How To Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body Online

The internet has given millions of people the world over the chance to make money online. And for every person who produces content, there are people who will buy it from them.

From the dull to the obscure, the weird to the wonderful, there's a buyer for it! And you can get it on the action, too, and get paid for pictures of your body.

Do it safely, produce high-quality photos, and start making money selling photos online.


How Do I Make Money Selling Photos?

The beauty of modern technology means that not only are we constantly connected to the internet, but most of us have high-quality camera equipment in our pockets. Put these two together, and you immediately have a way to make money.

Like any modern venture, a lot depends on the quality of the work, the time you put in, and the level of experience and aptitude you have for using the internet. But these are all aspects that with a little time, can be worked on and mastered.

What Kind of Photos do You Want to Sell?

So, you've decided to sell pictures online. Great! But what kind of pictures?

By doing a little research, you can see the kind of body pictures that are in demand right now. And they don't have to be provocative pictures.

Pro Tip

Everyday photos of the human body are always in demand, particularly on stock photo websites.

If you're looking to sell pictures of your body that are a little more adventurous, then these can certainly make you more money, so first think carefully about how far you'd like to take this new venture.

You can sell pictures of your body and never reveal your identity, especially if you never reveal your face and you always upload your content using a pseudonym, keeping everything anonymous.

However, the internet's memory is long, so think about how much you mind that someone, somewhere, may forever hold pictures of your body somewhere in their computer.

Find the Best Places to Sell Pictures

Do your research before you begin snapping away with your phone. Do you want to specialise in anatomical pictures, or nudes?

Do you want people to pay for photos of your breasts, or your feet? Are you going to be clothed, or naked?

First, look at the general kinds of body pictures you can sell online, and then consider whether you'd like to get into niche territory.

Stock Libraries

Stock photography websites are an easy place to get started. Even the highly professional photographer will have cut their teeth selling photos to stock photography sites. It's an easy way to start getting paid for pictures, but there are some drawbacks.

Not all stock photo sites work identically, but it's good to keep the following in mind:

  • Lots of people are getting paid for pictures on stock photos sites. It means that the industry's competitive, so the quality of the photos must be high to be in with a chance of being approved. Consider investing in good photo editing software for all picture selling platforms.

  • You won't keep all of the profits. As much as you're looking to sell photos online, stock photo websites are looking to make money as the broker between you and the customer. So, be prepared to upload plenty of photos before you begin to see any reward for your efforts, as you'll only be paid for images sold.

  • You may not retain exclusivity. This means that while you will always have the copyright to the photos, you're agreeing to selling photos with a royalty free license. Royalty free photos give the buyer certain rights, too. And stock photo libraries may insist that you only publish that photo on their website, and nowhere else.

You can sell stock photos at Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, iStock, Getty Images, and on other stock photo sites. Set up an account to start uploading, and sign up to more than one stock photo site before deciding which is best for you.

Set Up Your Own Website

You can bypass stock photography sites and go straight to making your own photography website, and then you'll have the freedom of making money online selling pictures while setting your own prices and keeping all of the profits.

With this method, though, you'll have to construct your own very specific brand. To make your site and your uploaded photos stand out, attracting more buyers, you have to sell body pictures that stand out from all the brands, giving buyers something different.

But, by taking pictures with a good imagination, a good camera, and knowledge of photo editing apps, you can get paid to sell your own images online and keep all of the profits.

Get to know the law around intellectual property rights, and brush up on your knowledge of how exclusive license photos and non-exclusive photos work. That way, you can sell pics online and get paid for pictures of your body without other people taking credit (and cash) for your content.

Use Social Media Platforms

Nobody goes from zero to selling pictures online overnight. It takes time to get the interest, build a brand, and create a community of picture-hungry followers. And there's no better place to start than on social media.

Set up your brand and use the same unique username over all the social media platforms you can manage.

Almost all will allow you to create a free account and upload photos of your body online. By using the best hashtags on your instagram account, you'll notice people showing interest, and you'll start gathering followers.

If your personal finance situation allows it, try using the paid promotion offers so that these sites boost your visibility. Small investments to build your accounts and your brand will soon mean buyers will come to you for exclusive content, and this is where you being to make money selling picture.

If you feel you want to graduate from selling photographs to looking at ways to sell videos, consider creating your own youtube channel or using other sites that host video content so that you can get paid for digital downloads of various kinds of content.

