Having a hard time to choose who to follow on OnlyFans? You must be in luck as in this blog we made a list about best OnlyFans girls to follow this 2023. Without further ado let's check the girls.


It can be pretty overwhelming trying to select the best OnlyFans girls to follow for hot content as there are lots of talented OnlyFans models today.

We have created a list list of the most talented, popular, and diverse OnlyFans girls for you to enjoy and interact with.

Let’s jump straight to our list of Onlyfans girls to follow for hot content.

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You should just reward yourself with this #1-rated fitness blonde baddie. She has a wild side that stands above all the rest, which is why she is being featured here.

Meet, Fallon. Squirting solo and lots of toys is her style, but there are a lot more secrets she wants to share with you. This Goddess loves other girls and can show you all her guests, and you get to chat directly with her. That’s the type of fun you know you want to have.

First of all, she posts something new every day. So, even though she doesn’t offer a whole lot now, you can look forward to new content daily with Fallon. That means you are going to get pretty good bang for your buck over time.

Even with discounts, it might be more than some people are willing to spare for an OnlyFans girl: even one who posts content of her riding toys and getting down with boys and girls every day.

Top Features

  • Full Length XXXTRA NAUGHTY Boy Girl Videos
  • Naughty Solo Content
  • BJs, POV Fuck, Cum Swallowing
  • Role Play

Mariella Mae

Mariella Mae’s famous ass shaking and titty playing videos are naughty and playful. She’s fit and not afraid to show off every inch of her body on OnlyFans.

Do you like lesbian content and more girls? Let me introduce you to Mariella Mae. On her OnlyFans Page you will get to see her play with her girlfriends and a lot more. Mariella has nice tits and big ass for you to enjoy. She will make you cum if you start sexting her. With her big ass bouncing on a dildo, you will find yourself imagining that she is riding you. 

Mariella is hands down the Latina woman of your dreams. Between her huge knockers, sharp jawline, tight waist, and juicy lips, you might not last too long before you explode in your pants.

Top Features

  • Stripteases and dildo content
  • JOI
  • new releases weekly
  • Dick rates

Venomous Dolly

On our list is a thicc cosplayer who loves to have fun. Venomous Dolly is an aspiring cosplayer who wants to create cool pics. She posts full nudity on her onlyfans page.

 She offers lewd and porn videos. Imagine a big-ass cosplayer riding you, if that is your dream check out Venomous Dolly.

When you want a truly beautiful babe with some wild tits, Venomous dolly is a really hot bombshell that you should already know. Not only is she gorgeous, but her account is an absolute steal for what you get.

You can pair that great price with a long-term subscription discount, and you’ve got it made in the shade. 

Top Features

  • Cosplay
  • Customs
  • Big ass
  • Nude’s on Feed

Rebecca Vega

There are lots of flavors on OnlyFans to choose from and one of the best is Rebeca Vega a Latina flavor. She is a little girl who enjoys kinky and hardcore content. Try her and she will surprise you with her SOLO, Fetish, GG, and squirting. Rebeca gives exclusive shows to Customs. If you don’t see it you can ask for it

She has an obsession with all things cum, sex, and orgasms, and she rides good with her toys. She collects and uses vibrators when she can’t find a friend and loves to do some guy on girl or girl on girl content whenever she can.

She has a huge backlog of content, but she recycles through it every three months, so you’ll have to ask if you want more. Rebecca is a legend and will be happy to hook you up.

You can check out her social media account here:

Top Features:

  • SOLO Content
  • Kinky hardcore 
  • Customs
  • Dick rates
  • Squirting

Kaya Corbridge

Kaya Corbridge, also known as Kaya of Onlyfans girls, is a 25-year-old woman from Colne, Lancashire, England. She has been a content creator on OnlyFans since 2017 and has amassed over 100,000 subscribers. Well known for her creative and playful content, which often features her pretending to be a giant.

Kaya has made over £2.1 million on OnlyFans, which has allowed her to quit her job and travel the world. She is now considered to be one of the most successful OnlyFans creators in the world.

In addition to her work on OnlyFans, Kaya is also a social media influencer with over 100,000 followers on Instagram. She is known for her candid and honest posts about her life, which have helped her to connect with her fans on a personal level.

Kaya is an inspiration to many people, and her story shows that it is possible to achieve financial success and personal fulfillment through creativity and hard work.

Top Features

  • Making 1-1 connections to her subscribers
  • She has an OnlyFans FREE page
  • Daily Posting & Weekly Releases


Uh oh, you found the horniest girl next door. You’ll be amazed at all she can do with her girlfriends and guys. We chose her because of her blonde hair, perfect skin, and perfect ass. She has one hell of a personality that makes it all interesting to chat with. She is always coming out with new releases and is active all the time. The girl likes anal too! We put her on the top!

She does the dirty with other hot girls, boy, and plenty of toys. She plays around with various kinks, and is a bit more well-established than some of the other models on this list, with a media library of more than 1500 posts.

On top of all of that, subscribing to her content is pretty affordable, and she’s offering bundle discounts right now.

