How Can I Get My Girlfriend to Swallow?

Trying to convince your girlfriend to swallow – even if everything else is rocking and rolling in the bedroom - is usually a bit of an uphill climb.

Most girls have a real love/hate relationship with the idea of swallowing.


Some of them are super into it – think it’s just as hot as you do, are more than happy to do it every time they go down on you, and don’t need any real encouragement to get up for it, either.

Other girls, though, aren’t into it at all.

Not only are they not think it’s as hot as you do, they don’t look forward to it, might even dread it, and are going to have a real tough time getting over the whole idea of it.

At the same time, there are definitely some things you can do to sort of steer things in a different direction.

You’ll have to be fair. You’ll have to be calm and collected. And you’ll have to be confident and clearly explain exactly why you want her to swallow in the first place.

As long as you square those things away, though, the tips and tricks below should help you both find a path forward from here on out.

Communication is Everything

Straight out of the gate you need to communicate that this is something you are interested in her doing, but you also have to get real and honest feedback about why she isn’t wild about it in the first place.

There are only about a million and one different reasons a girl might not be into the idea of swallowing. It’s impossible to know what your girlfriends reasons are exactly, though, without actually asking her.

Playing some kind of guessing game isn’t going to work.

You might think that she’s hesitant for one reason when the real reason is something else completely – and could waste a lot of time trying to convince her about something that makes no difference (or even push her in the wrong direction).

Remember, though, that this communication has to be a real two way street.

You need to be upfront about why this excites you, why it’s something that you’d love for her to do, and why it is important for you.

But you also need to back off and pressure and realize that this is probably going to be an evolution of a conversation. Very rarely will you only have to talk about this just once to “flip a switch”.

Go slow, go steady, and never pressure her into doing something she really doesn’t want to.

Take Care of Your Lady First

This is a huge piece of the puzzle, but it’s something that a lot of guys get wrong more often than not:

You need to be giving a whole lot in order to get something like this from your girlfriend.

If you aren’t making her toes curl in the bedroom on a regular basis the odds are pretty good that an ask like this is going to be dismissed out of hand.

If your idea of getting down to business is some real mechanical foreplay, couple of pumps, and then rolling over and falling to sleep shortly after the chances are pretty good you’re going to get your swallow request shot down like it dead duck.

Before you even think about making this kind of ask you need to be sure that your girlfriend is 100% satisfied.

You need to be taking care of things on a regular basis, and you need to make sure that she is having fun – not just appear to be having fun or “faking it” to sort of go along with what you really like.

Communicate about what she’s into, what she’s looking for, and then overdeliver as often as you can.

This’ll make an ask like swallowing a whole lot easier to, well, swallow.

Give a Ton of Praise!

Another thing you’ll want to do before you make this kind of ask is give a lot of praise for everything you two are doing between the sheets.

It’s important to remember that a lot of girls spend most of their lives thinking that being overly sexual, being totally in tune with their sexuality, and doing things like swallowing is a bad thing.

They get called all kinds of names if they are into this kind of stuff or even hint that they might be - and that’s the kind of thing that leaves some pretty real scars.

Quick Note

Praise your girlfriend, boost her confidence about what the two of you are doing together, and help her to unwind and become a whole lot more comfortable with herself, her sexuality, and the way that the two of you are intimate together.

This’ll make your sex life in general skyrocket in a big way, but it also make things like swallowing a whole lot easier to move forward with, too.

Do Some Heavy Lifting Your End

The last thing you want to do is make an ask as big as her swallowing and then make the experience absolutely horrific for her – ruining your chances of it ever happening again, but also pissing her off at the same time.

Basic hygiene is an absolute must.

This should be standard across the board, but you’d be amazed at the amount of guys that don’t tend to themselves at all.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that a guy with a funky smelling bush that’s out of control is going to have a tough time getting his girlfriend to go down on him – let alone swallow.

Quick Note

Keep things clean, keep things neat and orderly, and even think about trimming down there every now and again.

You don’t need to go full on Brazilian by any stretch of the imagination. But you don’t need a whole lot of “root” growing wildly all over the place, either.

A healthy diet can go a long way towards making this proposition more palatable, too.

Eat a lot more fruit (particularly pineapple – it really does make a difference), crush more fruit juice (especially pineapple juice), and eliminate things like tobacco, drugs, fried food, and other things that are going to taint the way you taste.

She’ll appreciate the instantly noticeable effort for sure.

Don’t Force Things, DON’T Trick Her Into Swallowing

If there’s one major thing to take away from this guide, though, it has to be that you should never - EVER - force things, pressure her, or trick her into doing something that she just isn’t into.

As we highlighted a moment ago, there are some girls out there that really have absolutely zero interest whatsoever in swallowing. There’s nothing you’re going to be able to do to make this an enjoyable experience for them – even if they might try it a couple of times to make you happy.

Steer clear of those kinds of pressure situations every time.

If you do start to get a little pushy or start to pressure her, you’re only going to ruin your chances of intimacy, maybe even breakdown the connection that you’ve built in your relationship.

Plenty of people have ruined their entire relationship – great relationships otherwise – just by trying to shoehorn something like this into the mix.

Don’t make that same mistake!

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