[Penis Enlargement Guide]: How To Get A Bigger Dick Within Weeks Using These 9 Proven Techniques

Tired of having a small penis? If you are then make sure you read everything on this page, because you’re about to learn how to get a bigger dick using proven penis enlargement techniques.

How To Get A Bigger Dick - The Ultimate Penis Enlargement Guide

Want a bigger willy? Many men do. READ EVERYTHING BELOW.

But first, I want you to answer a simple question.

Why do you want a bigger penis?

The reason I asked you that is because most men have really silly reasons as to why they want a bigger penis.

Is it because you feel less manly?

Is it because you’re embarrassed to get naked in front of a woman in fear that she might laugh at you?

Or is it because you think women only date men with cocks bigger than 8 inches+?

Whatever your reason for wanting a bigger penis, you need to understand that it’s not the be all and end all.

In fact most women prefer guys with normal sized dicks.

However if you’re packing a below-average sized little guy and you can’t be bothered to learn some bedroom ninja skills to keep her howling with pleasure, then keep reading.

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Here’s how to enlarge your penis the RIGHT WAY…

How to get a big dick using these 9 different proven ways

There are several ways in which you can get a bigger dong, regardless of your race. White guys, black guys… and every shade in-between. Some are more drastic than others, while some are more effective than others, so I’m going to cover them all below. Please seek medical advice before trying anything below.

Non-surgical male enhancement treatments

Non-surgical Penis Enlargement Treatments

Best option for guys who don’t like operating tables and blood.

Quite a few men these days are opting for penis enhancement surgery. However, there are problems related to this route.

First, these procedures have not been proven to be safe, and therefore, pose serious health issues. Secondly, they do not guarantee immediate and precise results as anticipated.

For example, you could end up with a lumpy limp dick, if the treatment doesn’t react well with your little fella.

A few studies that have been conducted in recent years regarding surgical procedures and they aren’t encouraging either. The European Urology study examined forty-two men who had procedures to lengthen their penises by removing the suspensory ligament.

Out of this number, only twenty-five percent were satisfied with the results. Again, more than half had to go back for further surgery. Other than the associated risk, this scenario shows how ineffective this practice can be.

The good news is that there is a host of non-surgical enhancement procedures that you may use, and achieve your desired results. So below, I want to discuss in excruciating detail, some of the available non-surgical enhancement options available.

Pills, Nutrition and Lotions

Pills, Nutrition and Lotions

The lazy man’s route. Many men have tried and failed with pills.

Can you really make your penis bigger from pills?

First and foremost, nutrition should be an essential part of your penis enlargement program. Just like any other part of your body, such as the muscles, your manhood too, needs certain nutrients to nourish it.

These particular foods can help you achieve the extra length, girth, and size you’ve been craving for.

Unlike over-the-counter drugs, penile enlargement foods are relatively cheaper, healthy and safe.

Of course, nutrients can be ingested in many forms, either through supplements, pills, teas, herbs or as whole foods.

Nutrients typically enhance penile growth by improving blood circulation and vasodilation, triggering the growth factor and the hormones, increasing your testosterone levels, improving psychological state as well as supporting your sexual health.

Male Extra Penis Pills

The most popular pill on the market right now.

Here’s a few herbs that have been known to help improve growth and blood flow to the penis:

  • Ginseng (can also help with increasing sperm count)
  • Entengo herb
  • Catuaba bark extract
  • Deer antler
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Hawthorn berry
  • Maca
  • Damiana

At this moment in time, there are tons of on the market and you should always do your research before choosing the best one.

It goes without saying that you need to thoroughly check out the company plus its manufacturing processes before buying anything.

Regarding penis oils and lotions, these products have proved their efficiency and effectiveness, with the ingredients directly absorbed into your bloodstream, offering instant results.

It is also crucial to note that the components present in male enhancement creams, oils and gels are derived from natural ingredients and safe for your consumption.

Of course, we cannot deny that there have been cases where suggest that these products are ineffective and that they have traces of pesticides, lead and perhaps animal feces.

However, you should understand that what works for you may not work for someone else person, primarily because our bodies (and penises) react differently. You should also ask for medical advice from a real doctor before taking any supplements, even the on the market.

Vacuum Devices

Vacuum Devices And Pumps

Have you tried a penis pump (aka traction device) before to get a big cock?

These particular devices function by creating a vacuum around your penis, making your penis look fuller. As the space increases, air is pumped out of the cylinder which surrounds the penis, and the resulting negative pressure forces blood into the erectile chambers, engorging the shaft of the penis to its maximum capacity.