We’re not going to lie, there are a lot of girls on OnlyFans who show R-rated naughty content to their subscribers, but there aren’t as many models who will make exclusive R-rated content for fans who ask for it. Needless to say, that’s one of the strongest points of Scarlett, a blonde who loves to show off for her subscribers.

You can check her socials and follow her:

Top Features:

  • Only $3.00 per month
  • You can send her a DM and replies fast
  • New Video Releases every week
  • BBC Dildos with Squirting
  • Anal Play

Bella bumsy

What are your wildest dreams? Fret not BELLA will make all your dreams come true. She is an adorable 18-year-old who is a bit of a nutty one. She wants to have some fun and experience the best with her subscriber. If her profile says she is online all you need to do is to say hi and the fun will start right away.

Bella Bumzy is hot and fresh. This model just turned 18 in 2021 and has already set herself up to be one of the most promising young talents on OnlyFans. She is active and ready to give what her fans want. One DM away from her to sext you.

This petite redhead with an ass doesn’t have much yet in terms of quantity, but rest assured she’s rectifying that with each passing day by providing you with some undeniably hot photos and videos regularly.

Top Features

  • Only $3.00 a month
  • Has lots of feet pics
  • Loves to sext with her fans
  • Do customs

Lucy Mochi

Meet Lucy one of the hottest Asian Girlfriends on OnlyFans. She is your naughty college girl. She loves sexting and would love to have fun with you. You can check her multiple full videos on her wall and guess what? She has new optional videos every week.

This petite babe always wears a sly smile, if nothing else, and loves bondage above all else. Lucy has a very nice backlog you’ll love to sift through, and she’s always making new content for her fans.

With Lucy, you can expect solo play, guy-on-girl, girl-on-girl, threesomes, and full orgies. She has no problem posting everything and is never censored, and she releases optional videos every week for her fans. If you have to rebill, she’ll send you a free video every month.

Top Features:

  • Multiple full videos on her wall
  • Do Customs and Personal requests. 
  • Free FULL video monthly to rebills.
  • LOVES bondage and bdsm

Eva Elfie

Your favorite Siberian elf is here. Eva Elfie and her pussy is waiting for your hot load. Start sexting her now and experience how good she can make you cum. She has lots of content from exclusive professional and homemade pics to behind-the-stage content and teasers of her upcoming scenes. Start sexting her now.

Eva is straight out of Siberia, and her beauty and culture make her one of the more alluring, exotic babes on the site, and on this list. It gets cold that far north, and Eva’s solution to keeping warm is one we can all applaud, as she heats up the room in the most delectable ways possible

Her experience in all things sexual is astounding, and she’s a real natural when it comes to carnal content. Every video, every hot photo she shares seems to earn her a new legion of fans.

Top Features:

  • Exclusive professional and homemade pics
  • Naughty and funny videos and shows
  • Behind the stage content and teasers of my upcoming scenes 
  • Compilations and bonuses


One of the hottest Colombian Onlyfans Creators that you will love. She has lots of hot content and you can get access to her personal life. AlisOnFire is 100% percent raw and the real deal.

Do you want to check her out and subscribe? She offers Titty Tuesday and Fucking Fridays content. She posts every single day on her feed. If you love Colombian girls with big tities you should check her out now. Subscribe to her now!

In addition to her work on OnlyFans, AlisOnFire is also active on other social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. She has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and over 100,000 followers on Twitter. She uses these platforms to promote her OnlyFans account and to share personal updates with her fans.

AlisOnFire has said that she is happy with her career as an OnlyFans creator and that she plans to continue doing it for the foreseeable future. She has also said that she is grateful for the support of her fans and that she enjoys interacting with them.

Top Features:

  • Custom videos, photosets
  • Boy/Girl videos
  • Explicit pictures and videos updated everyday
  • Titty Tuesdays and Fucking Fridays videoclips

Have you found what you are looking for?

These creators are known for delivering high-quality content and engaging with their subscribers. Remember that individual preferences vary, so it's essential to explore and find creators that align with your interests.

Here are some popular OnlyFans creators worth checking out:

  1. Bella Thorne - Actress and model known for her mainstream success and controversial entry into the platform.
  2. Mia Khalifa - Former adult film actress turned social media personality.
  3. Cardi B - Grammy-winning rapper and entertainer.
  4. Tyga - Rapper and musician who joined OnlyFans to share exclusive music and content.
  5. Bhad Bhabie (Danielle Bregoli) - Rapper and internet personality.
  6. Tana Mongeau - YouTuber and internet personality.
  7. Blac Chyna - Model, entrepreneur, and reality TV star.
  8. Jem Wolfie - Fitness model and social media influencer.
  9. Malu Trevejo - Singer and social media influencer.
  10. Molly Eskam - Model and social media personality.

As OnlyFans continues to grow in popularity, there may be other creators who gain prominence. It is always best to explore the platform directly to get the most up-to-date information. New creators are always joining OnlyFans, so it is a good idea to check out the platform regularly to see who is new and worth following.

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