Pro Tip

Create an account as a cam girl and promote your photos through that account. If you're comfortable on camera, then you should consider live cams as another stream of income.

What Kinds of Pictures do People Want?

As mentioned in the outset, for every weird thing you can think of, someone will get off on it. And we're not just talking nude or hardcore photos. Plenty of people make money selling images of all kinds of things to do with their body.

Just a few of the more (and less) common niches people will buy pictures of include:

  • Feet pictures

  • Nose pictures

  • Back pictures

  • Ear pictures

  • Pictures of your body with objects, such as balloons or domination gear

  • Breast pictures

Are Feet Really In Demand?

You might not like the look of your feet, but someone out there will!

A foot fetish, also known as podophilia, is the most common form of sexual fetish. It's thought by some scientists that the part of the brain that controls desire is very close to the part of the brain that deals with feet and toes. So, to some people, they mean the same thing: feet are sexy!

You can get paid around a few dollars just by selling one of your own feet pictures. If you want to get into the foot game seriously, consider setting up your own website with exclusive content, including your own pictures, and even videos of your feet, which will make even more money.

It will mean taking photos regularly to keep the hungry punters happy, but feet pics are always in high demand, even on open social media sites like Instagram.

Feet pics aren't usually the kinds of photos a stock photo website will want, but the beauty of having your own site is that you get to set your own price.

It's not difficult to start to get paid for pictures of your body, but making money selling pictures shouldn't be done at the expense of your own comfort.

You can get paid for pictures of your body but you shouldn't do so if you feel your own privacy or security will be compromised.

Be the Big Fish

There are some who get paid enough money selling pictures online that they can afford to give up their day job. For others, it's a side hustle that brings in extra cash and is treated like a hobby.

The pond is huge, and there are plenty of small fish trying to sell images of their own. What will make your pictures stand out will be the things that make you go from being a small fish, to a big fish.

Research is key. Building your followers, creating content and directing people to an online store where they can buy your photos means knowing what it is they want, and how far you're prepared to go.

Build a Personal Portfolio of Dedicated Clients

Buyers love the personal touch. Not matter what it is we're buying, we love good customer service, and to feel special.

Photos from stock libraries might be a stepping stone, but they're impersonal, and they don't deliver that extra special touch. By building a client list of dedicated customers who come back for more,

It Doesn't Have to Stop at Photos

Some people who sell feet pics have gone on to get paid for pictures of other parts of their body, and have then gone on to produce videos. But there's demand to go even further.

Search engines can guide you to an online marketplace or two where customers can purchase all kinds of 'second-hand' items. Some women sell breast milk, others sell used underwear, their own saliva, towels they used to dry off after a shower... the sky's the limit.

If selling photos of your body online has been a big hit, you can consider opening up your own personal shopping website, where otherwise discarded items from your everyday life could be in high demand, and could fetch you a pretty penny.

Hot Tips to Help You Sell Photos

So, if you've got your camera, phone, or photographic professional by your side, you're ready to get paid for pictures of your body.

Whether they're fully-dressed shots of you in power suits, holding an award, or they're sensual feet pictures or voluptuous cleavage, you can make money selling pictures online.

Just be sure to remember these important tips:

  • Success won't happen overnight, no matter how gorgeous your body and its parts are. Take plenty of photographs, keep your social media active and interesting, and be prepared to sell photos for cents rather than tens of dollars as you start out.

  • Come up with ideas and satisfy niches that are currently barren. Sure, feet pictures will always have an audience but did you know that some people just love to be turned on by pictures of noses? Do your research, and market yourself well.

  • Know how the system works. Social media platforms thrive on hashtags, and search engines love keywords. Get the magic formula right so that your content is always among the first that comes up in a search. Join Reddit threads and learn all about the kind of niche markets you could target.

  • Learn your rights. Brush up on your knowledge of photo licensing, especially if you're selling photographs on stock photo sites. Understand who will have your photos, and what they're legally allowed to be used for.

  • Make good quality photographs. This might mean investing in better equipment, including software to remove blemishes or add atmosphere to the pictures. When taking photos, spend time thinking about lighting, background, and giving a personal touch.

  • Above all else, don't sell body pictures if you're not comfortable. It's nice to get paid by doing an easy job from home, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your own sense of safety. Stay anonymous, never give out your real details or any identifiable information.

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