Thanks to the elasticity of the tissues in the penile area, there is always room for expansion. This leads to an incredible increase in both the girth and the length of your penis, and you’ll feel as hard as a rock!

The only downside is… the results from using a penis pump aren’t permanent but as been known to be fastest way to enlarge your penis temporarily.

The idea behind penis pumps is, of course, quite similar to exercises. Both procedures are focused on expanding and stretching the erectile tissue so that the penis can naturally accommodate more blood.

Despite their effectiveness, there are always injury risks associated with the regular use of penis pumps. Why?

Because penis pump pressure typically cuts off blood circulation during the pumping session, there is often a lack of continuous flow of fresh oxygenated blood. As a result, the penile tissues gradually starve of oxygen.

This may lead to long-term nerve and tissue damage, as opposed to the expected penile growth. Again, most men make the mistake of applying excess pressure or pump for extended periods to speed up the benefits. This can potentially lead to damage to the penile tissues.

There are a couple of penis pumps on the market that are FDA approved medical devices. In fact, some experts have touted them even to treat cases of erectile dysfunction.

In general, there is no concrete reason to dismiss penis pumps as ineffective when it comes to improving the penis size. As earlier explained, they can produce quite incredible temporary results.

Penile Extenders

Penile Extenders

Archaic penile methods make your penis look longer.

According to several extensive studies and many men worldwide, the non-invasive technique, especially the use of penile traction devices shows lots of promise and may lead to a large dick.

The theory regarding how these devices function is straightforward; they gradually stretch your penis through applied tension. There are many physiological processes involved, but, the most important one is the impact on the penile ligaments, found at the base of your manhood.

These ligaments, known as the fundiform and suspensory, anchor the penis to your body. They also make the penis to attach upwards to the pubic bone.

Penis extenders stretch these ligaments, and as a result, the arch of the penis behind your pubic bone decreases, and more of the penile shaft hangs out of your body.

Individual medical data has proven that those who use penile traction regularly, for over three to six months often achieve significant penile lengthening of between twenty to thirty percent.

Even though this data is encouraging, it is recommended that before opting for this particular treatment, one should always seek advice from a specialised doctor.

Penis Exercises and stretching

Penis Exercises And Jelqing

No cost, but very powerful techniques that increase penis size.

When done correctly, penile exercises can guarantee some pretty impressive results, regardless of the bad press exercises have.

If you commit to the right time-tested technique of yanking, pulling and massaging your asset with your hands gently for three to six months, you can expect to notice encouraging results.

These exercises are broadly divided into two categories, namely; Length and Girth exercises. The workouts work by increasing the flow of blood to the corpora cavernosa, which enhances the growth of the shaft cells.

Again, they tear down the penile muscle fibers, and at rest, these fibers are likely to grow larger if not stronger. Finally, exercise increases the blood flow into the penis, leading to an increased cock size.

Penis length Exercises

There are some workouts, that can probably help you increase the length of your penis. By probably, I mean that even though they have been proven to work in some cases, a lot of men

Let us examine a few of them…

Rotational Stretch

WARNING: Only attempt this exercise after warming up properly. Some men tend to over do it when pulling and yanking their plonker. Don’t be one of those guys, it won’t grow your penis any quicker.

This is a perfect technique for gaining length. It is imperative to note that before engaging in any male enhancement exercise, you must carry out a proper warm up.

You can use a hot cloth or just perform this exercise directly out of the shower. This is important since it makes your skin more flexible and also increases the blood flow to your penile tissues.You’ll have to follow the below steps strictly:

  1. Conduct adequate warm-up session with a flaccid penis.
  2. Withdraw your foreskin (if you have one) and hold your phallus with an ‘O’ grip behind its head firmly, nearly one inch up and below.
  3. Push it outwards, with sufficient pressure to experience a painless stretch inside your shaft.
  4. As you maintain the stretch and the grip, move your penis in a circular motion.
  5. When gripping with your right hand, start your circle to your left and proceed anticlockwise.
  6. If you are holding with your left hand, start your circle to the right and continue clockwise.
  7. If stretching downwards, ensure that your hand is close to your body. A single rotation should last for thirty seconds.
  8. You may switch your hands after completing your rotation as required.
  9. Take enough time and go through a cool down session as well.

If you experience any discomfort, you never proceed with the exercise.

