8 Simple But Very Effective First Date Tips For Men… Never Experience A First Date Disaster Again

I’ve got some very cool first date tips for men that will have her itching to meet you again because she’s never been on a first date like it!

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I used to be terrible on first dates and made all the classic mistakes a lot of guys do… you know, running out of things to say, taking the girls to the wrong kinds of places, never really knowing how to escalate… it was a disaster.

But over the years, I’ve developed a few very simple but very clever rules if you like, that basically increase my chances of having a great first date and either taking them home that night or ensuring that they want to meet me again soon.

Today I’m going to give you those EXACT same tips.


How to arrange a date

A lot of guys tend to screw up before even getting on the date, because they didn’t follow a few simple steps to solidifying the date itself. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find out her plans for the next week and when she’s free.
  • Nail down the date, place and time so it’s concrete, this will dramatically decrease your flakes.

What to do on the date

When you’re on the date, there are a few important things you need to do to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Daytime dates are harder, require more conversion and there is no help with alcohol. It puts more emphasis on the interaction so you need to work harder than if you were in a bar at night. Go for a walk, don’t be boring and sit in a coffee shop.
  • Ask questions: Does she like traveling? If she could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow where would it be? What did she want to be when growing up? All questions that are interesting and make a better conversation than the usual crap.
  • Within the first few seconds of meeting her, you need to set the tone. Take her hands, give her a kiss and lead her with your arm around her. Take her hand when you cross the road, be a gentleman. You’re not friends meeting, so you must create a sexual interest.
  • Night time dates, find out what she likes and choose a place that’s interesting. You need to go and scope it out before the date, look for a couch, low music and make sure it’s not too busy.
  • Include a few key elements to make the date enjoyable… get to know her more, make her laugh and just relax, be comfortable, that’s the key.
  • Keep escalating and think about sexual tension. The best tension is created from those quiet moments that happen naturally in the conversation, so use them as a positive.

Common questions

What if she doesn’t respond to the kino touching and me escalating?

Just keep pushing with the kino escalation until she becomes more relaxed in your presence. Don’t be forceful, just have a reason to touch her during conversation so she gets used to it.

She flaked. Now what?

If she didn’t respond to your texts or flaked last minute then it’s because you didn’t build enough interest during your first interaction. Give it a few days, then call her… build some rapport, make her laugh and then arrange a date on the phone with the specifics so she can’t flake.

5 reasons why you must plan every date from start to finish

Most guys don’t plan their dates, they think it’s corny or way over the top and just too much effort. But little do they know that planning a date… EVERY date will help you get laid more often than not. Let me explain…

Women like to be lead.

Couple holding hands.

First date tips for men that you should take very seriously.

I don’t care how many feminists you talk to, strong “independent” women or single stay at home mums. The large majority of women, I’m talking 95% want a man to make the decision for them.

They are hardwired this way and it’s natural for them to follow a man.

There isn’t anything up for debate here, it’s nature. If you’ve dated countless women like I have, you’ll soon realise there is a pattern that most women fall into. Once you understand that pattern and then give them what they want, it’s like magic. They just wanted to sleep with you.

Below are 5 reasons why you must plan every date, before you go on it. Regardless of if it’s the first, second or you’ve seen the girl multiple times. Planning will keep her attracted and will get you laid… trust me.

1. Women don’t want to think

In a woman’s mind. It’s a mans job to organise the date and they aren’t wrong. Firstly, no one likes to be the person who has to think about what you’re going to do on a date, organise it, pay for stuff etc.

But when you’re given the chance to just coast along on the date without thinking about anything, you’re free to enjoy yourself and live in the moment. This is why it’s very appealing to women for the man to take charge, she will love you for it.

2. It’s attractive to be told what you’re doing

Like I said already, women want to be lead. They will NEVER say this out loud because it’s weird. But I guarantee you, if you just lead her she will follow and she won’t say anything stupid like “Hey, do you think you can just push me around like that?”. Any objections you think might happen, will almost never happen.

All you need to say are things like “Cool, are you ready? Great, let’s go to (planned place) there’s something I want to show you” or “Let’s go this, you’ll love it”. All she will do is nod and go along with the experience.

3. Most guys don’t do this

Seriously, it’s incredible the amount of guys who don’t plan dates. All they do is text a girl they’ve just met, ask them a bunch of dumb questions and then get them to a bar or pub so they can them bombard them with more pointless and boring questions. So the moment you say to her, “Cool, I’ve got some things planned for us”, she’ll immediately respond in a positive way.

