Why Am I Rejected By Every Girl?

Rejection hurts. It hurts some more than others, but getting shot down is painful no matter who you are. Sadly, this is the reality for some guys more than others. Some men seem to get lucky with any girl he goes after, while others get the letdown time after time.

Many men who struggle with low self-esteem, no motivation, and bad life habits, tend to have trouble grabbing and keeping women’s attention. Women want confident, sexy, and strong men to sweep them off their feet.

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Why Do Women Give Mixed Signals?

We all know a guy who was really into a woman when she suddenly threw him for a loop. He thought everything was perfect until her mixed signals set him back. Today we’re breaking down why women give mixed signals and what you can do about them.

There are tons of different mixed signals a guy might get from a woman. You’ll read all about them below, as well as learn why these signals are given off in the first place. Finally, you’ll learn how to respond to these signals in a way that keeps you smart, stable, and sane.

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Why Do Women Test Men?

We've all been there. Out on a date, when you start feeling like, "Whoa, is she testing me?"
Ever wonder what you're supposed to do when that happens? I did. So, I spent some time digging around to find out why women test us like that.

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Do Women Like Long Hair On Men?

Well, the short answer is yes, but it’s not for everyone. Women seem to either be really attracted to guys with long hair, or they hate it.

Let's explore this topic a little further!

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Why Do Girls Ghost Guys?

You have an online crush, and you may have met for a date or two. You think things are going well, and suddenly, she cuts off communication without an explanation.

If your girlfriend is not responding to you or blocks you from her social media, she may have ghosted you. You may feel confused, helpless, and at a loss as to why she won't communicate with you anymore.

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Why Do Girls Play Hard To Get?

It's a frustrating part of our love lives when we start a new relationship, and our lady interest holds us at arm's length.

She is often busy, hard to get hold of, and seems to want your attention and then just as easily ignores it. It's easy to get confused between all the mixed signals a girl might send you.

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Do Women Like Bald Men?

With almost half the male population suffering some degree of baldness by the age of 50, it is no surprise that men spend nearly $7 billion a year on surgical solutions to baldness.

In fact, a survey showed that in 2017, men spent more money on surgical procedures for baldness than AIDs or Malaria. Why does male baldness carry such a stigma, and do women like bald men?

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Why Do Women Like Tall Men?

We have all heard the universal adage of a lady seeking a man who is 'tall, dark and handsome,' and there seems there's more truth to the saying than meets the eye. Women tend to prefer taller men as their partners, but why?

Women like tall men for various reasons, such as adaptive evolutionary instincts, psychosocial preferences, and adaptive fear responses to external danger.

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Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

If you’ve ever been dumped for a bad boy, you’re probably wondering why this happened to you.

I know because a lot of guys I know have experienced this. I hear them asking all our buddies why they think girls like bad boys and decided to get to the bottom of this debate once and for all.

Now, I’ve seen plenty of movies where the bad guy rides in on his Harley and steals the woman right from her man’s arms, but that just happens in the films, right?

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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text (9 Easy To Spot Signs)

When it comes to finding out if a girl likes you, it’s fairly easy to spot if you’re with her. She’ll be looking at you, smiling at you, possibly toying with her hair and reaching over and touching you.

Things might get a little more complicated, though, when it comes to figuring out if she likes you when the two of you are texting back and forth. Luckily, there are some easy-to-spot signs to help you figure things out.

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