The Backward Puller

This is another workout, ideal for increasing the length of your penis. Check out the procedure below:

  1. As usual, allocate proper time for the warm up session with a flaccid penis.
  2. Retract your foreskin, placing your thumbs at the top of the shaft, approximately an inch behind the glans.
  3. For support, put your other fingers on the bottom side of your shaft.
  4. Using your thumbs, pull the skin on top of your penis in your body’s direction.
  5. Utilise enough force and feel a pain-free tension and stretch in your shaft.
  6. Hold this position for up to twenty-five seconds.
  7. Between every session, rest for five seconds. As earlier mentioned, preserve time for a cooling down phase.

Penis girth exercises

Jelqing is perhaps one of the first and most well-known penis enhancement workouts. It forces blood into the penile region, expanding chambers and thus fattening the width. Let’s examine the wet jelqing method.

  1. Create time for a proper warm-up, make sure you have a flaccid penis (slightly engorged is ok).
  2. Lubricate your hands plus your shaft, by using an oil-based lube.
  3. Achieve a healthy erection level.
  4. Using the right hand, hold the base of the penis between the index finger and your thumb.
  5. So as to prevent unequal gains, place your grip closer to your pubic bone (deep inside the bushy pubic hair).
  6. Hold firmly and you’ll feel a painless trap of blood in your shaft.
  7. Gently slide your hand up the glans, applying enough pressure.
  8. You should stop sliding your hand before it reaches the head since you would have completed one jelq.
  9. While holding your one hand below the head, use the other hand to hold the base of the penis, with an ‘A-OK’ grip.
  10. Release the first hand which is holding right before your glans.
  11. Repeat the procedure starting again from the base of the penis until you reach the desired target.

The bottom line regarding non-surgical treatments

If you are looking for ways to increase penis size, both the length and the girth, you have a lot of options to choose from.

The above-described techniques have been proven to be useful in some studies, and probably you won’t go wrong by giving any of them a try. However, you should always seek advice from a qualified doctor before opting for a particular technique.

Surgical penis enhancement treatments

Disclaimer: You should seek professional medical advice before thinking about any surgical procedures.

Surgical penis enlargement treatments

Best option for the guys who want to make their penis bigger instantly.

Cosmetic surgery to enhance penile girth or thickness and length began in the United States during the late 1980s. Since then, there have been massive improvements done in the field, however results are somewhat mixed.

If you are unfamiliar with this penis enlargement surgical procedures, I’m going to go through every possible option available to you, so you can see whether this route is right for you.

Injections for enhancing the penis girth

Injections for enhancing the penis girth

The quickest treatment to make your penis bigger. Inside of 30 minutes in fact.

Oral treatments don’t often work for everyone. Most men may be prescribed medications which go directly, through injection, into the penis.

The injection can employ the use of a single or a combination of drugs. It is critical to note that penis injections must only be administered by a qualified urologist.

Injection treatments typically involve the direct injection of medication into the base of your penis, which refers to the part of the shaft furthest from the head of your penis.

The injection functions by causing the blood vessels found within your manhood to widen, or dilate, a process that increases the flow of blood to the penile area, leading to a significant increment in the girth.

Aside from the possible side effects of the administered drug, there are also minor side effects which may occur during penile injection.

You could experience mild bruising at the site of injection, penile pain and perhaps swelling (temporary lumps are common), especially if some of the medication is discharged under your skin.

Fat Transfer for the girth and length improvement

Fat Transfer for the girth and length improvement

Makes your penis bigger by extracting fat from your body. Yuck.

The penis may be thickened and lengthened through fat transfer penile surgery. This type of procedure is also known as fat grafting or penile fat transfer. It involves two surgical treatments, which you can complete in a single hospital visit.

During the fundamental process, the fat is liposuctioned from your thighs or the abdomen. Afterward, the same fat is filtered, in an attempt to isolate the cells as well as other unwanted materials.

Then the fat is injected into your penile shaft using bespoke injection techniques so as to guarantee fat survival. Since fat transfer cells come from your body, the potential risks of allergic reactions are very limited.

It is often recommended that the fat to be transferred to your penis must be pure, and the fat cells should remain intact as well.

After the first procedure, you can expect to notice a considerable increase in penis girth. Of course, the first size is always enhanced through swelling, though mild.

However, the final result largely depends on the amount of the fat transferred which survives, the distribution of fat cell necrosis, the extent of fibrosis and the overall amount of fat administered.

Perhaps one major drawback of this particular procedure is that the estimated survival rate of the fat tissue transferred is somewhere around 50% after several months.

