What Color Attracts Women? Using Color Psychology to Your Dating-World Advantage

Technology is supposed to make your life easier, right? But with online dating giving people the option to make snap-swiping decisions, you might not be having much luck finding a mate. 

Could it be down to the color of your shirt in your profile picture?

Surprisingly, the answer may well be "yes!" Color psychologists have discovered that your clothing choices could be the difference between attracting the ladies and staying single. 

While the colors you wear won't help you score a second date (that's down to you and your personality), choosing the right color shirt can draw more women to you.


The Science Behind Color Psychology and Attraction

Various studies have been performed on the correlation between color and love. But you'll want to pay particular attention to the one conducted by the brains at the University of Cambridge. 

Researchers looked at color-changing lizards, like Chameleons, to establish whether a relationship between the two actually exists. 

And their findings may well shock you!

They found that lizards weren't afraid to use attractive, eye-catching colors to attract mates, even though such colors also attracted predators. 

Yep, that's right — these guys were willing to die for love. 

Following their observations, they went through the evolution of humans. From here, they concluded that almost all male species used bright, aesthetically pleasing colors to attract females, regardless of the danger they faced. 

So, How Does This Relate to You and Your Level of Attractiveness?

Well, researchers noticed that human males (i.e., you) are still primordial in that they're typically attracted to females clad in red — unarguably the color of love, sex, and passion. 

Naturally, noticing this wasn't enough; thus, they set out to prove their hypothesis. 

Enter the 2010 study in which they conducted a couple of experiments.

They instructed men to talk with women wearing red shirts or women wearing other colors. The outcome? The men asked more personal questions to the red-wearing women. They even sat closer to them!

The same researchers also conducted the experiment on women, again concluding that the attraction they felt for men wearing red was higher than any other color.

The Top 5 Colors That Attract Women

With that in mind, you'll be unsurprised by the number one color that attracts women!

However, there are plenty more that are shown to increase desire, lust, and even spark love. It might be time to spruce up your wardrobe. 

#1 Red

By now, red needs no introduction — it's the standout color for attracting women. It denotes power, money, passion, social status, and even good health. 

But perhaps even more importantly, wearing it can rocket your confidence to never-experienced-before levels. And confidence is ridiculously sexy. You're almost guaranteed to get yourself a partner.

Researchers at the University of Rochester analyzed a study that also showed red ignites a cultural response in some, with traditional links to Japan, Rome, sub-Saharan Africa, and ancient China. 

#2 Purple

A 2012 study by Ariel and analyzed by Medical Daily questioned 2,000 people on their attitudes toward their potential partner's clothing choices. 

Over one-third of the participating women said they would accept dates from men in purple shirts.

If you're feeling a bit down on your love luck, it might be worth donning purple the next time you're out on the town.

Oh, and if you've come this far and think this is all a load of trash, you might want to pay attention to another statistic this survey unlocked — a whopping 60% of females said clothes were the number one deal breaker!

#3 Blue

Blue is another good color for attracting your female partner in crime. And no, it appears the shade doesn't matter. So, just choose your favorite hue. 

The color oozes dependability and stability, which are two oh-so-desirable qualities many women are searching for. 

Of course, you'll actually need to possess these characteristics to keep her around. But regardless, it's certainly a good start. 

Esquire conducted a survey in which 42% of women voted blue as their number one choice for men to wear. Although, it's worth noting that red wasn't an option.

Do You Have Blue Eyes? If So, You're in for a Real Treat.

Wearing blue is shown to attract women, period. However, if the shade just so happens to match your eyes, it could have double the alluring power. 

In fact, Esquire's survey suggests the specific color of your shirt might not be as important. Instead, women want to see their potential boo adorned with any color that matches their eyes.

Are you a green-eyed fox? See how a green shirt works out for you.

#4 Black

Wearing black and attracting the opposite sex go hand-in-hand. It's the color to wear when trying to impress the ladies (but don't forget about red). 

The color black is considered the most attractive. Almost half of the surveyed women said it exudes self-sufficiency, confidence, self-assuredness, and trustworthiness. Not to mention intelligence.

#5 White

Going back to that Esquire survey - white ranks pretty highly. But it's not just about color here; it's how you style it.

A plain white t-shirt and jeans may be all you need to get a date. You might be interested to know that women said this casual-yet-sexy look beats you in a tuxedo by 45%.

It's probably already a staple in your wardrobe, so you're on to a real winner here. 

Are There Colors You Should Skip?

You have six colors that are bound to attract the ladies. But surveys suggest there are two to avoid. 

When you're trying to woo, leave the brown and orange clothes in your wardrobe.

Unless you're picking shoes - brown (clean) dress shoes can elevate your look. Just take off the mud-color polo or sweatshirt.

Billions of Women Mean Billions of Opinions

With almost four billion women across the globe, you're bound to get bucketloads of opinions on what color they're attracted to. Some will say red. Others swear they swoon over black. And the rest will change their minds depending on the day. 

So, it's near-on impossible to appeal to everyone. Even women who say they'd accept a date from a guy dressed in a purple shirt would turn him down for other reasons - haircut, facial expression, voice depth, and so on. 

Right. That Begs the Question: Does the Color of Your Shirt Really Matter?

At the end of the day, it's your personality, behavior, and character traits that will attract a long-lasting relationship (or just a fling). Women are drawn to you based on how you treat them and make them feel. 

Confidence, self-assuredness, charm, and humor are the true keys to unlocking your dating potential. 

That said, your clothing choices (as you now know) can help exude these attributes before she even speaks to you.

So, Is It Time to Go Clothes Shopping?

The great news is that you've got a lot of colors to pick from - red (i.e., the front-runner), black, white (preferably a rugged t-shirt and jeans combo), purple, and blue. And if all else fails, opt for a shirt that matches your eyes.

Just remember to back up the confidence you're hinting at on your date!

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