4. It’s exciting and fun

Put yourself in a girls high heels for a second… and let me ask you this. What would you rather go to a bar or pub with a guy you’ve just met and have him fire boring questions at you for a couple of hours?

Or would you rather do something new, fun, interesting, exciting and different with him? Obviously you’re going to choose the latter. Girls will always choose the latter, because it’s not something they’re are used to doing.

5. She will remember you for a long time

I’ve had girls text me things in the past like “Haha, I had such a great time today, the best date I’ve ever been on… thank you xx”. Now when a girl says that, she’s not joking and the likely hood is, she’s going to remember you for a very long time, which will increase your chances of hooking up with her again in the future.

So that’s it. I hope you can see why I think planning a date is far more important than just free-styling it? If you can’t and you continue to go on these crappy boring dates, then I can assure you that you will get laid a whole lot less dude.

What to do if she doesn’t want to see you again after the first date

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We’ve all been there… you go on a date with a girl you’ve been texting for a few days (even a few weeks), things are going well… she’s smiling, laughing at your jokes, even touching you and then the night comes to a close… you don’t kiss her or take her home, but agree to meet up again.

You text her that same night “Hey, had a good time tonight… will see you soon.”.

She responds with “Yeah me too, sounds good! x”

Everything is great.

But then… you text her again in a couple of days to see how she is and to arrange another date. But she doesn’t reply.

A few hours go past and you’re a little annoyed that she didn’t reply, but decide not to worry because she’s probably busy.

The next day… nothing…. the day after still NOTHING.

A week goes by and she hasn’t replied to any of your texts. WTF??

This my friends is something called an after date flake and it’s happened to me many times in the past. Right now I want to explain to you why this is happen and most importantly… how to stop it from happening ever again.

Why she most likely doesn’t want to see you again

  • You made it clear you wanted her just for sex: Women like to know that you want to have sex with them because it makes them feel sexy and wanted. However they don’t want to be used like a piece of meat, as they say. This means you need to find the balance between being sexual in a stealth way versus sexual in an egotistical douche bag way.
  • There was no “chemistry” (I.e sexual tension): So guys hear the advice I give above and then completely retract, become introverted almost and project the wrong kind of vibe that women don’t want. You want to get to the point where you’re conversation is so sexually charged that, all you need to do is just look at her and she is giggling or going red in the face because she’s feeling shy.
  • You had no rapport skills: Even with sexual tension, you need to have good rapport skills. If you don’t then you run the risk of becoming very boring and even a little strange. So remember that balance is key here.

How to stop it from happening again

  • Don’t do the usual boring stuff on dates: Stop going to a pub or lame bar that has no action. These are the types of places that women have been taken to on dates for years. So they are VERY bored of them by now. If you take them some place else, it will make a big impact on how they perceive you.
  • Use activities to remove the pressure of conversational topics: Dates that are focused on activities are more fun, interesting and they take the pressure off you being so rigid with questions during the interaction. You can talk about the activity and when you’re not talking, you’ll be doing the actual activity. So it’s great. Thing like go karting, archery, indoor rock climbing etc.
  • Choose comfy areas: Once you have been on your activity date, the best thing to do is to take her to a place that has comfy seats and a good vibe. Like a cool bar. Then you can chill out, build some rapport and amp up the sexual tension.

So that’s it! Simple, remember… she flaked after the date because you were doing everything that other guys do. Focus on being original and she will be attracted to you, I’m assure you.

That’s it dude… some simple first date tips for men that I use personally. Now go out and put them into practice!

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  1. My man gambler!
    usually I don’t have an issue with gaming aspects but I can’t figure this one out.. who should pay the first time. I hate chicks who take that for granted so while texting I let it come up that one time this girl was really entitled and turned me off which lets them know ehere o stand on this. Give me your 2 cents bro.



  2. Pete Zephyr says

    A bit of a cheeky attitude can help you make her laugh and make it more relaxed for both of you. Some more questions if you run out of things to say:
    – What’s something that would shock you if I did it now?
    – What was your favourite TV show as a kid? Do you remember the theme song?
    – Is kissing cheating?
    – When we get married, how many kids are we going to have? What will we call them?
    – When was the last time you wet your pants?

  3. WOW great tips i actually followed everything and it worked out well for me but i didn’t get a kiss or go for a kiss. do you think that ruins or makes her think negative of the date. and should i focus on getting a kiss on the second date?

  4. Always Cool strong easy and effective steps ..you are the best

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