Again, subsequent surgery for fat transfer will be needed so as to maintain the desired results. So it’s not a permanent solution as some people might lead you to believe.

Skin grafts for penile girth enhancement

Skin grafts for penile girth enhancement

Now THIS is freaky. The worst way to make your penis bigger.

Penile surgery involving the use of grafts tremendously increases the circumference or the girth of the penis. Currently, there are two primary procedures available in the use of grafts.

1) Dermal fat graft augmentation

This is a more advanced technique which is highly effective. It entails the removal of two strips of tissue, consisting of the underlying fat and skin from the crease of your buttocks, and then grafting them beneath your manhood’s skin.

Since the grafted skin limits the underlying fat layers from being reabsorbed, this method tends to result in much more stable and permanent results.

However, the main limitation of this technique is that sizeable incisions are often made so as to obtain the grafts; each one about two inches wide and an inch long. Again, it’s hard to judge how these incisions heal.

2) The Alloderm grafts

In a bid to prevent the need to obtain the tissue grafts from the patient himself, the latest improvement has been to utilise grafts extracted from a product known as Alloderm.

To be more precise, an Alloderm is typically a cadaver skin; the skin from the dead humans (yes, freaky I know), that has been treated and freeze-dried to eliminate any diseases. Just like dermal grafts, it is layered around your penis to create the desired girth.

The technique leads to visible and significant results, which is similar to the dermal fat grafts, though, they come with an added advantage: The visible scarring is avoided. However, the treatment is very costly and a little whacky.

Ligament cutting for penile length enhancement

Ligament cutting for penile length enhancement

There’s an inch hiding inside your body.

A with everyman, part of the penis is not visible and tends to extend inside the body. This hidden part is connected to the pubic bone through the so-called suspensory ligaments.

Even though this part doesn’t play a fundamental role in the functioning of your manhood, it aids to retain an upward facing erection, as opposed to the downward erection.

This treatment, also known as Ligamentolysis, involves removing some of the ligaments of your penis, so as to enable it to fall forward and further out of your body.

As a result, the length of the visible penis in the flaccid state increases tremendously. It is crucial to note that the anticipated penile length is in the wake of the penis being outside of your body, especially when in the flaccid state.

Lots of complications may come up as a consequence of this surgery. First, the re-attachment of the ligaments can occur, which is part of a natural process of healing.

However, you may prevent this scenario by using a penis stretching machine. Again, instances of scarring are inevitable, especially in the area treated as well as at the surgical access points.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the skill level of the surgeon, the extent and the severity of the scars can be prevented. The other common issue with penis lengthening is the reduction in the penis angle in an erection.

In fact, as more ligaments are cut, the more the penis will tend to point to the floor during erection, a factor that might make it difficult keep your pecker up and have sex properly.

Penile Implants

In recent years, the use of penile implant devices has gained lots of global recognition, not entirely for the growth of your penis, but more so a cure for erectile dysfunction.

With these types of implants, the penis is often semi-rigid, longer and thicker and merely requires to be lifted into the erect position to initiate intercourse.

So how do they function exactly? Here’s a cool Vice doc that explains it in detail…

The inflatable penile prosthesis contains two cylinders; a pump and a reservoir, that are placed surgically in your body. These bottles are put in your penis and connected by tubing to a separate source of fluid.

The source of fluid or reservoir is placed on your groin muscles. A traction device pump also attaches to the system and sits under the scrotal sac’ skin, normally between your testicles.

For you to inflate the prosthesis, you’ll press the pump, and it will transfer the fluid from the reservoir to the cylinders inside your penis, filling them for an increase in both the girth and length of your manhood.

Again, you’ll press the deflation valve to deflate the cylinders to control your erection. It is important to highlight that after long-term use of implants, you’ll rarely achieve a natural erection without inflating the implant.

This implies that if you opt to remove them, you might never be able to have natural erections again… which is pretty damn scary.

The bottom line regarding surgical treatments

If your penis size is a huge concern, and feel like you want to enhance its length and the girth, you have a lot of surgical treatment options to consider.

We have carefully explained each and every procedure, and you can now choose wisely, based on your preference, the effectiveness as well as the associated risks involved in each process.

Frequently asked questions

Most common penis enlargement answered

Got a question?

Can the penis size (length or girth) be permanently increased?

Yes, you can enlarge the size of your penis permanently. There are many methods to increase both girth and the length of your penis, erection quality, and libido.

