and one more thing…

Stop worrying about what things you should be saying to your girl, just focus on conversational assumptions if you have a hard time thinking of things to say. Worry more about acting like a real man, not one of these soppy plebs who think that saying the right thing will make them look like the best boyfriend in the world. Grow a pair and break rapport once in a while to keep the sexual tension alive.

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