Corpus covernosum is the part that actually makes your penis longer during an erection. Being a smooth muscle, corpus cavernosum is different from your skeletal muscle as it grows at a much slower pace.

So as much as it may be possible to permanently increase the size of your penis, it takes some time, patience and of course the correct methods. It’s generally much easier to increase the quality of erection and libido than it is to permanently increase penis size though.

What are the risks of penis enlargement surgery?

While surgery may seem like the quickest option, there are some important things you should consider.

The surgery uses methods that increase the girth and length of the penis. Some of the techniques used to increase the length involve cutting of the suspensory ligament of the penis, which is often followed by the use of penile stretching devices.

Unfortunately, this technique can change the position of the penis and cause a low hanging dong as well as scarring.

Additionally, chances of developing infections during surgery are quite high. So if you opt for this method, be sure to look for the best doctor for the job.

What is considered a normal sized penis?

This is quite a common worry a lot of men have. Well, we’ve all heard the saying that size doesn’t matter; it’s how you use it” and in some cases that’s true.

Except for those who are way below or above the normal penis size. But then again, what is the “Normal” size? According to studies, an average normal length of a man’s penis is 3.61 inches when flaccid and 5.16 inches long when erect.

The corresponding average girth measurements are 3.66 when flaccid and 4.59 when erect. A penis would be considered “not normal” if it measures below 3.94 inches or above 6.3-inches when erect.

What is the most effective male enhancement method?

Technology in the medical world is forever progressing. Nowadays, there are various methods that men can use to enhance their manhood.

While there are numerous breakthroughs to increase libido, enlarge penis size and last longer in bed, the three most effective and trusted methods include the use of natural pills, penis pump and exercise.

However, stay clear of the “magical” pills and devices that might add more misery than pleasure to your sex life.

Do penis enlargement exercises work?

Weights or stretching exercises won’t really bulk up your penis since it’s not actually a muscle.

But doing daily stretches using your hand or weights, stretches the tissue and promotes new growth. But it needs a whole lot of dedication to achieve any significant increase in size.

There are a few risks involved though, these including burst blood vessels, tearing of the tissue, and so on. This is if you go crazy with the exercises.

At what age does your penis reach its maximum size?

Your penis grows in length and girth during puberty. This is also the time your body undergoes major changes that transform you from a boy to a man.

Puberty comes at different times for everyone, but this often falls between the ages of 13 and 18. Your penis stops growing at the end of puberty, which is often at age 16 for most people.

Are there any FDA approved male enhancement pills?

Nope. It’s highly doubtful that there will ever be any either unless a real breakthrough is made in the science behind penis growth.

What’s the safest way to enlarge my penis?

Anything that doesn’t require surgery would be considered the safest option. If you’re taking pills, then as long as you’re making sure they have safe ingredients then you should be fine taking them. Male Extra have been said to contain safe ingredients.

It’s recommended that you speak with your doctor before trying any type of growth method, be that surgical or non-surgical.

Conclusion: What you should do next

So you have a small penis or you’re just not happy with the size. Now what?

Well you need to first see which type of method you’re most happy trying out from the advice above. Then decide on how much you want to spend to see if that particular method works for you.

As I mentioned above. Some treatments work better than others, but results do really vary, which is why it’s encouraged that you try several of them to see which gets you the schlong size you really want.

NOTE: If you’re serious about getting a bigger penis, then you should watch this video (the guys at puatraining highly recommend it):

Girl sitting on a couch talking to the camera

Watch this, you won’t be disappointed.

Have you tried one of the above methods? Let me know below…

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    is u that can help me out of this pla I abeg u
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  4. 1. Get to a semi hard-on, more than you would need for jelqing.
    2. Grip a tight ok grip at both the base of your penis, and right beneath the head of your penis.
    3. That should trap blood between the ok grips.
    4. Push the grips together, and you’ll see the expansion of girth it gives.
    5. Hold for 3-5 seconds.
    6. Relax, then repeat 9 more times.
    7. Do this 3-4x per week at the end of your jelqing routine for crazy girth gains.
    8. For more challenge, increase the hold times by 1-2 seconds per week.
    9. Make sure to do a good warm down after doing these.

  5. Quick question. I’ve been jelqiing for 4 months now and I’ve seen some gains, but only in length. Currently I’m 6.7 inches flaccid in length and 3.2 inches in girth. But I want to get to 4 inches in girth. What exercises have the most impact on thickness? Thanks for your awesome tips guys :)

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